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All right, so about 300 feet our size fish, let’s see if they’re interested so here we go So many of you been asking how the peacock bass and the pond have been doing and if they have eaten yet the simple answer Is yes sorta, but before we get to that let me show you something remember the two thousand gallon aquarium and how we covered it in a stone like appearance essentially using styrofoam It’s a heat gun hot knives a little bit of spray paint We did it to the pond to what do you guys think? I think this looks absolutely awesome I did make them a little bit different the bricks on this one of course are a little bit bigger just by a couple of Inches, but I think it looks absolutely phenomenal Even for a very cost-effective pond, I think we spent like 500 bucks on this pond or less This was all scrap material. So kind of free But we paid for it over here. What do you guys think? Let me know also Now I know I haven’t been opening a lot of this on camera I do open it when I get it It’s difficult for you to wait to open on camera. Although some people don’t want it opened on camera cuz a lot of it is like letters where they’re just sharing their personal experiences and Thoughts and whatnot. I Get all mail. I’ve seen it all however, many of you guys have been asking me to continuously do this So if you guys want me to continue to open up fan mail every once in a while, I certainly will Sue we got here a lot of these are long private letters, so what I will do with some of these is Give shout outs. This one is from a Dylan parent from animals at home Basically talking about that video. I did where aquarium saved my life. I’m just skimming it over now I will read it a little bit. I’ll read it in depth later asked me if I Basically, if I go on who was podcast and discuss a little more sure I could hold me We’re gonna pitch our story over pictures first Little flower horn and that cute this letter is from somebody with identical handwriting to me Logan You’re Joey write me a letter. I’m gonna read this in a little bit A lot of this is private and it’s just for me And I don’t think a lot of people want their personal information read so Again, just shell just acknowledge that you wrote these and set this stuff to me. And I promise I’m going to be reading these After the video, I appreciate this stuff so much. It’s so difficult to send a letter these days It takes so much effort when you kind of think about how easy Communication is these days. That’s do be a little picture Thanks, Jennifer. I will read this in a short while another picture Other flowerhorn Frank, there’s somebody fans meet Frank everyone loves them. Especially me since I’m his fish to head This is from um, Anna aka your biggest fan, that’s you Anna Thank you. Anna. Appreciate that. Oh, well, you’re Joey. I Just finished watching your aquarium saved my life. I respect you more than before. Okay, so I have got this is from Mike Thank you Mike. I am going to read this privately. Uh, I was really nervous uploading that video Some people said I did it per views I Don’t struggle for views in terms of my videos There years now I do millions of views a month that really hurt for people to like dig that low And say I do it for views and whatnot No, the simple answer is I made that video because for years I had people Contacting me Daily, and I mean daily not an exaggeration Telling me how much my videos helped how much is saved their life how my videos are one of the only positive things they have To look forward to in their days Have they come from a dark place? And all I ever wanted to do was scream loud. You are not alone. I hear you So I thought for a million subscribers we’ll better way than to Say tell my story out loud but four views Nah to be honest with you That was one of the most risky videos I’ve ever done based on the idea that you guys could’ve turned on me I just didn’t care I didn’t do it for To impress people. I did it for those that needed to hear it too needed to hear that They weren’t alone that they to go through That it’s okay that they’ve gone through things and become a better person behind it It’s chicken feet Oh Touching this it’s literally a chicken feet. What do you do? Oh, it’s dog treats Oh This is like a proper presentation. I’m supposed to grade this Alicia thank you. You got some puppies. It looks like you have some greyhounds I’m gonna guess that that one was maybe a rescue of some sort. It looks like you two are sharing your story Thank you very much, Alicia I’m assuming you know my dog Honey Look at the camera honey, it’s over here. This is honey. I’m Assuming you’ve got the dog treats for her. Honey is a 13 year old Pomeranian a Parian Mutt and I wonder if she’s gonna like these treats Some treats. I know it’s terrifying looking you think you would eat that Don’t think I would eat that would you eat that? She’s not big into dog treats believe it or not. She’s one of the only dogs That’s not into dog treats. Any other dog would kill this stuff. I actually have some friends that love that have dogs That would love these treats but honey’s not one of them. She’s has never been into dog treats Human food and lunch meat and stuff like that. Yeah, you know, it’s bad stuff Anyways, I’m assuming you’ve got the dog treats for her and not me Anyways that video and claiming I do it for views or whatever is absolutely ridiculous need I remind you that I’ve been the number-one aquarium Jana for like seven years I’ve been making videos for over ten years if I needed to get desperate and do that for views or make stories up, etc I certainly would’ve did it before I hit 1 million subscribers. I intentionally made sure we hit a million