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Finding Fish 🐠 🎣🐟: It’s Easy When You Know How – Ep 94

Finding Fish 🐠 🎣🐟: It’s Easy When You Know How – Ep 94

(upbeat music) – [Pascale] We’d spent the last
fortnight in Pancake Creek, having a great time fishing and exploring. But the coming weather looked like it favored a trip to the coral reef. We were headed for the
Capricorn Bunker group, the southernmost part of
the Great Barrier Reef, renowned for its world class diving. With easing winds coinciding
with smaller tides, we’ve made plans to leave our
anchorage at Pancake Creek and sail the 36 nautical
miles to Fitzroy Reef in the Capricorn Bunker group. We left in the early
morning, and as expected, it was a bit of a bumpy
ride getting off the coast, with the tide going against the wind causing confused seas. (gentle music) – Well, we’ve made it to Fitzroy Reef and we made it in good time. So, the tide is still
flooding out of the past, so you can see it’s running pretty hard. It’s cup of tea time. (laughs) And we’ve just gotta wait
about half an hour now and the tide will slacken
and we’ll make our way in. But we’re sort of fighting
the light as well. So, half an hour, there
should still be enough. It’s a really low tide, I
should be able to see the coral and we’ll get in. You’re not worried, are you Pascale? – [Pascale] No. (laughing) It’s more like when we get
in, there’s a few bombies. – No problem. (gentle music) – [Pascale] Good work, Skip. – Thanks. – We made it in, and it wasn’t actually even a little bit hair raising. It was pretty chill and straightforward. (laughs) I think a lot of people use that passage to come in here ’cause it’s
an awesome sheltered lagoon. We’ll see how it is at high tide tomorrow, but right now, it’s dead calm, so it’s a real treat to be out at the reef and in a little, cozy lagoon. So this is the first time in four months that we’ve been out to the reef. – We’ve come and we’ve anchored in the lagoon of Fitzroy Reef here. And often times you’ll
talk to other yachties and they’ll be like “Oh,
the fishing’s terrible, “and I went diving and the professionals “have ruined everything”. It’s not always the case, like when you come in to a coral lagoon, the things that make it a great anchorage, not much wave action,
not too much current, doesn’t make it that
exciting for fish, all right? But, where we’ve got an entrance channel coming in to a lagoon, and
particularly with just the last hour of the run in tide, there’ll be a fair bit of water movement and fish are attracted to that, because it’s bringing oxygenated water and it’s bringing food to them. So wherever you find like a
reef passage with flowing water, it’ll make it a little
bit more difficult to swim and it might not be a perfect anchorage, but you’ve got a better chance of seeing a lot more fish there. Usually the best anchorages,
the most protected, the stillest water,
you’re gonna jump in there and you’re gonna find
reasonably unimpressive coral and not a lot of fish. And it’s not necessarily
because the fish docks have been decimated. (laughs) It’s just that you’re in the
back lagoon of a coral reef and there’s not much going on. I guess, you know, it’s
the difference between going for a drive through
the CBD on a Sunday afternoon or hit the nightclub
strip on a Friday night. (Pascale laughs) – [Pascale] Anyway, we’ve
already seen a big school of fish and two turtles, so we
know it’s a good sign. And some bait being
chased on the surface too. – Yeah, we already know, don’t we? There’s water movement,
there’s a reef pass. Fish love change, they
love to be on the boundary. Anyone that’s in to permaculture, you’d know about boundaries, and reef passes are definitely boundaries. It’s the outside world coming
in to the inner lagoon, there’s change, there’s turbulence, and fish really like it. (spits)
Let’s finish that little spiel with a spit
in a mask, and we are off. (gentle music) (water splash) (relaxing music) – Pretty good dive. (gentle water splashes) Lots of turtles, sharks. That was a brilliant dive. It was a really fishy place. Lots of Trevally and Speckled
Emperor, and Red Bass. A big school of Red Bass. Pretty healthy reef. – Yeah, the visibility
is down, as you saw. And that’s because already,
just at this state of the tide, this whole lagoon is emptying
out through these passages so they’re bringing the silt load with it. So, you know, not amazing visibility, but on the low tide, when
