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  1. fish consumers in the US may have more diabetes, but what type of fish are they eating? Fish sandwiches at McDonald's? My ancestors eat fish all the time and they don't have type II diabetes. Evidence TRUMPED. Interesting studies about the n-3 FAs and pancreatic beta cells though, i'll have to check that out. I'd also like to know how having adequate selenium, which detoxifies a lot of pollutants, has an effect on these pollutants and diabetes risk. DON'T EAT CHEAP FISH-LIKE PRODUCTS. But FISH, is a form of subsistence our species has relied on for MILLENNIA with no health problems. Pollutants are THE ONLY reason why fish consumption should be contraindicated, not n-3 fatty acids . . . 

  2. 'Love the information, but I'm not giving up fish along with BACON, HEAVY CREAM, ICE CREAM, and lota cheese.

    Sorry, Charlie

  3. after you said chicken was bad I went out and bought a freezer full of salmon. Im so confused.

  4. NOOOOOO I SWITCHED FROM MEAT TO MACKEREL AND I LOVE MACKEREL BETTER THAN ANY STUFF, I EAT IT EVERYDAY! does that mean that when im 25+ my risk of diabetes increase?

  5. So very disturbing. There a lot of people here in the PNW who eat fish but who are on otherwise plant based diet. Same in the Caribbean as well! 🙁

  6. I'm calling Greger out on this one Omega-3 fatty acids increase insulin sensitivity, which helps to lower blood sugar levels. In the long term, this reduces insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar levels. Fish oils also reduce inflammation, which is a major factor in diabetes. so why the concern with fish? why not flax seed? Weight gain, especially abdominal fat along with little or no exercise increases the risk for Type II diabetes. In addition, these foods may increase the risk: Fast Foods: two or more fast food meals per week increases diabetes risk Trans Fats: trans fats increase inflammation, insulin resistance and elevate blood sugar levels Soft Drinks: each soft drink increases diabetes risk 60 percent.

  7. I am very suspicious of this video. I've been a fan , but now i must say, I'm perplexed. I don't eat fish for ethical reasons, but I don't see a case for diabetes here.  This video really makes me feel "funny". 

  8. Doctor you are loosing my respect. Fish is in all long lived cultures like  the Greek islands, Okinawa, rural China ( the real China Study diet) and many other healthy long lived cultures. All in all its not the fish but the contamination and even plant foods are contaminated like arsenic in rice. So please don't over do it with your studies.

  9. you are an iconoclast, though I generally regard this attribute as laudable, you are turning the efficacy of various supplements upside down…AND at this juncture, I do have a problem with your thesis…YOU ARE ULTIMATELY SAYING THAT DEATH IS INEVITABLE AND THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT AND TRY TO DELAY THE INEVITABLE ,,,,we are screwed…plz doc change your ways…you impugn all that is good…if anybody has a problem…you may call me 734-320-5790

  10. what kind of fish? drawing conclusions from a whole class of food is shortsighted and irresponsible

  11. Dr. must have tremendous assetts in food manufacturing ind. (ProcterGamble, McDonalds, PhillipMorris[Nestle]?). Who believes the studies that DON't include SUGar consumption as factor when dealing w/diabeties, are you kidding me? Metabolic syndrome (diabeties, heart disease, high blood pressure, inflamation [whole body sys.], and CANcer) is driven by, you guessed it, SUGar. YouTube: Suger; The Bitter Truth.

  12. As the oceans are becoming more toxic through pollution like oil spills and radiation even heavy metals from the industrial complex, eating fish is becoming more risky. Tuna now days has twice the amount of mercury than ten years ago. Btw Monsanto experimented with agent orange in forests of Puerto Rico prior to using it in Vietnam. Now days they use depleted uranium in tank shells to reduce the life expectancy of people in the world (soldiers like surveillance).


    Have you seen this study? Any thoughts? I would like you to more frequently address studies which don't support your viewpoint, and to explain why you discount their findings. Otherwise, it can seem like cherrypicking of studies–you report on a bunch of studies that say meat and saturated fat are bad for you, but others report on studies that say they are not. I'm not saying I don't believe you, I'm just saying it would be nice to hear more about why you don't lend much credence to studies such as the above.

  14. I'm a believer in sardines, and I absolutely loooove fish, it's just too good. Sardines are vegetarian fish and have minimal amounts of mercury within them. They're loaded with nutrients and have important omega 3s. These findings perplex me because if you look at societies that eat fish everyday they don't have diabetes in the masses. So I don't really know what to make out of this.

  15. Why does fish consumption appear to increase diabetes risk even more than red meat? 

    Watch the video below or click the link to watch on

  16. Consuming fish twice a week increase the risk of getting diabetes by 35%.  Come on that is stretching the statistic. On the flip side, there is  65% decreased risk of getting diabetes by consuming fish twice a week.

