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First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair

First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair

This is a deep-sea anglerfish mating pair. These animals have rarely been observed in their natural habitat — hundreds to thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface. You’re watching one of the few known videos. And this one shows a sexually parasitic pair for the first time. That means during mating, the tiny male is attached to the female. He gets nutrients and she gets sperm. These specialized fish rarely survive the journey to the surface. Before now, most deep sea anglerfish studies used dead animals pulled up in nets and sometimes preserved in museums. In this case, the research team used a special submersible designed to capture images of creatures that live at these great depths. Like most other members of its order, this anglerfish is known for the bioluminescent, lure-like appendage that drifts in front of its mouth to attract prey. But this is the first time that what may be bioluminescence on the fish’s filaments has been documented. The swaying swarm of thin projections may act like a 3-d array of cat whiskers – sensing dangers and prey in the environment. There’s little to eat at this depth and it is very cold – leaving anglerfish with few calories to spare so it makes sense that as this video shows, the anglerfish female seems to use very little energy– slowly drifting and rolling through the water. But we don’t know much about their metabolism, the bacteria that supply their glow, or how the female’s body doesn’t reject the male’s. The special ship that took this video has been in operation since 2013 and there aren’t many like it in the world. So chances are, many anglerfish mysteries will stay that way for some time to come.

100 comments on “First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair

  1. Imagine if those fish were as smart as humans and we were stupid like them. Picture how different the world would look.

  2. It would be hilarious if people had to spent the rest of their lives with the first person they had sex with.

  3. ok, at first, I thought it was a CGI photo…..Then I saw the "whiskers" start to flicker. Then, I realized Im seeing one of my most FAVORITE fish ever!!!!!!!!! The Angler fish is, in my honest opinion, the MOST unique fish EVER. LOVED IT!

  4. That got to be the life all look forward to as guys. Sex all the time + food, transportation, housing provided

  5. So it's okay to watch sea creatures and animals mate but showing humans mate is considered weird… That's so weird when you think about it lol

  6. You have wonder how evolution created those scary teeth if there isn't really anything to eat down there that would require them.

  7. But it just EVOLVED like this…

  8. "Here's a cool-looking deep-sea fish. We've seen them before in these special subs that have been around for awhile. We don't really know much about them."
    – Science Channel

  9. Imagine when you have sex with a girl you glued yourself to her back until your body fused into hers and devolved into nothing but the penis & balls for her to use later.

    That is how the male anglerfish do.

  10. What a beautiful creature.I luv it.This kind of content we should show more to people than fucking Jake Paul or somethin

  11. The most disturbing part of this video is that the females are about 2 meters long

    6 feet of bioluminescent badass ugliness

  12. We know more about outer space than we do about our very own oceans. Quite mind boggling if you think about it.

  13. 0:25 "He gets nutrients, and she gets sperm." The tone of the narrator's voice makes it sound like the female is getting the short end of the stick.

  14. That is the most pathetic version of the male species i've ever seen lol Show this to feminists to brighten their day lol

  15. Reminds me of when Spongebob went to the wrong town and ended up in that weird place where they only make fart sounds with their mouths.

  16. Me at 3 am in the morning "I should go sleep"
    YouTube recommendation "First footage of deep-sea angelfish pair"

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