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EXTREME CURRY FACTORY in Bangladesh + INSANE Street Food Tour of Chittagong, Bangladesh!!!

EXTREME CURRY FACTORY in Bangladesh + INSANE Street Food Tour of Chittagong, Bangladesh!!!

– [Trevor James] Wow,
look at the color on that and here come the fresh green chilis Right in there, everything has green fresh chilis oh they’re spicy. And just look at those chunks of fatty, mustardy, chili infused beef. Alright check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James, We just got into Chittagong, Bangladesh. You can feel the energy here
and I’m so pumped for today. We’re going for a full
on street food adventure. Check it out. (upbeat music) [Narrator] If you love juicy meat, get ready because today,
we’re bringing you in for an extreme street food adventure to the world famous city of
beef and hospitality Chittagong. Bringing you to five incredibly
delicious street foods, and one of the world’s best beef dishes. The Mezbani Beef, let’s eat. – [Trevor] Hey baya,
wow. What is this here, Chole? – Yes, Chole. – Chole. – Oh and there it is, look at that chole. That’s a, thick chickpea and bean stew with eggs, with eggs. So look at that. So he’s
actually putting that lentil bean stew into a Jhal Muri and he’s just mixing it up. That is super unique. Oh, so it’s served like a Jhal Muri with up a pakora, pakora? So vegetable and onion pakora and just mashing it up with hands here, and then he’s putting a
little salad, cucumber, coriander and look at that beautiful thick lentil and bean stew. Wow! Oh and there it is. Look at that. Wow, beautiful. Thank you baya. Oh and chili, fresh chili. To eat? To eat? No problem. Oh, mix it in. So we got the Jhal Muri,
the special Jhal Muri, with the beautiful, oh
Lentil and bean stew. He put cucumber, he put coriander, there’s salad in there, we got rice puffs and that is just gorgeous. Mmmmmh, ooooh. – Ooooh – Wow. Should I eat it the chilli? Eat the chili? We got a
fresh green chilli up here. Oh. Oh. Spicy. Oh and a fried. – Don’t don’t. – Don’t eat, too spicy. Don’t eat these will burn your
mouth off here these chilis. Too spicy. Oh oh oh oh its spicy. That is insanely spicy. Maybe I shouldn’t have
bitten into that chili. But you can see, that is what
it’s all about right there, that thick lentil bean gravy. You can smell the cumin. Bangladesh is amazing,
and you have to visit. We’re having the best time ever guys, really delicious food, really friendly people. And just, I can’t get enough. – [Narrator] And after
that perfect street snack, we’re bringing you for one
of the ultimate beef dishes in the world, The Mezbani beef. And we were lucky enough
to meet with Mr. Monju. Owner of Mezpan Haileayun, to bring us into the kitchen
to see how it’s made. – And Mr. Monju here, is
bringing us into his kitchen, to show us how the Mezbani beef is made. And it’s right in here, right? – Okay. – So this is all a
Mezbani beef preparation. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh, look at this. So what do we have here? So this is for Masala. So ginger, garlic. Wow. Amazing. Oh and here’s a ginger. Oh and this is the Mezbani beef? – Yeh. – Oh. So this is Mezbani beef. Chittagonian Mezbani beef. Look at that. Wow! That is thick. So what are we putting in here? – [Foreign Language] beef. – Beef. And this is all
Masala he’s putting there – Black Masala. – Black Masala – Yeah. We are addicted
to the beef, all the time. – Addicted to beef. Wow! So this is just one,
and we’ve got a lineup. This is the same Mezbani beef? – No, chanar dal. – Oh chanar dal. There it is. So the dal
is not added in here yet? – Yeah – Oh but this just smells amazing. We’ve got a row of, – Jadel, put the dal now. – Pots, putting the dal in okay, And that just smells so delicious, over top, this is wood charcoal. – Yeah wood charcoal, this is especially for the spices. – Wow. – If you don’t cook with this one, then the taste won’t be
as good as it should be. – Oh and this is the dal here. – Yeah. – So we’re gonna mix
this in with the beef? – The beef yeah. – So it’s a beef dal mix. – Yeah – Ooh lentils. And here we go. Okay. And here we go. The dal is going right in
to that pot. Ho, ho, ho! So this is dal and beef. Dal beef. And we’re going to try that in a bit. And the aroma of the beef is
going to infuse into there. Wow. Oh yeah. So those lentils are
gonna get nice and soft. Oh, just a little water in there as well. And this production line
is just so cool to watch. We’ve got so many of these
bags full of spicy curries, and dals and we’re just pouring
water and lentils in there. Wow. – And we are using all the organic things. – Oh really. – Mustard oil, organic
spices as you have seen. – Yeah, you can actually
smell that mustard. – Yeah. – Oooh and fresh green chili. That’s gonna be spicy. So it’s mustardy, fresh