the tide pushes back in, unfortunately, it’ll be later on, quite late in the afternoon, but we’d actually start
pushing some clearer water. – Yep.
– But again, a lot of those fish would then be on the other side of the channel over there, so. Yeah, it’s pretty good.
– Yeah. Sun’s everywhere, hey? Oh there we go. – Should we see how.. It’s even a nice bit of squid. (boat engine whirring) (fishing rod reeling) – [Pascale] What’s he got? – [Troy] Trout. – [Pascale] Oh. Coral trout. Hey, little buddy. (gentle water splashes) – [Troy] Nice size too. – [Pascale] Yeah. – So that’s a common trout. So Plectropomus Leopardis. And it’s lunch. – [Pascale] Yum. (fishing line dragging) – [Pascale] Whoa. Damn it. – [Troy] (mumbles) – [Pascale] (mumbles) – [Troy] Lost the bait? – [Pascale] Yep. (Troy laughs) (gentle music) (waves lapping) After a few dives inside
the pass of the lagoon, we took Mirrool in search
of clearer, deeper water outside the reef. (bird tweeting) (waves crashing) (gentle music) (water splash) (water bubbling) – All right, well that wasn’t too bad. That’s in about 14 meters
was getting these fish from. And that’s sufficiently enough depth for red wavelengths of light to be filtered out of the spectrum. So when we’re down there, it looks very blues and greens and so on. Every now and then, we’ll
hear from some viewers and they say “Why don’t
you use a red filter “on your cameras to bring
back some of those colors?” But the reality is, is once
we’re diving down below about that 10 meter limit, the
actual red has been filtered out by the water. And even if you have a red
filter, it doesn’t do much because there is no red light there, because a red filter works, of course, by filtering out the blue and the green and leaving the red behind. But there’s no red there. And that is why, as you go
deeper, these coral trout, they’ll lose that greeny
browny coloration they have up in the shallows, that
you might have seen us get. And then, once you start
getting the deeper trout, you get this brilliant red coloration. And that’s because there
is no red light down there. So because there’s no red light, this red is, it’s very,
very good camouflage. These trout look like a very gray, non-descript color down there. You can sort of see the outline. Obviously you can see
the bright and shadow, your eyes pick that up very well, but the color isn’t part of it. So that’s a pretty good
camouflage if you’re a fish and you’re going down deep. Make yourself bright red and it makes you harder to see.
(thud) And this snapper here, locally they’re called Red Throat Snapper. And now that we’re up
here, you can see why. (Pascale laughs) So, again, he’s a quite pretty fish. These ones are a little bit cagey. I was actually aiming for
the head on this fish, and I should’ve actually
led it a little bit so as it darted forward, it got it, and it was only right at
the end of the string. That flopper only just engaged, so you can see it’s gone there but it hasn’t gone
through to the other side. So it was lucky for me
but unlucky for this guy. Both of those should keep us well fed for the next few days, hey, Pascy? – [Pascale] Definitely. – All right, well I’ll
knock the sides off them and we’ll see how we go. – [Pascale] The sharks didn’t
even show up it was so quick. Over and done with. – That’s the important part, isn’t it? I mean, even though I didn’t
get these fish in the head, so there’s the lateral line,
in there is a whole bunch of little pores that receive
vibrations from the water and give the fish a lot
of information about the outside world. Even if the visibility is poor, fish have a very good awareness of what’s going on around them. But pretty much mirroring that, his spine will be running
down very, very close to that line. This part of the fish was still active, but he was sort of like a (laughs) I don’t know, paraplegic fish. This one, it’s hard to
see the lateral line on this trout but it runs through there, and that shot there, it
did go all the way through. I was able to get a bit closer. But that pretty much
paralyzed that trout as well from that point backwards. If you ever hear commercial
fishermen talking, they talk about getting a
greeny or a strawberry trout. Same trout, just different
depth that they came from. (gentle music) (water bubbling) (relaxing music) – [Pascale] Thank you for
tuning in to Free Range Sailing. If you enjoyed the video,
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other great information that you might find useful.

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