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– Coming up for all you food rangers, we’re going deep into the
heart of Sichuan and Chengdu to taste one of the most painfully
spicy meals in the world. This is home of spicy and
mouth numbing Sichuan cuisine, so if you love spice,
you’re in for a treat. Cause this is one of the most spiciest and fragrant meals you can
eat in the whole world. Let’s eat. Alright, so let’s check it
out guys, it’s Trevor James. We are back in Chengdu Sichuan and today we’re gonna go for an
extremely spicy meal here. We’re gonna have classic hot pot. Let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) Alright, we’re gonna go
get a big, spicy hot pot. I can’t wait. Right when you walk into a
legit local hot pot joint in Sichuan the pungent chili
aroma hits your nostrils and you can almost feel it on your skin. If you love spicy, this is your heaven. We’re going full on, and ordering the most deadly, spicy hot
pot available on the menu. Get ready. Feels like I’m walking
into a hot pot temple here. This is gonna be painfully spicy. Beautiful. Alright guys, take a look at this. So this is the classic hot pot experience. First thing you notice
when you get this full on menu of hot pot
dishes, right down here, you’re gonna to want
to either tick wei la, which is less spicy, zhong la,
which is like medium spicy, or te la, which is extremely spicy. And that’s what we’re gonna order. Extremely spicy, okay. So next up we’re gonna get some of the classic stuff to go with the hot pot. We are gonna get here, this is Fei Nui Rou, fatty beef. And then down here we are
gonna get some shrimp, oh yeah. So this is all part of the
experience, checking the menu. Then up here some more meat. We’re gonna get here Neng
Niu Rou, so less fatty beef. And then down here Mala Niu Rou, so mouth numbing super spicy beef. Then we’re gonna get
some quail eggs, awesome. And then some veg just to finish it off. We are going to get some oupian right here, that is lotus root. Awesome, those go so well with hot pot. Then we are gonna get some
tudou pian here, potato slices. And then I think doufupi, which is tofu skin. But I don’t see it here,
I’m just gonna get some Huangdopi, I think that’s what it is. Awesome, and that should
be a perfect spicy start. I don’t know what I’m
getting myself into here. Usually I would order zhong
la, just the medium spice but today we’re gonna get the full on. (laughter) He just gave me a warning. There we go. So before the hot pot arrives, we are gonna make our dip which is made with a Zhimayou sesame oil. It’s made with a Zhimayou, just
pour that right into there. That is a sesame oil. We’re getting some of this
stuff to come along with it. Now we got the doufupi and and tudou pian, potato slices, and then oupian here,
which is lotus root slices. And this is all gonna in that extremely, extremely spicy broth. Whoa, look at that. Intense bubbling pot of death. Okay. That is intense. So we wait for this to boil. This just packed full of
those red Sichuan chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, and spice. Okay, we’re gonna let that boil. This is an extremely
powerful meal here, guys. Extremely spicy, extremely
garlicky, and potent. And there’s the beef. Look at all that. Now we’re gonna load it up with some green onions and some peanuts. Wow. Beautiful. I think I need some Xiaomila for this. We gotta add some chili to the dip because we need it to be extra spicy. I want to feel alive. So, just in case this isn’t spicy enough, which I’m sure it’s gonna be deadly, we’re gonna add some Xiaomila fresh, fresh, not dry, red chilies in there. And a little bit of suan tsai cilantro. Whoa, that is gonna be beautiful. We’re just gonna put a little
touch of vinegar in there, and just of haoyou oyster sauce. This is intense. This is a full on beef
oil, they call it niu rou. Packed with red chilies, packed with Sichuan peppercorn. It’s just packed with red chilies, packed with Sichuan peppercorn. That oil, niu rou, they call it beef oil. Wow. And then we’re gonna take what you do, there’s a couple ways you can take one by one if you want and then hold it in the bubbles and eat it and wait for it to cook. Or you can just put a ton in, and that’s my tactic
because you can just feast. You don’t have to worry about
individual pieces cooking. And then we have the mala niu rou, look at this guys, this is packed, covered in red chilies, dried red chilies. Raw beef covered in that
super spicy spice mix and we’re just gonna put
that right in as well. (laughter) I don’t know how much trouble I am getting myself into right now. This is gonna be an intense,
intense hot pot delight. So we’ve also got ou,
which is lotus roots, we have some beautiful chopped up shrimp. So we have some nice chopped
up shrimp we can add in there. Those will be delicious. Oh yeah. And I think we’re gonna
