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Exercise ‘Rock Fishing’ Bar Beach, Newcastle

Exercise ‘Rock Fishing’ Bar Beach, Newcastle

Got four injured patients down here; 2 females, 2 males. All conscious and breathing at this stage; I’m just going to check for injuries. As a government, we’re doing all we can with
the rock fishing community to educate those people engaged in the sport to be as safe
as they can. We’ve got all our emergency services trained and ready to respond wherever we can be but we can’t be on every rock face, we can’t
be across every shoreline. So we need you to play your part to help us save lives. We’re here today to actually exercise some of those
arrangements with multi-agency response to a scenario that’s been designed to test the
capability of all emergency services in the area. It was eight months in the planning. So obviously
a lot of preparation goes into that and they’re run less frequently. But certainly the learnings
out of today will be something that our emergency service teams will be able to pick up and improve
some of their techniques on. While this scenario is testing our response
to a rock fishing incident or a cliff based or water based incident, the learnings are
actually much broader than that. It actually extends out to what we do every day and how
we interact with other agencies. When our emergency services respond, they
are prepared, they are trained to combat all sorts of conditions. We need rock fishers
to also take the same level of precaution to not only look after themselves, but not
to endanger other people’s lives.

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