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Okay, just a little quick intro to this one to kind of explain. What’s Happening, I’m sure you can all relate to how much this issue sucks And how we all go through it at a point in time in life, basically all my fish arrived [don’t] worry. They’re all fine That’s not where the [story] is going all my fish arrived for my 150 gallon tank And I have never ordered fish via the mail before I’ve never had fish shipped to me I’ve always gone to a store that have already had the fish shipped to them and just buy them from a local store and bring Them to my house. This was a little bit of a different situation because exotic reef imports shipped them to me I was excited to vlog the [whole] experience, and I did. I woke up at 10 a.m. When the fish arrived and I immediately pulled out my camera and vlogged the entire experience which took from 10 a.m. To about 10 or 11 p.m. Of course I did have to run some errands in between to get a few extra things That I didn’t have on hand But I vlogged it all so it wasn’t like I was just sitting there for 10 hours doing the same thing I had a lot of different things happening to get that tank ready that day. Long story short I lost all the footage I thought I had imported the footage onto my computer, so I deleted them off my memory card and I hadn’t imported them to my computer and They were deleted from my memory card, so I deleted all of the footage from that day an exception of the last few clips So I’m going to include the last few clips in here But other than that.. Now that was my very first time getting fish shipped to me like I said it was my very [first] time Stocking my 150 gallon tank [I] never had any fish in there before this was a lot of Firsts, so I still want [that] experience to be vlogged I still want it here for you guys to see so how do I do that without actually having the footage? I uh.. I uh [I] Recreate it Okay, good morning. Guys it is one, I mean wait that’s not what I got my fish 10 o’clock a.m.. As you can tell I just got a fedex Notification or ups or whatever it was [that] my fish are on the front porch, [so] let’s go check them out. Oh They’re right here. Let’s bring just one box. [I] don’t need the other box of fish I’m so excited to open this look “live tropical fish” My name is on it. as you can see they were wrapped in a black bag so they don’t get stressed the darkness helps them stay calm during traveling and That one looks dead. It’s just one. You know [I] ordered seven so I Swear, I don’t know why they all are just gravitating towards their back this one too okay. Just needs a good shake, maybe There we go [now] he’s up what a good fish. Okay So as you can clearly see we have all seven fish that I ordered here basically now We’re going to acclimate the fish. [I] always recommend doing this for saltwater Fish especially if you’re getting them from a place that doesn’t keep their water Parameters the same as you do then you want to slowly acclimate them You don’t want to just throw them in the tank and put them into shock because things like the salinity and the ph Specifically can really put them into shock if it’s different from the bag that they’re in right now So you want to slowly do this and this is really important for the more sensitive species when it comes to clownfish and things like That you can float them in the tank until the temperature levels out And then add a little bit of your water to the bag and then release them after about ten minutes That’s good enough for the less sensitive species, but when you’re doing fish like tangs and wrasses and angelfish box fish Etc You’re going to want to do the drip acclimation system. So let me show you how to do that for all these Good fish basically what you’re going to do first is take your fish and put it in a bucket now the important thing to do Is when you’re going to release the fish into the bucket you want to put the water Slowly in to the point where when the fish goes in it has enough water to be fully submerged So if a bucket this deep is going to be too deep to fully submerge your fish get a smaller bucket Don’t make them flop around in the bottom of the water Okay, one hopefully your fish bag won’t be tied with a hair tie and two hopefully your fish your saltwater fish won’t be from Petco But I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry pet Schmo well I’m just going to rip a hole in the side, and then we’re going to slowly release the water Until it’s deep enough for your fish to go in peacefully. Slowly add the water from your tank to This. Now the way We do this is called a drip acclimation System first thing you’re going to need is an air pump does not have to be a nice one It could be any kind of air pump about five feet of airline tubing. This is like ten feet but five feet of airline tubing should do plenty Now you’re going to cut up airline tubing where you have five feet for the drip system And then a little bit left for the air pump. Now first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to add some oxygen to this water because as we start drip Acclimating the fish the fish may get stressed and we want to make sure they have plenty of oxygen during this time next We’re going to start drip acclimate I’m going to put this frag rack in my tank And this is just going to be something that’s going to hold on to my airline tubing You don’t have to use a frag rack you do plant weights anything just to make sure that the airline tubing stays in your tank so what we’re going to do next is get the airline tubing you could tell that that even though it’s out of focus and you’re going to put one side in the tank make sure it stays the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to start the Siphoning effect you’re probably going to have to put your mouth on this and I’m trying to make this sound as normal as possible Put your mouth on this Like a straw and it’ll start the siphoning effect, okay now once you start it You’re going to see the water is going to come out really fast. This is not dripping This is too fast so what you’re going to do is you’re going to tie a knot in your airline tubing Now it’s dripping now if the drips are still too fast you can do another knot and now you’re literally going to leave it in there dripping until The water at least doubles, and then check it see if the salinity matches your tank and then you can Not you won’t pick your fish up like this, but you know pick your fish up and put ’em in there He’s dead Okay, so in here. We [have] a bristle tooth kole tang these are one of the hardier tangs They don’t tend to get ich as much.Oh my God I’m just now noticing that this really big fish bag is not only blacked out But it is wrapped in duct tape like what do they [think] that fish is going to do I’m feeling pretty confident in putting the Kole Tang in there already, so I think we’re going to do that There we go Are you okay that freaked her out or him out? I don’t know why I automatically assumed It was a girl. Cuz she did not like being moved So It is know on day three and my tang is coming out a little more my Christmas islands [white] tail yellow eye kole tang long name Right over there right behind the angelfish He’s coming out a little more now grazing So that was my really weird footage for the day [I] hope you guys enjoyed seeing all my fish you [know] finally if you don’t know yet. There is Nala merchandice [I’m] trying to individually think every single person that tells me that they buy my merch, but I mean it’s hard So I’m sorry if [I] missed you. I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you thank you, but thank you. I had a video that came out a few days ago about it, me wearing my little nala pocket tee in it and then of [course] the phone case. Can you see it? It says you can do it you can do it Thank you to everyone who has checked out the Merch who’s [Gotten] merch It’s still available for about [ten] more days, so please check it out If you haven’t yet, if you want to get some nala merch, it is out there like I said for about [ten] more days so I’ll put the link in the description and please check it out and just Thank you, if you want to watch a video in the meantime with me in it you can check out I can’t talk ever I need to go to like speech therapy. I swear I can’t talk and that is not an insult to people who need speech therapy I’m saying I really need it if you want to check out a video in the meantime with me in it you could check out my friend Paige’s video me and my friend paige make the Walmart version of the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, so it was a really fun video I had so much fun with her its in the description and I’m going to put it the link at the [end] of this Too so yeah something for you guys to watch if you’d like And thank you guys so much for watching and you’ll see me next time I’ve been doing youTube now for like 7 months, and I still don’t know how to end my videos Go by my merch



