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Finding the best tacos in Mexico City

Finding the best tacos in Mexico City

Welcome to Mexico. Let’s talk about tacos! We have pork tacos, beef tacos, fish tacos, mushroom tacos, cactus tacos,
flower of the zucchini tacos… ‘Mmmm.’ ‘Oh my god.’ [Laughter] This is a tortilla. When you roll it, it’s a taco. When you fold it, it’s a quesadilla. Guys, this is ‘al pastor’ taco, which is the most
traditional taco in Mexico. ‘It’s so good!’ This is my favourite place to eat tacos in Mexico City. Some taco places are specialty…no. Some places are specialty? No. Different specialities… [Laughter]. [Man speaking Spanish] [Translating] He has been here for 50 years selling, ah…barbacoa tacos. ‘Ah, so good.’

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