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Fabulous Fish Tank FAILS

Fabulous Fish Tank FAILS

what up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing you five fabulous fish tank fans oh yeah that’s
right we’ve all killed some fish and done some stupid stuff in our aquariums
here’s five fabulous fish tank bails from your boy d number five when I was
about 15 years old I got my first 55 gallon aquarium was cracked I fixed it
myself you can see how I fixed it right here 55 gallon tank is ginormous tank 1
I get a ginormous fish I bought myself a PACU that’s right it wasn’t just a
little pocket it was a monster i overfed it the demoniac spiked the fish got sick
I ended up killing it in less than like two months I shouldn’t have sold the
fish in the first place but putting a PACU in a 55 gallon aquarium is not a
good idea a total fish tank failed rest in peace mr. PACU number for the 55
gallon fish tank fails continued when I brought my 5 piranhas to the fraternity
house in college that’s right he used to come home from the bar and find pieces
of salami Turkey and my personal favorite hotdogs which they actually
took a bite up in the aquarium that’s right I also found pizza crust in there
a couple times just kind of pissed me off click the link here to check out the
video I talked about those piranhas more total fail left them alone for the
summer hoping somebody would take care of them they all died pretty quickly
number three fish tank failure looking at right behind me that’s right I over
dirted this 220 I didn’t sip the dirt I use two inches instead of one inch of
dirt and I used way too darn much clay I also didn’t have enough good gas
exchange and I killed a bunch of rainbows with both internal parasites
and I got them sick first with it because of poor water quality you only
need an integer t folks too much dirt is not a good thing too much clay is not a
good thing less is more not more as more when it comes to dirt in your aquarium
and to this day I’m still sifting out big chunks of dirt out of this aquarium
that I wish I’d assisted better number two fish tank failing bulbs 75 gallon in
my office where I had about five Australian rainbows and five turquoise
rainbows which looked cool and kind of balanced at each other out with the
colors I did about a 50% water change down on that tank I thought I had
dechlorinator ready I had the bottle but I did not check the contents of the
bottle and as I started to filled tank back up I realized I was out a
decoy I quickly turned the water off but it was too late there was way too much
chlorine going into the water that I just added
I watched the fish gasp and died in front of my freaking fish loving face it
was terrible but my number one fail happened this past freaking Friday I’m
out in the greenhouse of sunshine and I’m playing shell pens playing that’s
having a great time I moved the coin of the pond I had a freakin right and what
do I do the last tank the last one 25 I drain it all the way down I fill it up
now I use dechlorinator and tons of it in the tank the problem is I left to win
two good foods and got a bite to eat and left the freaking water running and I
killed 20 of my quarry swords that I got from our boys down Imperial tropical
that’s right I had a bunch of sweet ones that I picked out these aren’t just like
neons where they all look the same these were ones that I individually picked out
in Nets myself when I was down at Imperial tropicals in Florida picking
out the fish a couple months back so I’m real pissed about that because they were
breeding at Okoye now silver lining on that story I do have a couple of life
that were in an up or 10 gallon but regardless
pay attention folks don’t be careless don’t overflow your tank that had been
inside my wife would have shot me for having all the water on the floor
luckily bees in the greenhouse I know you have killed some fish or had
some wonderful fish tank fails or you got a good story of a fish tank fail
you’ve heard of so do me a favor drop me a note in the comments of a fish tank
fail you did come on it’s a therapy couch folks put a note in the comments
of what you did we’ll all feel better we’ll all work through it together
or something that you heard somebody did can’t wait to get down to Imperial I
guess I got to go and get some more toys swordtails so if you like what I’m doing
subscribe stay tuned to this Friday for a nice big announcement everybody have a
fabulous freakin week double your fish tank fails bleh to kill me

100 comments on “Fabulous Fish Tank FAILS

  1. In 3rd grade, one of my first fish was a marble hatchet in a 10 gal…with no hood. The fish magically disappeared the day after I got it…

  2. I think, if you would talk normal, you would get an excellent channel. It's aquariums, you are not trying to sell drugs or rap-songs.

  3. I did the leave the water running thing to my mom's koi pond. I was house sitting and was filling the pond up, forgot and the water ran for 2 days before I came back.