  2. I was just watching Taylor unbox her fish
    a commercial comes up about people crashing their fishtanks and said they would give tips

    Me- what are u trying to say about Taylor?

  3. I wanna start a sorority or community tank with my 2 bettas in the tank.What fish should I put in a community tank with my 2 male bettas?Also how big of a tank do I need for 2 male bettas!

  4. LMFAO!!!!! This is the first time I've left a comment. I like all your videos but this one was so dam cute that I had to leave this comment. 😂😂😂 This is gonna sound cheesy but I was having a bad day. I was feeling really down and sad and when I'm feeling like this I just keep to myself Couse I don't want anyone knowing when I'm down but watching your video made me laugh and feel better so thank u for that and keep doing you sweetie 👍

  5. Hi, are all of these fishes living in hot salt water? Or is it cold? I do not know anything about salt water fish, please people do not be mean to me.

  6. hey Taylor Nicole love your video's. I been under the influence that using a white pail will blind them from the glaring refraction. I notice raised stress and level of shock. if lighting is equal to the spectrum of the sun. well it blinds me which is what a light bulb is made to mimic right? and a good light bulb gets the job done aaah so does direct sunlight. I always use a dark colored pail to acclimate.

  7. (Disclaimer for long distance shipping not these particular fish necessarily.) Drip acclimating may be dangerous for fish with very long shipping times as oxygen introduced to a freshly opened bag will cause the water to become toxic very quickly. Dirty water is bad but adding oxygen can make it fatal. For long distance shipping (such as over seas) just float the bag to acclimate and dump the fish into a net. Immediately place it in its new home. Not hating on you.

    Beautiful tank and beautiful fish.

  8. Damn you’re gorgeous!… sorry had to get that outta the way but i love the way you reenacted the arrival and unboxing of your fish so accurately!

  9. You should also put something to control ammonia in there, those fish have been in that bag for days and once you introduce oxygen again the ammonia is going to spike like crazy when the pH adjusts. A lot of people will just heat acclimate play floating the bags and then dump the fish straight into Annette and into the tank, you could put a bunch of ammo carpet in the bottom of the bucket as well maybe and use Amquel plus. I also use a little air valve to control the rate on the drip acclamation, a lot of times those knots come out or loosen and it starts dripping really fast.

  10. I am dying of laughter right now. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am so glad you accidentally deleted your original footage.

  11. Kole tangs don’t get ich AS MUCH
    ICH VIDEO: my kole tang almost died of ich
    So are they hardier or not

  12. Lmao for recreating the fish arriving. "Oh I dont need the other box of fish" lmao. You are so funny. This was fun

  13. Hey sorry I’m 2 years late 😂😂 I’ve never kept fish before but I’m getting exotic fish in a few days / weeks any one have any tips? I’m hoping to get a 10 gallon tank with 1 betta fish 3 Cory catfish and maybe a few Harleyquin rasporas. Will a 10 gallon be okay for this or a bigger tank?

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