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Fish & Aquarium Care : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Fish & Aquarium Care : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

I really enjoy watching my aquarium and watching
my fish. But we have to make sure we choose the right fish for our tank. When you’re first
setting up a tank, your first month your water can go through a lot of changes, so you might
want to do your fish very slowly. We have to decide whether we want a community tank,
a semi-aggressive tank or an aggressive tank and we need to buy fish accordingly. If we
get aggressive fish and community fish, the aggressive fish are going to stress out your
community fish. The other thing that we have is there is fish that have there’s different
levels, we have bottom dwellers, mid-level and top-level so you want to take that into
consideration when you’re picking out your fish as well and your local pet store is a
great resource for helping you choose that fish. What we have here is a community fish
and I’ve got some Danios. I’ve chosen these because I like them, they create a lot of
movement in the tank so it keeps my tank busy. My Serpes here. These are Serpe Tetras with
the red in the top fins. These are nice community fish as well. And they are more of a mid-level
and then I also have some of these lighter fish down here are called a Blind Cave Tetra
and they spend a lot of time at the bottom. I also have a snail in here which is going
to help maintain some of the algae and there’s various bottom feeders that you can do as
well that are going to help keep the bottom clean. So when we’re picking up fish for an
aquarium, we need to make sure that they’re compatible, we want to have community fish
together. If you’re going to have a semi-aggressive fish tank, you need semi-aggressive fish and
if you’re going to have aggressive, then that’s what you’re going to do is pick your aggressive
fish. Aggressive fish and semi-aggressive and community do not mix well together. It’s
going to create problems. So enjoy picking out your fish, my name is Michael and enjoy
your aquarium.

10 comments on “Fish & Aquarium Care : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

  1. I have two big gouramis they are both about 3 inches long. They are nipping at eachother and bullying my tiger barbs. Should I move them into other tanks?

  2. @Turkish151
    The title is "how to choose fish for a fresh water aquarium" not "how to setup a tank" to love people like you that know it all but are so oblivious to things, like titles of videos you click on.

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