subscribers Beforehand, so I wouldn’t hear anything like that But I thought what better way to celebrate 1 million subscribers than to tell one of the most meaningful stories I potentially could and believe it or not. So many more of you go back to read the comments. I think there was like 14,000 of you I would say half of those were people that related to it. It made me feel so good about Not even good at it. It was like I was speechless to know that my story and your story For some of you was very similar so this one is – is from Takign – Queen. I’m sorry. You printed your name kind of messy now. I can’t read it. Maybe someone Says shoot me an insta Joey’s shoot on insta me too. Shoot me a follow on insta act techie. I’ll show that Go follow them. I don’t know what they want a following for I made you a ceramic arowana Congrats on hitting 1 million. I have been wait watching your vids since probably my sophomore year in high school We don’t call things sophomore or senior or anything like that. We call it by the grades of grade 10 grade 11 grade 12 So I don’t know what sophomore means Although in the movies. That’s what they call it – I Couldn’t think of a better thing to send you. Well, I hope it didn’t break you really did Oh, we chipped a little bit look at that. Is that a YouTube play button was that intentional look? Isn’t that cool Got a little chip there. This is real. Oh, no, it didn’t chip It’s there’s paint there it chipped when you were making it and you fixed it with a little bit of paint I understand. I hear your pain Yeah, that is cool. That is solid too ever Arowana, I’m pretty sure that’s meant to be a play button it made this piece as my final project in my senior year In ceramics class, although there’s not Although there’s not that II although it wasn’t that easy There’s a lot of visual problems with it that couldn’t be fixed ranging from breaking and get okay and getting lost Awesome it hey, I appreciate this. I Think it’s absolutely awesome. I Very honored that you sent me your your year’s final Your final project for ceramics class That’s pretty awesome. I will take good care of it and it will get displayed here shortly. Anyways, thanks for the mail guys I love this stuff I’ve gotten so many cool things over the years just a little bit of a warning now These are filmed and edited videos. A lot of people send me political and religious things just to keep it basic I don’t include those in the videos and to be honest with you. There’s always those types of things I’m not going to share those types of messages. I don’t disagree nor agree. I just like to remain neutral Anyways the pawn I’ve had these Peacock bass for about a month now. I got them in there about a foot long Being that size and actually being wild-caught From localities that they’re actually originated from in South America It’s difficult to get these fish eating now I’ve done videos on wild caught fish in the past. I thought videos on feeding And many of you guys said just feed it some feeder feeder fish feeder goldfish or whatever the case might be now I’ve done videos On feeder cult or a feeder fish in the past Anyways, I couldn’t get these guys to eat and had been about two weeks three weeks into it and I started to prepare in advance. I continued to try to feed them prepared foods You guys have seen that failing so I broke down and I went and picked up some feeder fish now when it comes to feeder fish we most commonly think of goldfish and I’ve talked about that in my in the past and of course my thoughts on feeder fish and generally typically being Goldfish a lot of the times if you buy a feeder fish as in a goldfish Most of the times they’re coming in very sick they’re handled and bred in mass numbers so fast and handled So poorly that once you get them a lot of the times They they’re dead before they even get to your house and your feeding your fish empty calories essentially now I’m not against feeder fish as this per se but I think it can be done more Responsibly if you are gonna do feeder fish It’s probably best to at least breed your own raise your own that sort of thing Make sure their gut loaded healthy and that’s a far more Nutritional thing than picking up some feeder goldfish from the store. Not only is there dangers of introducing parasites and pathogens They also carry a high amount of thiamine a thiamine, a’s is an enzyme Actually, we’ve gone over this before but i’m just gonna bring it up again. Diamond, a’s is an enzyme that inhibits thiamine or thiamine from Metabolizing proteins and fats essentially thiamine is a vitamin b1, but because goldfish are high in thiamine A’s you end up with a fat unhealthy? fish with a shortened lifespan Often having many other deficiencies including nervous system problems They can eventually stop eating going into a sense a cessation becoming a mass eiated But we don’t see this on day one. I guess there’s a saying that says What you eat today affects you in three weeks type of deal sorta, but it’s kind of like that with feeder fish Although that it can be far more dangerous that they are infected. So what about quarantine them? Of course, we can quarantine fish for two to six weeks Like I did I decided I go to my local fish store and I pick up fish that were not Goldfish, but were feeder in Nature like Guppies, for example, I know there’s a ton of guppy fans out there so I hated having to do this, but I picked up a few hundred Guppies or I think it was like two hundred Guppies and Even though they’re locally bred and they’ve been in the tank for a short while wasn’t comforting enough to me So I held them for two weeks medicating them with Prezi Prezi Prezi Quantrill Prezi Cantrell, I don’t know how to pronounce it Prezi