    Ridiculously a wild perch that showed up in the pond actually lived somehow, but I killed probably 20 koi, one of which I had given her when I was kid and had made 3 different moves fine. I was absolutely gutted over it.

    Pond has never been that clear though…

  4. So when I was about 14 (only five years ago) I had a 20 gallon with TWO FISH. A juvenile betta and a baby bristlenose pleco. They must have been happy, you say, to have 20 gallons to themselves? No. They had no substrate, no live plants, no tank mates, one hide and two plastic plants. Never checked the water perimeters, I had a crappy filter which I NEVER changed the cartridge for, and they stayed in this setup until I was about 16. They survived two whole years. At one point the betta got columnaris and so I decided I'd dump a ton of aquarium salt into the tank. "This should solve the problem" I thought as I continued to overfeed the fish and never, ever do a water change. These fish were miracles. The Pleco is doing beautifully at age five and the Betta just passed away last month (after a little over 5 years of having him). They should NOT have stayed alive that long. Can anyone explain to me how that happened? (The pleco is now in a 50g planted aquarium with some harly rasboras, black neon tetras, and zebra danios. I might try adding a betta in there, but i'm not sure if a 50g is too big to monitor one and make sure he's not antagonizing other fish).

  5. I had a beautiful pond in my back yard full of goldfish I hand picked and a few were sky-blue shubunkins that were about 3-5 in each and one day I was doing a water change and while I was doing that I went to get my water conditioner and I saw I needed more so I went to the store and long story short I forgot to turn off the pump and drained my whole pond out killing 12 amazing goldfish I had for over a year.

  6. never trust "pre washed" ground coral put that in my 75gal when I was setting it up went out of the room to turn on the hose (no fish in the tank yet) to my suprise when I came back water was as white as paint

  7. I put a bunch of feeder goldfish in my arawana pond and in the spring I found out that some of the goldfish had turned into giant koi and where six ft long I was pissed until I sold the three for six grand

  8. when i was little i got two of the tiny green glow fish and a zebra stripe minnow and one glow fish ate the other one! both of them were the same size so I'm clueless! as for the minnow it lived 5 dang years!!

  9. first fish I got was about 6 months ago with my girlfriend on a whim was a black moor goldfish and had no clue how to keep it. Got a 5 gallon bowl and he went belly up a day later because of no oxygen and bad ammonia. Got out an air pump and revived him and set up a 55 gallon I got from a friend and kept him in there for a couple weeks before I switched to an African cichlid tank. Paco the black moor has a new home now lol

  10. So there I was in middle school. I was shadow boxing in front of my mirror. In front of me sits my 20gL on the dresser. I threw an upper cut and my elbow caught the edge of the tank. I shattered the glass and 20 gallons hits the carpet. Thanks goodness for shop vacs and father that just laughed at me. We replaced the tank with a 29gal from Wally World and all the fish lived.

  11. I did the classic new tank rookie move. I added way too much fish to start, did no homework on the nitrogen cycle, didn't keep great water quality, and overfed them. it was a putrid smell that makes me cringe to this day.

  12. fish tank fails by basically everyone: colorful and terribly put together plastic aquascapes.

    some people can make realistic plants look good, but… no… and when these people with these tanks want a 55 gallon .-. no

  13. I've gassed so many that I almost stopped putting fish in my planted tanks, but then why do it right, just have to be more careful with that co2

  14. This wasn't me my cousins but they bought a couple of common goldfish it was a cold winter night in December too it started to snow my grandpa who hasn't a care in the world what happens shoves them outside and they were goin to freeze and cats were around I ran inside grabbed a cup and drove home and put them in my tank😀😅

  15. hey dustin, how can you check if the dechlorinator "did the job" I add the amounts designated, but I want ocular proof, you know?

    oh, and a fail.

    my little brother put dove soap in our outdoor pond, wanting to "wash the fish"..

  16. one time in a non planted aquarium I unplugged the bubble bar from the pump and left the tubing hanging out the side if the tank….in the morning I came out found my entire apartment floor flooded and fish were gasping on the sand of the drained tank …also had a blue crayfish carrying around an eggsac….she lost her eggs in all the chaos ….:-(

  17. i was thawing out blood worms for my show bettas, didn't realized how long i left it out and fed it to them anyway. They all got bacterial infections and all but one died of organ failure after a couple of weeks of rigorous treatments. The lone survivor died about a month later from depression or something, honestly have no idea why he died.

