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Fibroids : How to Treat Fibroids Naturally : Herbal Fibroid Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 289

Fibroids : How to Treat Fibroids Naturally : Herbal Fibroid Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 289

Welcome to the VitaLife Show, I am Dr. Janine
Bowring, ND and in this episode we are talking about how to treat Fibroids naturally with
natural home remedies something you can do at home to really help yourself. So what are some of the causes of fibroids? Because they seems to be so common these days
in women. Well one of them is the diet, so unfortunately
if you eat too much dairy, too many sugary foods and you know refined carbohydrates this
is a problem so you really have to watch your carbohydrates and your dairy intake I’m
not saying to stop it completely but try to decrease it just a little bit to help to balance
what is going on in your body. Another thing is hormonal imbalance so we
are expose to a number of toxic chemicals which can have a hormone like effect in our
body most of them are estrogenic this is called Xenoestrogens from the environment, so you
really you know try to minimize your exposure to these toxins, always detoxification is
something I am really big on and you can check out our other videos on how to detox your
body naturally. Stress is a huge factor as well when we are
talking about urinary fibroid, so something that you also want to manage of course is
your stress levels. And in this area of the body is our second
chakra so in energy medicine and something that I talked about in my book in the Healthy
Millionaire in the sequel is that fibroid manifest in the second chakra, this has to
do energetically with relationships with other people so if you are troubled in relationships
that stock energy can actually cause part of those urinary fibroid in manifesting in
the first place so something to think about, but there are tips to deal with that in my
book the Healthy Millionaire. So what do we do? Dietary changes, you want to increase foods
that contains IC3s IIndole-3-carbinols these are the cruciferous vegetables, things like
broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, really important at trapping that bad estragen moving it out
of the body, we also want to increase our omega-3 fatty acid so the healthy fats these
are from usually a fish oil supplements, I don’t recommend eating fish so much anymore
because of the toxins in the oceans and in the fish but getting a high quality fish oil
supplements is a great way to up your omega-3’s. Also taking high quality probiotics that are
designed for the human digestive tracts so whenever we talked about supplements you can
go to our website at to check out the VitaTree supplements but this is really
important you know certain supplements really need to be supplemented you can’t get enough
and higher enough amount of some these compounds from the diet alone. And what else do we talk about when we treat
fibroid naturally? Detoxification, so check out our other videos
on how to detox and do a full body detox which is very important and balancing the hormones
so in terms of some herbal medicines that can help, Maca is one of them, Chaste tree
berries helps to balance the woman hormones which is important of treating urinary fibroids
and Vitex. This is another herb that helps to balance
the hormones, you can check those out, we actually do have a specific hormone balancing
formula here at VitaTree it is called VitaWomen’s formula so again you can go to our website
and check that out. So thanks for joining me today, I hope you
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me today.

7 comments on “Fibroids : How to Treat Fibroids Naturally : Herbal Fibroid Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 289

    For 10 years my husband and i tried ceaselessly to conceive to no avail.
    The gynecologist told us that the Fibroid is causing difficulties and he
    recommended a surgery. I love my life so much and i did’t want to undergo
    any surgery because i was told it’s too painful and also there are 80%
    chances of it growing back. I was discussing this with a close colleague
    who told me how Dr magana helped her cousin cure fibroid and fallopian
    tube blockage. I contacted him and he was so amazing with encouragements
    and finally sent me a very effective medicine that changed my life for
    good. It has been four (4) years now and i am still very fine and i have son i
    call my own naturally. You too can reach him too on
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Janine! Finally, I'm having a consultation with a gynaecologist in February as I have fibroids. My stomach really protrudes, pregnant looking and it's been so upsetting for years now. I see people have myoectomey surgery. I was wondering, if I have a myoectomy when these fibroids are taken out, will my stomach be flatter? Surely it will? Also, what are the chances I'll get this surgery or will they give me tablets? Importantly, what are the chances they'll remove my womb? I'm 46 years old and still hopeful t o have a child. Thank you for your time and this useful video. Ru, UK. (The Dr & gyno & treatment will be via the NHS here in the UK).

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