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Fish Anatomy Rap

Fish Anatomy Rap

Welcome to Ichthyology
Scientists that study fish diversity Fish come from marine, Yea! Freshwater too!
Environments completely different from me and you! You got! Sphyrnidae, Triakidae, Narcinidae, Myxinidae, Lampridae, Cottidae, Belonidae, Gymnotidae Don’t be bat fish ugly! That wasn’t very funny! Don’t run from all the fish complexities! That’s why we study fish anatomy! Yeaaaaaa!!! If you take apart the body piece by piece
The skeleton and muscles are what we see Don’t be afraid of terminology
Just pay attention and sing with me The entire body aids in structure
protection and super awesome locomotion It’s no wonder Ichthyologists are
making such a big commotion Break it down! Pectoral Fin, Anal fin, Pelvic fin, Caudal fin, Nostrils, Eyeballs, Soft and Spiny dorsal fin As for the Branchiostegals, is that really possible? It’s Bone Time!! Vertebra, Fin Rays, Pelvic girdle, Brain case, Ethmoid, Opercular, Vomer, Quadrate Maxilla, Cleithrum, Parasphenoid, Dentary Don’t forget the suspensorium,
It’s a puzzle piece! It’s muscle time!!! Epaxial, Hypaxial, Superficialis
Protractor Hyoidei, Intermandibularis Hyohyoides, Hyoides Inferioris Levator/ Adductor Arcus Palantini I would make these words way
simpler if was a genie Dialator/ Levator Operculi Don’t forget the Adductor mandibulae Don’t run from all the fish complexities! That’s why we study fish anatomy! Yeaaaa!!! We can break it down,
absorb the knowledge and take it slow Just like digestion,
Here we go! Let’s check out that
sick nutrient flow Esophagus, Stomach, Liver, Spleen Intestine, Anus, Eventually We get to the accessories It doesn’t mean that they
are not necessities Gallbladder, Swim Bladder, Pancreas Arn’t you having fun with us?! Reproduction, Respiration
The last part of the equation Gills, Testis, Ovaries! Anatomy eliminates all worries! Of complex fish diversity! That’s a Rap!!!

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