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Feeder Fishing Basics

Feeder Fishing Basics

hi there YouTube this is Martin from
your fishing channel on today we’re having a look at a mate of mine he’s a
really good feeder Fisher his name’s all Alje and he’s going to
give me a short lesson on how to fish this canal
Alje already made his groundbait mix at home
he’s wetted it and put it through the sieve now he is cleaning the worms get most of
the soil and earth off Alje has got his groundbait . his
worms his pinkies and his maggots these are the compost worms slightly
different than the dendero’s does not look too tasty but it’ll be effective
later on. Alje is now going to clean the casters He keeps them in the sieve and give it a good washing down all you have to do is put some water
on it and then the ones that he doesn’t want they’ll come floating to the top we
can get rid of them and everything in the bait tray .The
weather wasn’t all that great today it was little miserable and gray and
drizzly rain but anyway would give it a chance. Alje
will be clipping up to 45 meters he’s using the guru feeders here changeable
weights so you’ll put in six feeders on the
45 meters mark. the depth is about seven to eight seconds so it’s quite deep there
Alje is bringing maggots and casters and with the groundbait . be putting
a little carpet down there . Always make sure that he’s pointing in the
right direction. Got a marker on the other side, a windturbine – the Oosterhorn canal that
were fishing on was dredged out about I would say eighteen and nineteen months
ago the bottom used to be nice and flat and
clean it’s not as clean as just a big now it’s just searching for the best spot, the best place so the 45 meters was clean enough so I’ll use using braided line with nylon
for this distance on decision census hook length of a meter later on you’ll
be able to see which one he was using this canal is about maybe to the other
side about 100 meters under 10 maybe the fish specimens that you find here
are usually bring you’ve got ID we’ve got Roach perch J evening sturgeon
caught years well so all sorts flatfish Ollie’s night waiting on his first bite
he’s being in a safer bite – our he’s got two of the compost worms on the hook
I’m the little pinky to stop that off it’s just how does first bait let’s see
what he’s it’s a nice bender it seems like a good enough win trying to bring the fish to the surface
mine and slowly but gradually the fishes come
under the surface and that’s a nice bring spots on the head so quite early
this year just after putting in another feeder almost immediately got another
bite not a big one reasonable last session good on it seemed that the
bites were taking a bit longer so all you then changed from one compost worm
with a pinky see if that would do any good it didn’t seem to him so we went back to
the two cos swarms in the pinky and that kind of got it all going again eventually all you also started to put
in some worms chop them up like say one centimeter two centimeter
pieces and put that in the grind be it needs not that got it going nice fish some niggas I’m over there’s your two worms and pinkie to stop that off so that the
worms wanted to come off there sure kind of cfd know all use using the matrix arrays 360
that’s good enough for the distance that he’s fishing this fish really doesn’t wanna cook no stop one awliyas been fishing this canal I would
say for the last 10 years so he’s well experienced here and it was really the
most you know best spots were to go why not to go so all his advice always take
that serious are you going to worms in your pinky seemed the work of the day so we’re gonna have a session for three
and a half hours and well it was a quite entertain and three and a half hours
talking about fishing what techniques and what you can do how you can change
from you know not catching the catching girdle and you know you have to keep
changing and changing until you’ve got that rhythm going and you’re pleased
with the fish that you catch nice fish like to say if any of you guys ever want
to come to Holland the fish in this canal give me a shout and I’ll be glad
to show you around and you know tell you what places to fish no problem so if you like this short film and you
have any questions feel free to ask and always remember to keep looking at
your fishing channel because we’ll be a lot more common we’ll be talking about
what what do use were to use it how to use it
what’s the best tactics best techniques everything will come the order here yeah ain’t in Shibuya so thanks for watching just have one
more word of advice when you’re fishing on these stones you know it’s important
the lookout where you’re putting your feet because before you know it you know
you can be falling in the water like this guy okay thanks for watching your
fishing channel and be sure to subscribe and leave a comment always like bye bye

6 comments on “Feeder Fishing Basics

  1. Thanks for the film always watch ASAP when you post. Might take you up on the coming over for some fishing im here in Norfolk and we have some excellent natural venues and your not so far away been over to Holland several times but not to fish. Accommodation at a half way deasent price will be my biggest problem not a rich man lol. Thanks again

  2. Thank you. Love fishing in holland am there in April cant want. Thank for the film. Which canal is this plz cant better fishing in the Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Please do more english. I thought you where Dutch. Love your channel and your filming. Can you do more on tactics and line choice. What rods and reels and grounbait? Cheers again.

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