  18. I put the clay to the floor of the aquarium while the 1/3 of the aquarim was full with water so… I had to change all of the water twice 😅😅😅

  19. My kiddos fell in love with a blue and black betta at the pet store. We brought her home and set her up in a 2.5 gallon planted bowl. Two months in my 5 year old pours some milk bath powder in her bowl to give her a "spa treatment"! As soon as I see what happened I take her bowl to the sink and try to pour it out and start flooding it with bottled water to try and clear it. I poured too fast, she went over the edge and into the disposal! She didn't go down the pipe, I could see her flopping around in there. I managed to get her to flop into my hand and dropped her in a clean wine glass I had drying by the sink and added some bottled water and rinsed a plant to put in with her. I stuck her in a dark cabinet to rest. Fish store told me to let her rest 24- 48 hours and she'd live or die in that time. A year later and we now have a planted 20 gal and have just bought her some peaceful tankmates. She is the queen of the tank and we spoil her rotten, I cannot believe she survived that ordeal! 🙂

  20. i really take it to heart when i overlook something that kills one or some of my fish. you think you have every thing together after doing it for years & then you do a stupid rookie mistake. 😢

  21. My fish tank fail involved my 50 gallon fish tank that sits next to my bed, my baby longnose gar darted out the top of the tank and landed in my girlfriend's lap 😂😂 it was quite a trip lol

  22. When I was little I had a fish at my grandmas house and my grandpa completely emptied the tank and cleaned it with fish soap then filled it up again without dechlorinator and put the fish in….my fish was not there when I went back over

  23. my very first aquarium 25 gl had some puffers and a pleco my daughter who was 3 at the time decided to dump my change jar in tank while I was asleep of course this was 15 yrs ago and the tank was on table not a stand( I have learned my lesson lol) anyways by time I realized what she had done all puffers were dead and pleco was barely hanging on.

  24. My only "real" fish tank fail (not counting being a kid who didn't know what to put with what and how many, and having some guppies die, etc., as I was learning) is actually the fail that got me out of the hobby 10 years ago.  I always had multiple tanks growing up, was born into a house with 2 fish tanks but NEVER had an Oscar because I was always told they were too big.  For my 20th birthday I bought one and a 55 gallon tank and proceeded to have him for the next 10 years.  He was TWENTY (yes, 20) inches when he died and did NOT have hole in the head.  He was a giant, gorgeous, albino male who acted like a dog.  I could reach in and he'd swim to my hand and rub all over it, eat out of my hand and play with a ping pong ball when I tossed it in.  I had an 18" black pleco with him too, both bought as tiny babies together.  So my wife and I went out of state for a week, left friends with strict feeding instructions (as we had done many times before) but during the MIDDLE of the summer the power went out on my street.  The AC kicked off, the house got to over 90 degrees and his filters cut out.  The next day when our friends came to feed him the tank was completely brown and he was dead.  It bothered me so much I broke the tank down and put it in the basement.  Got rid of all my other little tanks and fish and never had fish again.  Fast forward 10 years and our 9 year old son has never had fish but wanted some for his birthday.  We recently set up a 10 gallon with some nice wood, Amazon Sword, Jungle Val, Java Fern, 2 spotted/speckled Cory Cats and 5 guppies.  Im addicted again!  I've been binge watching your vids along with Joeys and Rachels.  My son is hooked and I'm psyched about fish again.

  25. i had a betta fish in a 5 gallon with bamboo, so i felt bad for the betta and put a snail but the snail infected the bamboo and i think my betta fish died, and the snail died and the bamboo died :/

  26. last year I bought a shubunkin and a fishbowl on impulse not knowing anything about fish. I bought a 10 gallon the next day and it lived in there for 3 months before he out grew it so I needed a bigger tank so I got a 100 gallon galvanized steel stock tank and I added 3 more shubunkin and everything was fine for about 4 months but they all died within a couple weeks of each other. I'm pretty sure the zinc from the galvanization started to leak into the water. I washed it out and coated it with drylok and my new fancy goldfish have been doing good in there for the last 6 months.

