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Filling a GUN with Salmon Eggs (ROE). Smart or DUMB? Glock 17.

this is one of the nastiest things ever done on youtube. we are going to answer the question. will salmon jam my glox? why would you ask such a thing? we are better than this those are some old ass eggs two weeks old these are from today I have to break up some of these. and fill it getting salmon eggs everywhere. these are a delicacy in a lot of places rip these a part so we can get them all up in there. probably the grossest video you saw today. get some eggs in there these are brand new today. caught a bunch of fish. I only got one but my dad got seven you can see the fish these came from over on my instagram I’m trying to gross you out. this is the return of the famous glock pyrex Ok, I’m sufficiently safe. we are doing this on the tailgate because I’m a boss like that. I haven’t operated in like four or five months just trying to conduct this operation quick. lets get our hands in there. so there is a glock in there. glockazine. assault clip lets fill the mag well oh yeah because you know your favorite part of these videos. right? oh yeah I don’t even have to say it. let’s fill it right here. oh nasty. Oh man this smells so bad. I mean good there’s a recoil spring in here. salmon egg juice in there that will suffice get the barrel there are salmon eggs in the barrel let’s do this scientifically and operationally. oh my goodness this is an operation. eww. got salmon egg juice on me. having trougle closing the chamber. I need scissors man isn’t this gross? let’s put this clipazine in I know that’s a lot of people’s favorite thing. when the eggs come out of the chamber this is the salmon egg glock that might be the thumbnail pic tap. rack I cannot chamber a round something is going on. so much nastiness it’s not working I know you people get pissed off when I don’t shoot it. even though those are the ones that get the most views ones where you are pissed off. you watch the hole thing. I don’t shoot it. then you are like you bastard you didn’t even shoot it. I watched the whole video we are chambered it’s not cycling fully it works. that’s the nastiest glock in the world. I better get out of here before a bear comes and tries to eat this stuff that’s the salmon egg glock.

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