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Finding Nemo Dentist Office Fish Tank Animals

Finding Nemo Dentist Office Fish Tank Animals

Hey everyone!Ocean conservation and
marine life expert Jaclyn Friedlander here. Today we’re going to learn about
the real animals behind the characters Bloat, Deb, Jacques, and Gurgle from Finding Nemo.
All of these animals lived with Gil Bubbles and Peach in the dentist office
fish tank in the movie. Ff you want more info on Deb, Bubbles and Peach, check out the video in the info section below. The character Bloat is a porcupine puffer
Fish. Other common names for these fish are blowfish, balloon fish and globe fish. As a defense mechanism they swallow air and water and swell up to twice their size, making
them inedible to predators with smaller mouths. Also the spines on their
bodies serve as another form of defense. A third defense is toxin. These little
fish have neurotoxins in some of their internal organs that are one thousand
two hundred times more poisonous than cyanide and these toxins are derived
from their diet. Deb is a black-and-white humbug damselfish these fish are found
in tropical waters and much like in the movie they’re considered to be good
aquarium fish. They thrive in captivity and are extremely hardy. Since they are
territorial it suggested that they be added to a tank after other fish have
already had time to do their territories. Jacques is a cleaner shrimp. Cleaner shrimp are extremely useful because they’re scavengers who he parasites and dead
tissue off of reefs and fish. Some fish allowed cleaner shrimp to go inside
their mouths and gills to clean and in return they don’t eat the shrimp. Gurgle
is a Royal Gamma. Royal Gammas eat zooplankton and crustaceans and they’re
also considered to be cleaner fish eating dead skin cells off of other fish. They are found in reef environments as well as an aquarium trade again much like the
fish tank in the dentist’s office in the movie. So to review, Bloat is a
porcupine puffer fish, Deb is a black-and-white humbug, Jacques is a cleaner shrimp and Gurgle is a royal gamma. If you want weekly ocean conservation
information, click Subscribe. See you next Friends with Fins Friday! Thanks for watching!

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