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Ex-Model’s Disfiguring Cooking Oil Injection Addiction (Disturbing Pictures)

Ex-Model’s Disfiguring Cooking Oil Injection Addiction (Disturbing Pictures)

a former model intrigued by the name of
holland uh… neo cool uh… was addicted to silicone injections he
liked the fact that made versace’s skin smoother a softer she would go to japan
and she would get you know these countless injections until finally
doctors cut her off they say that they wouldn’t do any longer so she somehow
found silicone uh… and a syringe on around and started doing her own
injections the fell once she ran out of how the
silicon she started acting cooking oil in her face and act like i said this is
very very graphic so be warned we’re gonna show you that uh… pictures of
her right now that’s her before she had any type of
um… injection starting at the age of twenty she
started doing the injections inconceivable very slow or white guy would have you done whatever you’ve got the whatever you don how is that that are arnott it’s a psychological disorder it and you
know become addicted to and you know does doesn’t matter how beautiful you
are you look in the married you see something different and you feel like
you need to get those who didn’t want to start sliding down hill you think i’m
gonna make it better i gotta make it better so this is why you know look you from time to time i liked it make a point out of don’t do
too many plastic surgeries and you know i have my goofy rule that it’s two is fine and then i’m worried cuz
something go wrong green get addicted et cetera right yeah in this case had only one in if she has an illness she does have an
illness and and you know i there was a korean at television show
that had arrived and you know she didn’t have money to get any type of corrective
procedure uh… so she asked donations and she
actually received enough money to get corrective surgery she had ten different
types of surgery of surgeries and they still couldn’t fix which you’ve done to
her face so the carrefour don’t go down that path i
could get a lot of people don’t pass the surgery and you know and i understand and water to procedures is a good
arguments we put makeup on in a week the reactions
i solution with this that alliances would step right exercise part but and i know why everybody wants a lot
better our look better massive cvg but you know it’s a it’s a fine line menu go pass
outlined and use our devolving into its total madness here and this is a good warning sign for don’t start what you can read like double digits it’s over it’s over amin
your you get the stopped immediately i mean this is as good a warning is
there could be so accessories researching the story of course i read a
about you know what people were thinking their comments their opinions and there
was this one opinion that we share that way get your thoughts on it one person may be argument that plastic
surgery should be outlawed if it isn’t a corrective surgery so let’s say you were you don’t want to deformity or once you
get into a horrible car accident something in the plastic surgery to your
fix the damage that’s been done um… that would be legal but for any
other reason you would be able to get no now it’s no about a people’s free choice
a latent there initially available is a deformity
stoppin and natural you know how your borders start so for
example if you have something wrong with your nose life so that is like a over
here is that a deformity or whatever it’s a little over years out of the
formatting and says how do you know that lines
crazy when you really difficult to jonah trial and i think free choice is
important but you know you i’d think that there
should be like better messaging out there to let
people know like going off and getting multiple surgeries is not the answer you
know that you might have a psychological issue it you should seek help incentive so getting these procedures and
understand that you have been so holdings web elsevier benefiq circuit
all the time it’s a good idea right so will i get you want to help how
europeans looks unsightly but i’m double digits a
surgeries europa cuckoo land and next thing you know you put into the
oil in your face robert came on time when she got like ten surgeries at once yet actually totally regretted the
decision and she should have sent you a member of a reminder its kinda sad

51 comments on “Ex-Model’s Disfiguring Cooking Oil Injection Addiction (Disturbing Pictures)

  1. Oh my goodnes she was georgous and its not her fault she had a disorder that made her do things she would regret its just sad

  2. should be a limit on how much you can do PS, michael jackson was already losing melanin, but all that surgery turned him from a decent looking man to well, THAT

  3. Moral of the story if you can find it at the grocery store or Home Depot you shouldn't be injecting it into your body

  4. ohh my god….gadzook!!!!! if god has given her such a lovely face then y the hell she injected cooking oil in her face….if I would be in her place, I would nt do this stupidity..we should be happy for what u r and what u hv ….

  5. Whyyyy did she choose cooking oil like at least use something more believable or similar to silicone likee gurl u asked for this

  6. You should see what the devil looks like that suggests this mess to the mind of the person to do any of this crap. This is rooted in self hatred and rejection. It starts in applying fake-up and the proceeds onto harsher things like tit jobs and shooting your own butt fat into your lips and shit. It is sad for sure but what is more sad is that almost every female is half way to this point when they start down this road to begin with at Wal-Mart. I wonder what people really look like these days. You never see the real person…just the artificial veil…The yanked eyebrows..the dead animal compounds and toxic bacterias in the make up acting as camoflage.What the hell are people hiding?

  7. The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they make the best out of everything with what they have.

  8. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible! OMG! she not only ruined her looks, she ruined her life. No man is going to want to have anything to do with her. She flushed her love and social life down the drain.

  9. She was beautiful before, so sad.😢, 'OMG, what have you done?!' gave me a chuckle though, his reaction was everything.

  10. Its called as big idiot using cooking oil for face.instead of injecting she should apply on her face as like a moisturiser

  11. Regardless of the argument of free choice or not in regards to surgeries, outlawing it does not make the demand for it go away, but rather leave people to find alternative ways to get the procedure done, just like she did when the doctors told her no. When things are going to be done regardless of its legal status, the focus should be on how to make it as safe as possible.

  12. Where were her family and friends while she did this to herself?Someone should have reached out to that woman.

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