let those cook now. I don’t know what I’m
getting myself into here. Look at that, that just looks deadly. This is full on Sichuan experience. You’ve gotta come to the
heart of Sichuan to get this. We are in Chengdu, the land of spicy, numbing, fragrant cuisine. The land of plentiful flavor. The land of plenty. It’s all here, guys. The deal is you just fish around and you just take out pieces that look good. And you can sort of shake them off cause you don’t want to eat
dried chilies of course, right? Then you can sort of dip them off, and then you can just dip
it into that sesame oil with fresh chilies, cilantro,
onions, and peanuts, and go for the kill. Mmm. Oh, that is burning. Oh wow guys, that is
like a burning pleasure. Whoa. The first bite of hot
pot is just a warmup. As the chilies boil in the oil and the heat gets higher and higher, the spice level builds and each bite you take is hotter and hotter. Your tongue, your lips, and even your face getting really hot. It feels like your soul is burning. Feels like you can feel it in your throat and your stomach the instant it goes down. Whoa. That is extreme pain, here. I don’t know how I’m gonna eat that, guys. I want to eat it but I don’t want I don’t want to waste but I’m in pain. Over time, your dipping bowl
full of that sesame oil, and chilies, and garlic, and peanuts, that also gets spicy because the oil some of the oil from the
hot pot gets in there. Oh, now that is. (laughter) This is one of the spiciest
things you’ll ever eat, guys. This is just one of thousands
of hot pot joints in Chengdu that give me a minute here. Okay. (clears throat) That is so spicy, guys. Look at that. My face, my tongue. That is so intensely spicy. Whoa. Oh man, I’m just burning. The red chilies give it a instant burn. The huajiao, the Sichuan peppercorn, the minute you get that
flavor on your tongue you can feel a bit of a tingle. It feels florally. Almost a little citrusy and numbing. Your face, and your lips and tongue feel a slight tingle. It really is painful, and I love spice. This is I think next time I’m gonna
stick with the zhong la. Ting, you wanna try? – I’m gonna try this shrimp. – [Trevor] It’s really spicy, Ting. Those shrimp have been in
there a few minutes now and they’re gonna be
overcooked and extremely, extremely spicy. I mean this is gone of the spiciest things you can eat in the world. – [Ting] Really? – [Trevor] Yeah, I’m a
little nervous for you. From Guangdong, not used to that spice, but if you want to try it, go for it. – [Ting] Where is it? That’s the shrimp. I’m gonna try it. – [Trevor] Try it out. (upbeat music) Is that spicy? – No. – [Trevor] No? You’re kidding. – No, I’m not kidding. – [Trevor] You’re saying that that is not spicy and I’m a baby. (laughter) – I think maybe because
it’s the first bite. – [Trevor] Yeah, you’re cheating. (laughter) You’re putting it in your oil and that’s cleaning it from the spice. – [Ting] Yeah, that’s gonna help. – [Trevor] You’re cheating, for sure. – Well I don’t want it to be painful, I want it to taste good. (laughter) – [Trevor] That flavor
inside from those chilies and peppercorns is infused into the oil, and every single bite you take gets that spice and
that numbing sensation. It is burning, and it is
actually somehow addictive. You take that first bite the
first time you come for hot pot and it is like whoa, I see something here. You’re in pain, but you
are also enjoying it. And after you’re finished you go home, your mouth is still slightly alive and you just want to go back for more. This is one of the things you have to try when you come to Sichuan. Look at that. That is such condensed spice. If you enjoy these food
and travel videos please click that little subscribe
and bell button down below. I would love to hear your thoughts about this food and travel video. We’ve got a ton more street food videos coming up for you guys. We’re gonna be going on a
deep Sichuan street food tour all around Sichuan into the rural areas and making our way down
to the south of China. I cannot wait to film this
series and share it with you. We’re gonna be going on the Tea Horse Road through the ancient routes that tea used to be traded from Hunan up to Tibet. It is gonna be an amazing journey and I would love to hear from you in the comments below what you’ve though about the last few videos, this video, and all the spicy delicious
food we’ve been eating. Thanks a lot for watching, guys and I’ll see you on the next video.


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  2. For those unfamiliar: much of China also finds Sichuan food insane. The people of Sichuan likely have iron stomachs, because that level of spice is beyond crazy.

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    Less Spicy in Chengdu = Medium Spicy in other cities
    Super Spicy in Chengdu = Grim Reaper is coming…

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