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Filleting Fish in Shark Bay

Hi, my name’s John Standring and I’m part owner and manager of the Shark Bay Fish Factory. Shark Bay is just a small unique factory. It processes roughly around about 100 to 120 ton of whiting per year, roughly about the same in mullet so about 100 to 120 ton of mullet, and then we have about 100 ton of mixed fish like tailor, bream, snapper and mackerel etc. The fishing here is very important to tourism and the local Shire have done a lot to help that come along by putting filleting benches and filleting utilities down off the foreshore. I think there’s about three down there and the tourists love them. They go down there all day to catch their fish then they go in there and fillet their fish in the afternoon and have a
chat and brag about their catches. Okay, few tips about filleting. The first thing and the most important thing, is a very sharp knife, and keep the knife sharp.
Then you need to make sure that the fish is scaled properly. You don’t want scales on the fish because that will make your knife run off the flesh.
Most important thing is to cut the head and make sure you cut the head nice and straight say you’re going to cut it right up this far off the head because all the main part of your recovery is in the head, then the next one is two cuts: one cut from the back into the middle of the backbone and then the second cut is from the backbone and slice over and that way you’ll get your best recovery on your fish.

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