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First Time Saltwater Fishing!  (REVIEW)

First Time Saltwater Fishing! (REVIEW)

Hey everybody, how’s it going? I’m C.J., if you’ve not watched my channel before. I’m usually fishing in Colorado, but I took a trip to the saltwater the other week. And it was my first time ever saltwater fishing, and I have one video that shows a little bit of action. But if you watched that video, then you would know that I dunked my camera in the ocean. So, I did go fishing more, And I have a little bit of footage from a camera that I borrowed, And I have a little bit of footage from a cell phone. And it didn’t really turn out great. But I did manage to get at least a picture of every single fish that I caught. So I wanted to go over that with you guys, because I caught some really cool things. Let me just say, first of all, I hate fishing with bait. This is… This is my nightmare right here. The shrimp that I was carrying around with me, in this bucket, I had to have a bucket full of ice, trying not to let the shrimp thaw. It did anyway, it smelled like but whole. I was not happy about the situation with the bait fishing. I would like to have used some lures, But I just don’t have that expertise and I didn’t have anybody with me to tell me how to do this. Whenever I went to the bait stores, or the tackle shops, They just suggested buying this high-low rig and putting shrimp on it. So that’s what I did. It was beautiful though, this was in the morning. It’s the east coast obviously, so the sun rises on that side. The water felt really nice. So… here… You buy these little sand spikes, and you shove them into the sand. And then that way you can put your pole in it and just let it sit. And I bought this sand spike at Bass Pro Shops And it immediately folded over on itself and was just useless. So here I am with a defective sand spike, and I already cast out my line, which was kind of a weird thing to do. But now I’m just getting around to sticking in the sand spike, And it’s hard to push in so I have to take my shoe off . . . Try to push it in with my shoe and everything. Obviously, while I’m doing this, I’m going to get a bite That’s going to try and pull my rod into the ocean (laughs) So, it was just a little bit of chaos right there. But the thing that I dislike about this was, In this area I was fishing there was so much grass. There was so much grass, and of course you’re using a two ounce pyramid sinker. It’s really hard to tell, even with this size of fish, if you have something on the end of your line. So, yeah… And I was not a fan of all this grass It smelled bad, and it was kind of ruining my day. So yeah, this was not… This was not the greatest time. But this was a sea mullet that Icaught. And I wanted to show you guys this because I do have nice footage of him. In North Carolina they call this a sea mullet, But in most parts of the world they call it a Whiting, or kingfish, something like that. And this was pretty… This was the biggest one I caught that whole weekend. So that was fun. That’s our first species. Here we are … (laughs) I was losing my mind. Before I went fishing, I told everybody that my dream would be to catch a stingray, something exotic like that. So when I had this stingray on, I was losing my mind. And it turns out, I think this is the atlantic stingray, it’s pretty common. And probably most people would not be excited about catching one. but yea, I’m having a blast, trying not to get stung. I did have gloves, I brought gloves and pliers just in case I caught something like this. So I was kind of sort of prepared. So I used these little pliers and I was able to get the hook, and just kind of jiggle him until he fell off So I don’t have release footage of this guy. But this was definitely my favorite catch of the entire trip, was this stingray. That’s pretty legendary in my opinion. Okay that was, I just missed it… This is the atlantic croaker. And obviously with the name, it makes a croaking sound, which is very cool. And I caught a couple of them. I caught some of them at night, and I caught that one tiny one while I had my cell phone with me. So I have footage of that. This is a white grunt. And unfortunately, his colors didn’t really show up well. I did catch him when the sun was kind of going down. And I also dropped him in the sand and stuff so that didn’t help. But this grunt actually makes sound too, so I caught two fish in a row that were kind of speaking to me, which was cool. But this one actually has really nice, in my opinion, kind of blue and yellow colors. But it does not show up in this picture sadly. So that was the fourth species? Yeah, fourth species. And finally, if you saw the video the other week that I posted, I caught quite a few of these pinfish but I only managed to get one on video. But I was using a ultralight setup and I was in this back-creek on the sound side. And that was a lot of fun, this was my first ever saltwater fish. It is a beautiful fish, again, my camera work doesn’t really do it justice. with the coloration on it. but that’s okay, I’m still happy about it. It’s a cool looking fish, those spines, the rays on it’s fins, Those things will mess you up, it will literally just poke through your hand. Overall, I was happy with the fish that I caught. but I was a little unhappy with some of the situations. I did obviously ruin my camera, so that wasn’t fun. I fished on a lot of beaches, and I don’t really have any footage of it but I went to some jetties, and fished underneath a bridge at the Oregon Inlet. (laughs) And I went there based on some peoples recommendations, but that place was so gross. I never want to go there again, I will never go there again. there was just fish carcasses everywhere, and shrimp, And people cut the fish on the rocks so there was just blood. Disgusting, and there’s so much trash. But then also there was a lot of wind, and I was just thinking to myself, “man if I wanted to fish in the wind, I could just stay in Colorado” (laughs) But it was great, I had an opportunity to catch fish that I’ve never caught before. I’ve added five species to my list of fish, and uh… yeah. So if you’ve stuck around this long, thank you very much! I’m almost to 100 subscribers, Which is really fantastic, I appreciate everybody who’s subscribed to my channel. I’m going to do something special. I’m freaking out a little bit because I have something in mind, but I didn’t expect to be getting this close to a hundred subscribers this quickly. (laughs) Which is a good thing and a bad thing. But I’m trying to prepare something (laughs) So just keep watching, probably my next video might be about that. Thank you so much, if you haven’t already, please subscribe. And leave a comment, I really enjoy replying to the comments. Thank you so much, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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  1. Hey everybody! I hope you liked the saltwater fishing, but I'm back in Colorado now. Would you guys like to see more trout fishing content or should I move on to some bass and cats?

  2. Funny, they must have been bad shrimp to smell like But.. Are u back in CO? We are fishing a walleye tourney this weekend. Then Lake Powell after.
    Let plan on a trip someplace maybe July?

  3. Catfish rub their shoulder plates together and make kind of a croaking sound too. I'm the same way. I pretend they're talking to me. lol You had a successful trip to the coast if you caught that many species. And you got one off your bucket list too (stingray).

  4. Hey man I suebd I like ur fishing vids I also make fishing video if u want could u sub back so we can help each other out thx

  5. Hi there ❤️ thanks for your support Iam returning my love to your channel thanks for sharing try squid 🦑 next time

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