chilis, tons of masala, tons of fresh, soft looking beef. Oh. And that is just beautiful. Oh look at that. Wow. Amazing! Wow! That is just looking so thick. Did you grow up eating
this at the festivals? – Absolutely. – Absolutely. – Yeah, yeah. – When you’re a kid
was this your favorite? – Everybody lived, everybody in Chittagong even whoever lives in
Chittagong, they love this. – They love the beef. So beef is part of the
culture here in Chittagong. – Yeah yeah, especially Mezbani beef. – Mezbani beef. – And after gazing and eyeing all the individual spices
roasting over the fire, all to make the masala. We made our way to Mezban
Haileayun to have a feast. This is the dal, oh and the beef. Oh! – This is Kala bhuna. – Beef Kala bhuna. – Yes. – Oh wow! And more. This is amazing. Wow! So we’ve got, this is
kind of like a Nehari. – We just call nola. – So this is nola. – Yeah. – So it’s a beef stew. – Yeah. – with the bones. And then we’ve got the traditional Chittagongian beef Mezbani, and I heard actually
that people in Chittagong most of the time, if they get sick it’s because too much beef they go to the hospital and look at this. This is the beautiful
incredibly thick beef dal. So we’ve got dal, tons of
lentils and huge chunks of beef. Wow! Look at that. That is beautiful. Thick beef mezbani. So this is dal and beef mix. – Yeah. – You can see the whole lentils in there, that look so filling and
healthy and wholesome and spicy. And then this is the famous, – Khala bhuna – Dry style Khala bhuna. – Khala bhuna is black, color is black. – Okay. And this is just a
beautiful concoction of joy here. Look at that guys. We’ve
got the triple combo. We’ve got the beef Khala bhuna, we’ve got the Mezbani beef and we’ve got a dal beef mixture. It’s all beef, super happy and delicious. You can really feel that
hot beef, is just tender. – How is it. – Mm mmm. Oh well. Oh. It’s tender. – Thank you so much – For that gravy, you can really taste. There’s definitely some
cumin and coriander seed. – Oh yeah. – Oh right over that rice. Oh, pouring it over the rice. That is so delicious. Life doesn’t get any better than that. We’re gonna take a little
bit of that beef Khala Bhuna, which is the dry style beef with onions. And we’re just going
to pour that gravy over the rice and the beef there. Wow. Mmmmm Oh yeah. – Good right? – That is really good. That gravy right there, is
worth flying the Chittagong for, right here. We’ve got a rich cinamony, spice pack goodness, dry style. So it’s condensed, and thick. Oh and look at that gelatinous, wow, huge bone and you can
just slurp out the marrow. – Yes, or it can fall like this. – Oh look at all that gelatinous fat, and we’re just gonna. Oh. Just hit it. Oh there it is. Oh, satisfying beef joy here, in delicious Chittagong. Oh, oh. Oh that is pure jelly. So fatty, it’s like drinking, it’s like slurping
delicious, fatty gelatinous. Cow aroma. It’s not so
spicy it’s more smooth, and we’re just gonna get
a bit of rice with that and mix it all in. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. – [Narrator] And after
that incredible feast, we’re getting up at five a.m. the next morning to bring you for the ultimate breakfast bones stew. One of the most fatty and flavor filled stews you’ll ever eat. – Awesome guys and we’re
starting out super early at the Doorstop gear hotel. Hey mama. Wow. We’re gonna get beef Nehari. The Nehari special. And look at this huge pot, this huge pot of giant Nehari. Wow. This is amazing. So
we’ve got this huge pot of Nehari beef soup, and we’re rolling out parathas here. Incredible. They’ve got paratha and naan. And you can order up this super rich beef delicacy to go with that. Oh and there they are, you get a bone and you can just scoop
out the bone marrow , slurp it out with each one. Amazing. Wow. And we’ve got a naan station over here, deep pan or oven full of naan. And, we’re rolling out
paratha over here as well. Oh and that oven is just packed. Oh, those actually smell
kind of like pancakes. Sweet. And savory. Oh. Wow, that’s beautiful Nehari. Unbelievable. Wow. And there’s so many spices in there guys, masala and ghee, tzaziki,
chili, oh cinnamon. So much going on in there, and that is going to be fatty and sloppy. Oh purely satisfying to
scoop up with the naan and slurp out the bone
marrow from the Nehari. The Nola. That is one of the most potent, satisfying blends of beef
and spices in the world. And it is packed. 5:30 in the morning. There’s, there’s so many
people here enjoying this thick rich Nehari. I just love how busy this joint is guys. Five in the morning. So packed. We’re going
for Nehari heaven. Wow! Unbelievable. Hey mama. Oh thank you mama. Oh, look at that bone of satisfying the life that is so hot and fresh. And you can just slurp out
the marrow from the hole. There’s just an ultra rich,
beef, fat desi ghee, chili, masala, little bit of
mustard oil, coriander, it’s all mixed in there. First thing we’re gonna do
