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Finding the Best Fish Tacos in Mexico City is a lot like Dating

Finding the Best Fish Tacos in Mexico City is a lot like Dating

Mexico City Mexico City has a lot of people Mexico City has a lot of cars [Music] Mexico City has a lot of squirrels but who doesn’t love squirrels and Mexico City has a lot of food and there’s one food in particular and that’s tacos Mexico City is famous for tacos al pastor but there are other tacos with meat and more meat I spent three weeks in Mexico City looking for the best tacos that meant a lot of uber rides and a lot of meat now don’t get me wrong I like a big hunk of meat just as much as the next girl but committing yourself that’s three weeks of meat is like committing yourself to the missionary position sometimes you need to switch it up so with the countless taco Affairs I had during those three weeks there was one thing I had to throw in no not him yep I mean fish now look I know what you’re thinking Mexico City is not known for their fish tacos it’s not close to the sea but actually it’s only four hours away so fish tacos are fresh rare delicious and highly underrated in Mexico City it’s like going out with that cute guy that doesn’t know how good-looking is so let’s start with tacos alpha times which is like the guy you don’t want your parents to know you went out on a date with it’s not in the best neighborhood you go down to dark alley and the red hue from their canopy makes you feel like you’re in a CD you rub and tug but you don’t care cuz her fish tacos are amazing the best part is the unexpected extras on the menu which is kind of why we’re attracted to the bad boy type anyway like there’s shrimp rochette and this prawn soup which is nectar of the Gods and if you don’t like shrimp eggs that’s okay we can still be friends because you can just give me all yours so don’t miss this place because sometimes dirty can be tasty now all / Neeta was a setup for me this food blogger in Mexico City Gast Renata introduced us this is a place to be in the Roma neighborhood like that popular hipster guy in high school everybody wants to go out with so you have to wait your turn to get in [Music] truth be told I came here for their meat tacos but I was happy to find some king they had soft-shell crab tacos this is a seasonal item so I got lucky but a sure thing is her shrimp tacos called the wet final I loved it so much I came here three times el Pescadero is your all-around favorite guy you know the kind of guy that your friends and family think you should be with he’s tried tested and true maybe he’s a little bit predictable everybody knows him and you know exactly what you’re gonna get and yes it’s consistently good every time whether it’s your shrimp Marlin or fish tacos or you might want to spice things up with her Marlin stuffed chile taco you leave satisfied and you’ll know he’ll wait for you should you ever decide to visit them again but don’t wait too long because someone else might marry him if you don’t but at least you made everyone happy that you went out with them and finally we have contra Mart whether this is a unicorn disguised as a high-priced escort you know at this place you’re getting exactly what you pay for it attracts many a suitors willing to dress the part to come and dine here contra Mars menu reads like a perfect resume for fish lovers you want the chirality acos which are these tiny fish that are almost too cute to eat then you have the taco frito which is a fried fish yourself Giada that come out on is which is your shrimp taco and finally the pulpo which is your Octopussy sorry that just slipped out nothing will disappoint you here fish tacos that contra Mara are perfect like a perfect 10 model and then sometimes you find perfection in the simple things like going over to your friend’s home where there’s no cover no dress code no line ups you come as you are and you bring all your quirks and weirdness the most delicious fish tacos are the ones made by someone you f this sexy Mexican thanks for watching this episode of turn left right here if you liked what you saw be sure to hit the subscribe and the like button at the bottom of your screen follow me on the social media links below tap the bell to be notified of upcoming episodes [Music] [Applause] [Music]

4 comments on “Finding the Best Fish Tacos in Mexico City is a lot like Dating

  1. Always wanted to go to Mexico City. But now, I want to go there to try out the fish taco Thank you for the video and so long for all the fish!

  2. Un gusto ver de nuevo tus vídeos Sue, ya estaba preocupada…
    Todo luce delicioso, me alegra que hayas permanecido tres semanas en Ciudad de México, ojalá te queden ganas de volver 😀
    Esos lugares no los conocía, algún día que ande por allá, a ver si me topo con alguno.
    Me ha encantado tu descripción de cada taquería, muy acertada.

  3. I love Tacos but do not like hot and spicy foods due to my sensitive stomach. How will I make it in Mexico?

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