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Feeding the worlds Largest Fish in The World’s Largest Fish Tank

Feeding the worlds Largest Fish in The World’s Largest Fish Tank

Avie look! Here it comes! We are in Atlanta Georgia I’ve never
seen one of these before and you’re like what are you talking about? Have you seen
one of these? Bryce: Probably no no no no you can’t say probably, either you’ve seen them or you haven’t we’re in Atlanta Bryce: Give us your BEST Georgia accent Nellie: I want some Chicken & Waffles sorry Georgia we just got here don’t be
offended we don’t know your accents but One of our really good friends is from
here actually a few of them Nathan Nathan Broadhead and Ashley from the Dashleys We’re gonna see something really cool that we’ve never seen before I asked Bryce, “Have you seen one of these?” Which you’ll know in a secon (what I’m talking about) He was like I dunno, probably I’m like no no no you’ve either seen one are you haven’t so so hot Georgia so far you are
leaving an impression on our hearts and our pits and everywhere else in our body
that TMI if you guys want to learn a little about Georgia here it is they
have parking they got white Malibu cars they got scooters
they got Jay Walkers Is it hot? HOT! Bryce: It’s hot huh? Here you go Hey guys welcome, we have made it to the
Georgia aquarium, I’m here with Lisa and she is going to give us a behind-the-scenes story yes
behind the seas tour. OH! Behind the SEAS tour so we are actually going
to go see some of the top side areas where our animal care teams work with
our animals but the live corals are what make it really special in the
aquarium world and we’ll talk about that inside cool and then we’re also going to
go to the top of the whale shark exhibit with the whale shark and the manta ray
this aquarium is the biggest in the Western hemisphere
it is and I don’t know if you guys have figured it out yet but I’m really
excited about the whale sharks I’ve never seen one Bryce says he’s seen one I
don’t think he’s going on where did you see one we’ll see you when I get there
each little thing that looks like a little flower if you’re familiar with
little sea anemones it’s got a palate and each little thing is an animal all
those little things are animals yeah couple things people can do to help them
first off when you’re selecting your sunscreen there are coral safe
sunscreens out there I’m not allowed to recommend a particular brand but you can
actually google it and it’ll pull up different types that are better for the marine life they do sleepovers here so you can sleep underneath it and wake up to sharks in the morning actually called a zebra shark and
they’re an endangered species so they are extra special
they are part of our species survival plan so Nellie and I settled down with
all of our children I want something like this synchronize waterfall fish you
know and have our bed floating on top of it most of our coral have come from a
couple different ways unfortunately some of it’s been airport confiscations where
people have been caught illegally shipping corals US Fish and Wildlife
doesn’t have a place to keep it so they’ll contact us and ask us to give it
up it’s awesome to see all the things that people are doing to preserve our
ocean which affects everything else everything else – guys guys guys this is the moment
we’ve all been waiting for these are rescued whale sharks in Taiwan
they were selling them for our food and they saved him and brought him here so
this is so cool this is how they feed them
Taylor! tell us more! four whale sharks in this exhibit so
you can see that each of them has a separate boat they’re assigned to -taroko is the one
closest to us and he’s the best feeder, he loves to eat all the time they take it’s like a mix of krill
and nutritional gelatin and all different kinds of things that whale
sharks love and need. We feed them individually well sharks are filter feeders
essentially so they fill gulp up all the water and it makes a food bowl in the back of their throat, and
spit the water out and swallow the food Can you imagine swimming in the ocean and then all of sudden seeing the worlds largest fish? Yeah, I’ve see one I think No you have not! Have you seen one? I think I have here it comes! Avie, Avie look! Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in the Western Hemisphere that has whale sharks you guys so if you’ve
never been to Georgia aquarium or like Tokyo, I think they have some, you’ve probably never seen one. I’ve never
seen a whale shark I don’t think Bryce has. he says he has and the really cool thing about this
aquarium is that not only can you see the whale sharks but you can freaking swim with
them you just kind of I guess float on top of
the water and watch it do its thing and they might get curious and come up and
like brush against you but unreal I want to do that for my birthday Should I do this for my birthday? Sleepover And then…swim with (the world’s largest fish) whale sharks You are between an African Penguin and a manta ray Yay…you weigh more than a penguin! Bryce just told me earlier how he’s actually pretty good at track and long-jumping in high school and then we get to here. Lo and behold…the jump the gator challenge Ohhh Seven feet that time. What does a duck say? Avie: quack quack quack What does an elephant say? What does Mommy say? Avie: momma we got some food. We were starving it’s only 75
cents an ounce turns out that’s a lot of ounces Nellie: This is probably the most expensive meal we’ve had in a long time Bryce: it is! We’re going to enjoy every bit of it I don’t know if you notice, but we’re staning on… it moves really slow so super
nice we can just watch instead of having to continually move Safe to say it’s been a good day I guess half of centennial park is actually closed
because Clint Eastwood is making a movie here It’s been a really nice, good day Avie you’re not supposed to go in there… This is not sweat, not lactating, just splash pad. We had a really good time here. definitely if you get a chance come to
Olympic Centennial Park in ATL, see ya. baby baby shark

29 comments on “Feeding the worlds Largest Fish in The World’s Largest Fish Tank

  1. O M G… i LOVE whale sharks!! Incredible animals ♡ never have seen one in reality, but since first time i watched a documentary about them i fell in love . Thanks for the video 😀

  2. 😭😭😭😭And the world's largest fish tank is still so small for the animals who would travel hundreds of miles.

    We need to stop promoting how cute and fun it is to interact with captive animals. Just because they can't communicate with us about it.

    I truly feel like God would be fully ashamed that we cage his creatures so we can touch them.

  3. OMG 😮😮😮. Nothing more special than seeing Avalyn’s reaction and her knowledge of animal sounds. Her eyes so wide taking in all the wonder of the world. Oh I do believe she will remember all of this as you are shaping her future with your travels. A very very bright girl. And a beautiful video of an incredible place truly fighting to save our oceans life. If only EVERYONE would take this seriously as our very own planet is suffering massive changes. Sorry ….. not mean to get on a soapbox and speak out but come on after recent news are some so stupid not to see the changes and how it will affect future??😡😡. Sorry but this video was AMAZING and so informative and so appropriate for today. Loved your idea of your dream pool……GO For It!! Can’t believe how much Avalyns hair is changing in color. Yep she is a true beauty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Welcome to my state Goergia welcomes you hope you have/had a blast at the ga aquarium we went there for the 1st time for our 10th anniversary (July 5th) this year the whales and the dolphin show was the best experience ever 😍😍😍😍

  5. Hy guys,you do a fantastic job-keep it up but(and there is always a but) sharks are NOT fish they are mammal but do you know the difference(i really don't wanna play the wise guy here but).So the question is:you know or not.

  6. This vedio is awesome and I'm happy that you guys posted such a cool vedio on our Eid. So wishing you guys also a very happy " Eid Mubarak ".Love you

  7. Oh my gosh! My mother in law got us tickets to the GA aquarium for Christmas one year. It was like I was an 8year old again. It was sooooooo cool and I was sooooo excited.

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