  27. When I was 18 I built a 50 gallon tank. I filled with water before adding any reinforing frame except for a piece of grooved wood i placed in the middle of the tank (from back to front.) after 4 or five hours filled of waterer, I just Heard the wood being suddenly expulsed whereas the front glass breaking at the same time…nice waterfall btw.

  28. I washed my aquarium rocks with dish soap. I was breading guppies at the time so I had about 50 in my tank. no more guppies in my tank!

  29. one tail I had was in my little 5 gallon I had a Dalmatian Molly that had given birth to a bunch of baby's and I had a guppy and an otocinclus and we went on a vacation during the summer and when I got home all the fish exept for the otocinclus over heated and died. also once we went on a Christmas vacation and when we came back the house was at 40 degrees and all the fish froze to death.

  30. my biggest fail was a 10 gallon with 4 juvenile gold fish 1 of em got swim bladder then i traded em in for better care and i got 2 tanks cycling right now

  31. we threw little feeders guppies into an african fish tank and the guppies got chased around the hole tank and demolished

  32. one my first tank I didn't even cycle it. it sat for 48 hours and we called it done one danio lived. I named him king after that.

  33. I have 3 fails .1 two bettas left them with parent and didn't really think they wouldn't know how to take care of them but when I came back from vacation( it was for Christmas break) my mom told me they fed them regularly and that one they she noticed that the red betta was dead and touched the water and noticed it was freezing cold and moved the other betta in a small 1/2 gallon tank..
    2. I put a sponge filter upside down making the part with the hole for air to escape .. suck air instead and it ate my betta…
    3 forgot to dechlorinate water and killed my pregnant guppie when I moved here to a small 1/2 gallon tank… yup

  34. a few weeks ago I water changed my entire fish room. Emptied all the tanks half way, put conditioner in, then filled them back up one by one. Maybe 15 minutes after im done filling them up I noticed that some of my axolotls feeder minnows had gone belly up. Next thing you know one of my glass catfish goes belly up .. this is when I start to realize something is horribly wrong. I start adding a little more conditioner to the tanks, think maybe I didn't use enough. The next to die was one of my mickey mouse platys .. and then my fucking BLACK GHOST KNIFE !!!! This is when I started to absolutely lose my fucking shit, my entire goldfish collection is dog piled at the bottom of the tank taking what would have been their last breathes. I pick up the bottle of conditioner I was using, then I realize … jesus fucking christ .. this isn't water conditioner …. this is API Accu-clear ….. FFFUUUUUCCCCKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately found the right bottle and dosed the shit out of all the tanks. Luckily ALL of my goldfish snapped out of it, and so did the rest of the fish in my tropical tanks. My Axolotl also survived but his gills were badly burned. Everyone has made a full recovery since and they're doing great.

  35. In college I had a small tank with 5 platies. Came home one night to a hungry drunk friend and 4 platies.

  36. Your first fail is pretty funny. I did the same but worse. I didn't realize how big Pacus get and bought 3 of them for my 55. Luckily I caught on to what was going on and rehomed them but not before they tore themselves up from going insane from being in each others personal space and cramped quarters.

  37. When I was 12 I had a 5 gallon tank in my room, I never used dechlorinator once, I had 1 Bala shark, 2 African chiclids, 5 neon tetras, a Siamese fighter and 2 platys. It makes me cringe so much

  38. as a kid I used to have a room that was more water than air, anyways, one of the tanks was pretty big, around 200l, just big enough for a husband-and-wife of parachromis managuensis i'd gotten as a gift at like 1cm and raised to the point where i wanted them to be parents themselves. so these suckers grow big and they'll rip any plant right out of the ground if they feel like it so basically there was just sand in the tank, heavy mechanical filtration and daily water changes because as a kid you just do it and don't care about how much time you spend as long as you're having fun right. anyways, they do need something to put their eggs on so i'd put a big, pretty stone right in the middle of the tank, on top of the sand. next morning, i gotta go to school, right, so i'm getting ready and stuff and go downstairs to have some breakfast. couple of minutes pass and i'm sitting there enjoying my musli and it starts raining and i think to myself awww no not another rainy day cause it's like a 2km walk to school. anyways i keep eating my musli for another minute when i sort of start to wonder if it usually rains inside of the kitchen and then, next second, race upstairs and there's a puddle of water in front of my room and i open the door and when i open it WOOOOSH out comes the rest of those 200l and i'm there just in time to save the two beautiful jaguars by quickly putting them in another tank. what had happened was: the big guy had gotten all jazzed up about having a family with his wifey so he'd started building a house by removing sand under that stone, one mouth full at a time, until the stone crashed into the floor of the tank (mind you this was around '94 so not hardened glass like today) and split the bottom pane right in half. so yeah, that's MY fabulous fish tank fail.

