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100 comments on “Fish Are Way Smarter Than You Think

  1. Interview passed… Yes, you can bring psych girl to the main SciShow channel. 🙂
    Edit: Never two hosts again please that was hard to flip back and forth.

  2. As a fish breeder this makes culling and keeping predatory species a bit sadder. But fish have to eat, and deformed fish need to be disposed of. I try to cull as early as possible, typically while still fry.

  3. Nice try but you’re not going to scare me into thinking that my goldfish are smart. What are they gonna do? Sneak up behind me and kill me while I’m not paying attention? Oh please don’t be redicu-

  4. Not true that fish have no long term memory. They know exactly where they get food and they can memorize what is associated with getting fed. Like the carps in the canal and lake at our local castle are visibly loitering under the bridges because they know that people on the bridges will feed them.

  5. The first time you see yourself in a mirror, you are confused at what you're looking at. Shortly after the mimicry effect, you realize it is you. In nature seeing your own face is hard, so for a animal or fish, it's a shock to realize what you yourself look like, as opposed to seeing others similar to yourself.

  6. We don’t even test human intelligence intelligently. Our tests don’t distinguish between intellect and disinterest. We rate people by what then know without finding out if they are interested. Who is more intelligent a person that loves and is passionate about calculus and gets 9 of 10 questions correct or a person that has no interest in calculus getting 9 of 10 correct? We learn what we are interested in, intelligence is somewhat disingenuous

  7. Wowwie

    It’s almost like animals evolve their own independent routes to benefit their likelihood of survival eventual reproduction.

    Why is this shocking…?

  8. Some fish species also raise their young together! I have some kribensis (a dwarf cichlid) and they corral their young and take them to algae that they can eat and will fight off any other fish that come near them. The parents also take turns leaving the tunnels they dig in the sand to go eat while the other watches after the young. Is is so cool to see how they communicate through body language.

    Also, my goldfish are amazing and now every time somebody underestimates them I will share this video and then my goldfish and I can look at them judgmentally for daring to think they are "just a dumb fish".

  9. Not really all that surprised, usually takes a general amount of intelligence for an animal to thrive in an ecosystem, still interesting though.

  10. Never taking anything for granted, I figured out for myself that goldfish didn't have a poor short term memory, Ours always knew, without any doubt, when they were about to be fed. We only fed them twice per day. Average life span 7 years. Might get back into fish one day, still got the tank.

  11. Everyone says that if you tune your tv to empty channel you will see noise due to microwave background radiation. Does ever someone put tv set into faraday cage to check what will happen?

  12. My convict cichlid learned that if jumping out of the water wasn't enough to get my attention to feed her, she will just grab one of the pieces of gravel in her tank and drag it on the glass, seriously. It was cute at first, but if I am near the tank and she's just begging, it's annoying to hear that. It's like nails on a chalkboard, but I still lover her lol. If anyone wants a smart fish, I recommend any cichlid (but most are aggressive so do your research about compatibility).

  13. This is true, my fish go to the top of the aquarium when I go near as if to get food, while when someone else passes by they do not go to the top of the aquarium.

  14. Wishful thinking.

    Saying those fish have complex social behaviors is not far from saying that parrots can learn human languages.

    You are trying to analyze fish with test designed to analyze mammals so the results are inaccurate.

    These behaviors are simply coevolution. Neither of the species that hunt together really realize what they are doing is communicating. Their brains are only wired to have a drive to do certain actions in certain conditions.

    Fast learning is not really an adequate test for intelligence. In fact, the reverse seems to be true. Species that have more complex brains tend to need more time to learn a behavior but they form a more in-depth understanding and are able to apply their knowledge in a wider array of situations.

    Humans needing 1X years to reach intellectual maturity is pretty much unheard of for animals of our size and metabolic rate.

    Mirror test is also rather controversial, it is just that we have not figured out tests that are significantly better. Or rather, our approach toward gauging intelligence thus far is.. rather simple-minded.

  15. i got a veil tail beta on my desk, it often stares at me and does weird stuff like biting and pulling the fake plants, chasing gnats walking on the tank walls, ect

  16. Intelligence is not subjective. The concept may be dynamic or blurry, it may vary between subjects. It's an objective measure of certain traits.

  17. I was in the aquarium service business for 30 years and I can tell you a lot of stories of how intelligent Fish are.

  18. I had one goldfish that lived for 13 years and he would wake me up every morning when he was hungry by spitting gravel at the glass. He knew that it made a lot of noise and figured out that I would respond to that noise.

  19. If they’re so smart how come they can’t walk or breathe air? Maybe speak English? Same as plants… they can’t even move… idiots

  20. The surface of the water can be a partial mirror, maybe underwater creatures are more familiar with reflection because of it.

  21. Fish are smart, they're just specialized for their particular environment. For instance, Eunice aphroditois—also known as the Bobbit worm—waits in ambush for its prey, but there's a fish that locates and blows jets of water over the aphroditois, ruining its ambush.

  22. It’s pretty funny when I feed my fish and they come up to me, my friends don’t believe it so they do it, and the fish ignore them. I walk up and they are now pressing their faces to the glass

  23. I once had a red tailed shark that would hang out in a tunnel with some upside down catfish over time I discovered my red tailed shark liked and would prefer to swim upside down just like the catfish it would tolerate so fish can definitely learn from each other.

  24. I’m impressed by the testing methods. Taking the colored bowl thing is awesome. It makes me want to learn about other testing methods used by scientists.

  25. I was waiting for them to say “a 2012 study taught basic physics to a rainbow fish and by the next day it had created the most accurate interpretation of string theory”.

  26. Also, some Koi are straight-up playful with their caretakers! Like, they'll swim up to their human to be picked up so they can jump back in the water. Carp have levels of intelligence that even untrained humans can recognize.

  27. I've been keeping aquariums for 20 years. I can assure you they are much smarter than most people think they are!

  28. You know you are doing something right when you say out loud "the researches then trained goldfish"

  29. But my koi fish thinks I’m gonna feed them every time I come to see them
    Should send my one to school

  30. What if we should a lot of the animals we are scared of a mirror. They can sense it. Then they will see how we are different.

  31. Sooooo if you were say, to call Trump and his followers "dangerous fish-brained creatures".. that would be a huge insult to fish all over the world??

  32. you are saying "this fish can do this thing and this other fish can do this other thing" and then putting it like if ALL the fish could do everything you say.
    Is like saying "mamals are smart because humans are smart" ignoring that, for example, hamsters are f dumb (comparing with humans)

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