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Fall Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

Fall Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

You know in this series we’ve talked about
springtime fishing tips, summertime fishing tips, now let’s talk about the fall. You know
the fall’s a fun time of the year to fish. I like it just about as much as I do the spring,
especially early fall. And really what those fish are doing in the fall is they’re getting
ready for winter. And what bass do is they really, really key on the bait fish, and so
the biggest tip for fall fishing is find the bait and here’s a couple tips on how to find
the bait. Honestly, visibly seeing the bait flicking
on the surface is one great tip, seagulls diving down the water or seagulls in the area,
flying around is another great tip. Even if you don’t see the seagulls diving but there’s
a lot of seagulls living in that area, flying around, hovering around, that’s a really good
indication that there’s some baitfish in the area. Another great tip on how to find bait in the
fall, is look for those white wading birds. You’re going down the lake and you look over
on a, on a shoreline, on a shaded shoreline and you see a big white Egret standing there
or four or five of them standing there on the shoreline. Those are the birds that are
sitting there eating baitfish. And a lot of times I’m driving down the lake
in the fall and I see those, those birds I run in right there on that shoreline and pick
up a white spinnerbait or squarebill crankbait and start fishing and I’m amazed at how many
fish I actually catch and how many great places I find, in the fall by just looking for birds. Now bait, bait choice or lure choices, you
know in the fall, you know I like to fish with baits and imitation shad, a white-based
baits, again a buzzbait. I fish a buzzbait all year long, first thing in the morning,
the white buzzbait’s awesome. Then, a white swimming jig is really good. Topwater lures
that imitate a shad in a cut silver or shad pattern, topwaters are great. Now when I go to my crankbaits I like throwing
squarebills in the fall, and again I, I try to stay in the shad patterns. I try to stay
with the whites or anything again that is gonna imitate that shad and that’s real important. So, you know the fall time of the year is
really good. A big jig works well in the fall as well, but again key on bait. Try to find
the bait fish. Use those tips I just gave you on how to find them and if you do that
you’ll catch alot
of fish.

93 comments on “Fall Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

  1. this will be my first fall of bass fishing. ive always chased panfish. i cant wait to try all the options he gave. sounds like fall bass fishing will be fun. thanks again

  2. My tip is just get out there. As autumn approaches the fish get out of their hot weather funk and come in shallow. Easy picking after a tough summer

  3. Scott's the man. Congrats on AOY! My profile pic was taken on a guided trip on Lake Okeechobee through Roland Matins Marina. One of the best days I've ever had on the water.

  4. Hopin I can get out here soon to do some fall fishing didn't really get to last year and now this year is just as busy

  5. The tip that was shared in this video would work very well in a few great fishing spots near my town; yet I don't have anything for fall fishing.  I hope I can squeeze in a few trips before it gets to cold to fish. Thank you for sharing the tip BassResource.

  6. I love the bird that popped up while Scott was talking about how to look for birds on shore as well as groups flying over baitfish and using a White spinnerbait or a follow up with a Square Bill Shad. Nice tips so you can make great use of your time on the water to be productive! Thank You

  7. I always look for the Herons, Cormorants & other aquatic type birds, they're a dead giveaway where small bait fish are around, those birds are simply fishing too 🙂

  8. my friend that i go fishing with, tells me when there is a bird nearby a good indication that there is fish to where the birds at.

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