  39. One time, I treated my tank for ich and I didn't know that clown loaches don't tolerate Victoria green (an ingredient in some ich medications) and he ended up passing. All on me 😪

  40. 1) 6 Shubunkin goldfish in a 30-gallon tank. … Way too crowded!
    2) Cory Catfish with gravel … Rubbed off their barbells soon after I brought them home.

  41. Biggest fail so far is happening right now. I had been out of the hobby for 20 years, but a friend knew I used to be into fish and when he called it quits he knew I would take his very overstocked 55. I did and saw lots of initial die offs but I expected that. However letting the long gone addiction resurface I quickly purchased a few craigslist tanks and got my old 200 gallon out of storage "AND" started stocking new fish. The die offs continued and I tried to diagnose and treat each time but it took 2 years to finally discover that the original fish had the slow moving columnaris. Now I have multiple rooms full of hospital tanks to the point you can't easily get around and have spent a fortune trying in vain to save the fish, some of which I have grown quite attached to. Fighting the decision now to just humanely dispatch them clean up the mess and either start over or call it quits again. Fish tank fail "rescue fish" if you aren't prepared to only rescue fish

  42. a few years ago when i got my first tank a online gallon calculator miscaclculated and it said i had a 40 gallon instead of a 17 gallon.i was 10 and i used the metric system only before so i thought it was legit. so for about a year i had a tank which was constantly overstocked and i was considering a flower horn when i should have been considering some mollies or something like i have a single crayfish and a few guppies[the crayfish lost its claw when he molted for the first time and dengue was a big thing here and officials only considered guppies as a mosquito larvae eater so its temporary] so its all good now.

  43. had a 40 gallon tall tank with a handful of small tropical community fish. I was still relatively new to the hobby and first time with live bearers. what started out as 6-8 platys very quickly became 60+ and no the platys were not the only inhabitants! before I knew what had happened I was overrun with platys. went to bed one night after having finally found someone willing to take a bunch off my hands. woke up the next morning to what we refer to as the great fish apocalypse! I woke up to find dead fish all over the tank. I netted and removed 62 dead platys and a handful of other casualties! when all was said and done I was able to save about 6 fish none of which were platys. prolly my worst experience ever. it was almost enough to make me leave the hobby and it was my last time owning a live bearing community.

  44. What plant was the at 2:06? it looked like a Madagascar lace plant but a brighter green color with longer leaves, I have a plant that looks just like it, but I don't know it's name and that's why I'm asking. My biggest fish tank fail was letting fish that had been in a bag for a couple hours during a car ride sit in their filthy water exposed to the air, this I assume burned their hills cause I lost 3 out of 4 angelfish and 6 out of 8 guppies. The angels were extremely beautiful, they looked like kois with yellow instead of orange and had great shape.

  45. A few years ago I managed to lose a betta that was living in a one gallon fish bowl. My cat had been interested in him so I covered the bowl but figured she had somehow eaten him. Weirdly enough a while ago I was going through the gravel that was in the bowl and found fish bones( I had cleaned the bowl after he disappeared but didn't find his body, but also was too scared of what I would find to do a very thorough cleaning so). I recently just got three bettas, two living in a divided ten gallon and one in a three gallon; just hoping they don't disappear as well

  46. when I was in graduate school I was in charge of maintaining​ our colony of zebrafish (normally 1800-2500) the system had an auto top up with RO and a salt dosing system. to do water changes I would just run water down the drain off of one of the return pumps for like 10 min.
    one day during a water change I walk away to get lunch, and didn't come back for a few hours. RO system dry, emergency water level cut off engaged filters were shut down. Okay no problem, just have to wait for RO system to catch up and fire the system back up. RO ran dry because it was fried. that took. 2 days to fix. air stones in the sump kept filter alive, reduced feedings and fish are fine without flow for a while
    fast forward 2 days pump to is fixed levels come back up. pumps kick back on flow starts and Bam! 30 seconds and 190 dead fish. turns out sensor probe and dosing tube for the salinity controller where 6 feet apart in the sump and since the system stopped mid water change the sensor was in RO water and the dosing pump had been on for two days dosing another part of the sump the sudden salinity change was just too much for some of the fish.