pro as well as Metro Dan’s alors Metro plus basically, basically medicating the outside as well as inside of them for parasites infections pathogens you name it, but this is something I had to do for a two-week period Then of course once I feel like they’re healthy enough and ready to introduce There’s never going to be a time when if I’m doing a fast quarantine I’m at least going to do a heavy medication cycle for the first one to two weeks minimum Other than that, I like to quarantine for four to six weeks I also gut loaded them this time this is essentially feeding them lots of nutritional valued food and a lot of the times if you want to pack a fish full of nutrition you’ll want to do it with Vitamin enriched pellets or flakes and you can get liquid vitamins or make your own liquid vitamin I’ll show you how to do that eventually and medicate those foods in order to pack them full of it Then I put them all in a bucket toss them in the tank Alright, so about 300 feet or size fish. Let’s see if they’re interested They’re all over the corner here right now, so here we go Now I thought these guys were gonna go into a freedom feeding frenzy Of course a bunch of fish being added to the tank all at once But that wasn’t the case Now obviously we also poured water in there But I filled the bucket up with pond water and then put the fish into that pond water just in case anybody’s wondering The fish didn’t really do anything or react in any way specifically and I obviously thought okay Maybe it’s the lighting and the lids they did go after a few But if I shut the lights out they went absolutely nuts But it took a little while to discover that was their problem in the meantime I thought I literally was going to end up with a guppy pond in between you and me and I feel horrible for saying this But I was pretty excited about having a guppy pond and I could imagine having one to two thousand Guppies in here Just looked really awesome Maybe we need to do a monster mini tank type of deal. I don’t know. What do you guys think? Maybe at some point I mean I’m really Looking forward to these guys and I only jump two feeder fish because they hadn’t been eating for well at this time now It’s been about a month because I just fed these guys. What is it three nights ago and I went to this They weren’t eating pellet foods, of course, no prepared foods. No fresh foods. No chopped up frozen foods. Nothing They would accept nothing besides, of course the catfish that are in there So lights went off covered the tank Everything was kind of dim around the tank and the bass ate a few here and there by the next morning Every single fish was gone. Was it the bass or was it the catfish? Let me know what you guys think it was obviously I didn’t have a 24 hour night vision underwater camera in there So it’s difficult to say but that’s a lot of tiny fish I don’t think the catfish the Red Tails are gonna be fast enough or big enough and there’s only two of them Meanwhile the bass when the lights go out that’s when they were like really going after them So I’m going to assume that the bass ate them and they did have some fat bellies over the last couple days and Producing a ton of waste in here. So a massive water change had to be done We did a 50% water change in the last members only live stream link in the description if you want to join But we do live streams usually once a week where it’s just a small crowd and we talk about whatever Usually for the last three of them though. You guys have listened to me rant and do tours and just random stuff And personally, I think it’s been a lot of fun the bass over here though never a single problem at all These guys are wild caught as well However, they’ve never really had live the Kurama is getting absolutely massive that giant ker-rah me He truly will be a giant here shortly. But watch this I Just kind of touch it they wanna they want to be fed. So I got to be careful Anyways, that’s it for today guys. I know that many of you who have been wanting an update on the peacock bass Many of you guys were always stating, you know, Joey just go ahead and give them the feeder fish We understand You know it’s it’s feeder fish in my opinion are one of the last resorts and there’s so many other things you could do before getting to that point, but at the end of the day That’s what’s going to save their lives. And that’s what you’re going to have to do It’s a little Side Story though I think one of the most scariest times of a fish not eating for me was had to be a Freshwater stingray that I had at one point She wouldn’t eat no matter what I did no matter what I offered the tank and she was just becoming worse and worse eventually becoming Emaciated and can’t even put anything or eat anything because she can’t swallow it anymore. Her stomach is basically nothing. I Had to create a liquid food packed with vitamins and everything that she needed remove her from the tank and Put the put a it was actually an airline tube on a shrink put it down her throat and feed her Manually with her tail just lashing I did secure it with a glove but that was definitely one of how the extent that I’m willing to do and go to To save a fish’s life. Unfortunately, that was that happened long before we started doing videos like this so it never went to video never got filmed but ultimately at the end of the day I will make sure that the fish stay healthy survive and eat even if it means doing things they don’t necessarily enjoy Doing anyways guys if you’re not subscribed to this channel yet You want to stay up to date on that bass pond or anything else that I’m talking about? Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of it

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