  17. You would have to compare with long term effects of not eating meat or fish, compared to meat eaters and those that abstain for a short period for test purposes.

  18. Hello! Have you considered the Hamilton Diabetes Reversal Protocol? (do a google search) I have heard some awesome things about the results in lowering Blood sugars and my BF got great resultsafter trying it. 

  19. I doubt you know anything. I'm a diabetic and I eat fish all the time. It helps bring glucose levels down not up. Wtf are you talking about? If you test me for diabetes you wouldn't even know I am one unless I told you. Your facts are wrong. What's sad is, you have people believing this nonsense. Fish is good for you period. Easy on the tuna though. Too much salt. Eating healthy and kicking diabetes ass everyday.

  20. my dad is diabetic and insulin dependant, i want to treat him with a plant based diet but i dont really know what he have to eat and what not to, how much worry should i give to the carbohydrates like pasta, rice and fruits? can you give me an approach to the diet he should have? thx

  21. cant wait for the next study that shows us how breathing is bad for your health, and the next great iluminated mystical life style of the low-breathers, that claim that breathing very slowly makes us healthier, to live longer and, of course, to feel morally superior to everyone else

  22. I don't think your information is 100% accurate regarding fish. I live in Norway and here fish is regarded as some of the healthiest foods. Eating fat fish such as salmon, mackerel and trout once a week and is rich in vitamin D and omga 3 acids. Surely these fish are better than such as cod, pike and other non-fatty fish? I eat sardines with olive oil, which even helps me with getting enough calcium (from the bones in these tiny fish). What are your thoughts on this?

  23. the oil in fish is more than just omega-3 there is a significant amount of saturated fat as well. and as we know saturated fat increases insulin resistance

  24. Any word on what kind of fish it was?
    From what I understand, longer-lived fish are worse, because pollutants can bioaccumulate.

  25. It's not eating fish that causes diabetes it's th act of eating itself ANY THING. Every time food hits th stomach insulin is produced which is why intermitant fasting (IF) reduces insulin n BG levels. Therefore this video contains erroneous BS IDIOT!!!

  26. I have been having a worry over the last few days that I might be a diabetic I have the tingling in my legs but that is the only symtom my family only have 1 person who had diabetes I hardly eat much only once a day but remain inactive and drink sugary drinks and sweet deserts like milky way

  27. Isnt this guy in a 2017 video saying vegans dont live more because they lack Vitamin D3 from fish and vitamin B12? What a load of BS this video is, the mediterranian diet were people live longer is full of fish

  28. Guys relax.. although it seems like were all doomed to just eat air with all these findings, I think this analysis needs to be more accurate. Just eating fish twice a week? I think the kind of fish, it's origin, and yes that's also important in toxicity levels, you're consuming has a HUGE impact on your body ( sardines vs tuna). I think it could be a little misleading but at the same time if you are eating farmed or atlantic salmon you are eating a range of toxins and parasites so I can see how eating that just twice a week can promote diabetes. Your liver just takes a beating every time you eat shitty fish. Do your research, be very picky about the fish you eat.

  29. bullshit!a diabetes patient can safely enjoy lean fishes in moderate amount!these are nothing but anti propaganda against Asian fish exports!believe me,you do not need to hear them.And if you are not sure about foreign import,please enjoy local fresh fishes,please cook them properly before eating,enjoy in moderate amount!

  30. I rather believe that those fish-eaters from western countries get diabetes from the fried coating, not the fish itself.

  31. People should really read his sources. If this man isn't biased, I dont know who is. Quite literally, all the meta-analysis states the opposite of what he claims in this video. All meta-analysis says that fish has a preventive effect on T2D, not that it increases risk.

  32. But okinawans japanese, koreans, chinese and most asian countries would say otherwise because they eat a lot of fish and seafoods (tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines, shrimps, crabs, octopus, fish roe, milkfish, tilapia, red snapper and shellfish).

  33. I know this is an old video but does the study look at the consumption of fish with carbs? (Like rice for example) or fish on it's own? There are way too many variables in this study to be able to conclude anything. I cured my type 2 diabetes by eating a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet with intermittent fasting ( 6:1).
    This study seems to be very biased.

  34. The people who r sick eating fish is because they eat fried fish! We all get sick eating anything that's fried.try to eat small fish because bigger fish contain more mercury. Ur welcome.

  35. Jeez….what a boring voice. I almost went to sleep by the halfway mark of the video. Might I suggest you get someone else to do the voice-overs in your future vid's?

  36. How does anyone reference this man as a credible source to back up vegan claims when this video exists? Seriously. The highest fish consuming countries live the longest, have lowest incident of heart disease; type 2 diabetes and cancer. The vegan agenda is highly obvious. Even if something that comes from an animal is 100% proven in the most unbiased, thorough study known to man to reverse cancer. Vegans would still deny it. And reference this quack Michael Gregor.

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