  47. I ordered a cheese burger with no cheese in it and they gave me a normal hamburger I talked to their manager and he said its like you made a fish tank with no fish in it. I was like wtf why am I typing this shit.

  48. Biggest fish tank fail? Netting a Raphael catfish! Beat myself up for a while after that one, how could I be so dumb 😩

  49. My worst fish tank fail, is when I had a 15 gallon aquarium on my desk, I had 3 glofish, 1 goldfish and a dragon goby. But, after ONLY TWO WEEKS he died. About one year later I, did some REAL research, I then realized, I had gravel, non-brackish water and only 15 gallons. EVERYTHING IN THE TANK WAS WRONG. So only after 2 weeks in pain and suffering, he died a brutal death.

  50. My fail is only half to do with fish anyway I had a baby turtle only one inch long with a large blue gill after a few months of being together I when and looked at the tank and their was a dead turtle with its head bit off floating at the top of the tank RIP turtle

  51. I am new to the hobby so I only have one fail and that was. When I first got a chance tank I forgot to do a fishless cycle and killed 4 fish

  52. I got 3 chinese golden algae eaters, and put them in a tank with plecos, tetras, tiger barbs, and platys, and they killed everything except for the tetras and the plecos.

  53. I tried to keep Tiger Barbs with an Oscar. Thought the Oscar was still too small to eat them. I had 10 barbs and within 4 days they were down to 4 and Mr Oscar was twice it's size so I decided to end that experiment

  54. Noticed my cheap crappy particle board fishtank stand had some water damage. "No big deal, i'll get around to fixing it." hear a big pop in the night. "Oh, the stand is just settling." Next day I Hear a giant crash followed by the sound of waterfall. "dear god no." 55 gallons of water, gravel, and fish on my livingroom floor. I'm scrambling on my hands and knees crawling over soaking wet broken glass while bawling my eyes out trying to scoop fish into a bucket. some were crushed, most survived. I had to file an insurance claim which was promptly denied for tank and fish because "the fishtank didn't fail." They did cover the flood damage at least.
    The amazing survivor of this story is my khuli loach, who was tucked away in a hollow of a tank decoration, it flopped out when I dumped the water out of it after sitting in the sun for 3 days still alive, and very confused.

  55. TECHNO TETRA TUESDAY: What Tetras Should Go in the 350 Gallon Aquarium

  56. Aquarium Maintenance: Deconstructing The 220 Gallon Aquarium

  57. I got a new tank and planted it .i add instead cycle and super stress 2 hour later put in 7 fish 3 rainbow sharks and 3 angles one mollie .everything was good for 2 days then 1130pm on 3 nite looking at my fish they were all at top gasping f or air .i did a 80 % water change add another airpump.they ok foer 30 min then i watch as my fish die one by morning looking at my tank relize it was an ammonia spike and if i had jist cycle the tank right in first place my fish would still be here. Hard leason but one o never forget .

  58. Before I was in the aquarium hobby, I bought a baby Oscar not knowing what it was and dumped it in a five gallon. A month later I had to donate the fish to a local fish store who put him in a hundred gallon because he was the size of the 5 gal😂😂😂

  59. I lost 2 gold fish 3 years old they both had dropsy…..cause New water supply full of chlorine….all this year's we had underground water supply fish were in good condition …still facing issue with the nitrate…

  60. I was setting up a 50 gallon with my friend, and he dumped about a quarter of a bottle of prime into the tank, and the house and the entire area around it smelled like expired pickles and broccoli farts. The I drained it to s couple inches and put more water in it to dilute it so it wouldn't smell as bad, but I left the hose and and was watching your videos (lol) and didn't realize it was overflowing…

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