is take some of this ultra fluffy, ultra satisfying. Oh ho ho. Oh and look at that
gelatinous fatty beef. Joy. Oh. Look at that. Mmmmmm. Oh wow. That is so good And messy. It’s all about the fatty, slightly spicy, slightly mustardy, slightly cinnamony. Oh delicious, sloppy
goodness with that naan. We’re going to try and get
the bone marrow out here guys. Oh it’s sloppy. Push it harder. Oh. Oh there it is. Look at that. There is all the fatty
bone marrow coming out. This is the ultimate sloppy delight here. Mmmmmm. Oh beautiful Nehari. Thank you, bye bye. That was just amazing guys. – [Narrator] And next up we’re bringing you to an
ultimate Chittagong feast of Bengali boarders a.k.a
delicious mashed spicy fish and vegetable dishes,
that’ll make your mouth come alive. – We’re just crossing the street now exploring Chittagong
guys, Chittagong is amazing. There’s so much here and we
have tons of food to eat today. Hey Mama. Here we go guys. Going to the Nizam hotel, for famous famous Chittagong foods. And here we are guys, the
Nizam hotel. Thank you Mama. Right here. Here we go. Hey Mama. Nizam hotel? (agreement from workers) Nizam hotel. Chittagong. And chef Lee down here. He’s going to bring us in, to the kitchen of Nizam Hotel. This is beautiful. Oh. Chittagong specials. Oh, what’s this fish. Oh, look at the curries here guys. We’ve got fish curry. Ilish? Ilish. Oh we’ve got Ilish fish
which is Bangladeshi special. Look at all the color
here. So much action. So these are the Vorta. – Vorta. – Look at the color and we’ve got like three layers here of pure Vorta heaven. Chittagong, Nizam hotel.
(workers confirm happily) Wow! There is just so much
fish in Bangladesh guys. All of this is delicious fish curry. – Chinras. – Chinras. – Yes shing fish. – Shingfish. From Cox bazaar. – Reef fish. – Oh reef fish. Oh the famous Bangladeshi reef fish curry. Wow and everything is so thick here. Beautiful. Oh and look turkey. Beautiful. – Big, big turkey food. You got chicken. – Oh big chicken, turkey. Oh tasty. Look at that guys. We’ve got – Mutton dal. – It’s dal? – Mutton, mutton. – Oh. Oh mutton curry, mutton stew. – Yeah, goat meat. – Oh I just look at that
dal guys, the color here. Wow that looks so thick
and hearty, beautiful! You can see we’ve got double stirring action going on here. – Right. Oh. Yeah. – Oh fish fry. – Rota fish fry. Oh beautiful food here in Chittagong. – Nizam hotel. – Wow. Fish fry. Yeah, Nizam hotel. Wow. And fish is so famous in Bangladesh. It is the land of fish, the land of delicious fish. Thank you Mama. Oh and it’s all coming out. Beautiful. The Chittagong Nizam Hotel curries and vortas. Thank you Mama. Oh. This is crazy. Oh.
There’s so much here. – [Narrator] If you love curry eating a Chittagonian and feast like this will please all of your spice cravings. Where you’re served a huge
variety of spicy fish and mutton and chicken and turkey and duck curries. Along with a huge
selection of mashed vortas. Like dried fish vorta, loita
fish fry, shim beam curry bitter melon bhajis and more. And you only pay for the food you touch. – Wow, that’s beautiful. So what do we have? – Friend. Friendly. – Friendly, Bangladesh friendly. Yeah. Very friendly people here. Biriyani, the duck Biriyani And then you put the duck on top right. OK. Let’s do that. We’re just going to pour that gravy. Oh, and the duck. Oh look at that duck biriyani. And then we’re just gonna get
that gravy all over top there and this is beautiful Chittagong food. Everything smells so
rich, so thick, so potent, so intense, so real.
Here. Bangladesh special. And the beauty about
this is that you can take all of these rich Bangladesh
curries and vortas, mix them with your rice. we’ve
got plain rice over here. And everything just smells so intense. Thank you mama. Plain rice. Yeah. Thank you. I’m, let’s try it out. Mmmm Oh yeah. Oh that is really delicious. Chittagong is amazing.
Bangladesh is amazing. That is so rich. And the duck flavor. Bangladesh. Chittagong. Number one. This is awesome. And there’s also so much seafood here. We’ve got prawns. And then look at all of the fish here. We’ve got so many different fish dishes. And that’s what Bangladesh is known for. Delicious fresh fish. We’ve got fish. Fish.
Fish. Fish. Fish. Fish. It’s all here. And this
is loita fish here, Let’s try it out. Dry fish with red chili. Mmm. Oh, it’s full of bones. But you can crunch through them. Spicy. Oh, it’s really
spicy. And mustardy. That’s fantastic. Got to give a huge thanks
to my buddy Asseed, for showing us around and
recommending all these joints. Thanks so much man. – Welcome Trevor. To all the viewers, you
must have tracked Trevor, that is the AKA Food Ranger. And, you must come to
beautiful Bangladesh. And my city Chittagong. – So beautiful here. Thanks a lot for watching guys. +

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