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First Fish Ice Fishing – Yellow Perch

First Fish Ice Fishing – Yellow Perch

Hey everybody, I just got done fishing at
Pike Lake and it was cold, ooh! This is the story of the perch. Hey look we actually
caught perch. Look at that. What’s up everybody, I’m getting ready to go ice fishing. The
current temperature is a cool negative three degrees. Wish me luck staying warm.
I’m gonna catch a fish, darn it. First ever ice fish fish. And this is the part where we blow up.
Yeah or it saves our life. No I think everything I have is too big, but
what should I use? Like I got these. I’d try one of those These little jigs. The vibrations. Okay. Little wax worm. Hey look we actually caught perch. Look at that. It’s a monster. Here, put him back on this one so we can see him. Hey, goodbye buddy. No, he missed it. Hey! Ahh, jeez this is hard. Hold this. Ahh, he got off. We got a monster. Yeah! Ha, ha, ha. Look at that perch, finally I really did catch a fish ice fishing.
you’re beautiful aren’t you. I gotta get you back in there. I set the hook like a champ. Look at this little guy. It’s so small. Here, I’ll take the camera. Fish species number seven. Good bye little guy. You can swim down now. You don’t have to stay in the watery hole of doom. Keep going. You can do it. Did I keep him out of the water too long, and I killed him? A little bit, you did it. All right, I caught that perch on this stuff, crappie
nibbles. Go figure, perch like what crappie eat, and then I had it on this
little propeller jig. I mean really tiny jig, you see it, and I was just jigging it on the
bottom, and then a perch bit it, one that we’ve been staring at for a long time, and
they’re so small. So one of the baits we bought these little I don’t know what
they are exact, hellgrammites. Hey great Yeah! Did you catch it on one of those hellgrammites. I don’t know what those things are. I’m gonna fish left-handed now Ahh, there’s another. Huh. Get him? Get him? Yeah! Gosh, this is hard I can reel in and yeah, there you go. Another monster. You can do it swim down to your home, hey there you go, but look at the action these things have. I’m going to let one swim. Let him go. We’re calling it a day, but this thing,
I’m going to set these free. All right if you’re alive swim for it. There you go. I
totally want to see something coming just blast one of these things but it’s
not happening. So we got some perch that’s all we saw, but it was a species
that I never caught before, so mark it up that species seven. Yeah I was skunked
for a long time. Now, I’m back I think I might try this ice fishing thing again
especially if there’s heat involved. Now Pike Lake, right behind me, is a really
neat lake and it’s close to my house it actually was formed when two glaciers
like got smushed together, and when they’re melting, a big chunk of ice got
buried in the ground, and then when everything melted, there’s like this
kettle. We’re actually in an area called the Kettle Moraine and Pike Lake’s a part
of it. The lake itself even has natural springs still bubbling up bubbling up
from underground, and then it fills the lake. I’ll even show you some of them.
It’s crazy, you got to be careful by the beach by Pike Lake because even though
it’s wicked cold out, the spring’s don’t freeze, and there’s steam coming off by
that area. See look, there’s a spring and then it flows
right into the lake. You gotta be careful around this ice. Ooh, jeez! All right that’s it for today give me a number one cuz you’re number one push all the good buttons like this, YEAH! Where’d you get this from, Mark? What’s that? This thing, this set up? Ahh, I guy gave it me. A guy gave it to you, like did he give it to in
exchange for like some electric work or something. No, he just didn’t want it. Oh, all right. Just kind of, I’m done ice fishing. Have it.

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  1. Awesome video! congrats on the first fish ice fishing! trust me you will catch more it is a blast once you get on the fish! don't give up!

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