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EXPERIMENT: FISHING WITH FISH POT!!! (Surprising Results) – Part 1 | LOWI TV

EXPERIMENT: FISHING WITH FISH POT!!! (Surprising Results) – Part 1 | LOWI TV

Oh the burbot fish Burbot A big burbot fish Hello, ladies and gentlemen come to my channel Today our team will make a video That’s going to catch fish Catch fish through fishpot Fish pot.. Making the video today with me is Mr. Quang Expert in fishing in the last 20 years Being a professional fisherman is very professional I will approve him to guide the videos hunting and gathering He will also perform with me in many other videos Our job now is to patch these small holes After the net release, fish and crab will tear the net Now I have to connect these holes In my place, I have many friends From here is about 4pm I set until tomorrow morning I’m going to get some results tomorrow morning Tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock is going to get results Fix some holes Where does the fish come from? Fish, it comes here The habit of fish Is it going along these nets It is here It goes along the net These fish are stupid, it’s stupid like a pig It crawls here and it keeps gliding along with it To the last position of fishpot At here , it stopped and stuck there Go to everyone From here we will walk down there And we will put it down there Mr Quang is doing the operation Fishpot will be submerged at the bottom of the stream Along this stream is a lot of fish Danger Holding the camera Then continue to move down to put the other two fishpots This bridge is a monkey bridge We are working on putting a second fishpot The second fishpot is being placed in this area Wait for the phone to be stored Oh deep over my head Deep water, everyone So many stone It’s okay to wear sandals Stepped on fishpot We are moving to the 3rd place of the fishpot position Slowly move everyone We chose this position to put the final fishpot Experts fishing but can’t swim Tomorrow we will proceed back to collect fish Now it’s about 6pm 7h-8am tomorrow we will collect the results Hello everyone back to our channel Today we started collecting products from yesterday Oh leech …

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