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Fish Broth With Dumplings | Fish Brof | Fish Soup | Trinidad | Gluten Free Option

Fish Broth With Dumplings | Fish Brof | Fish Soup | Trinidad | Gluten Free Option

Fish broth is an energizing, invigorating,
comforting, delicately flavored, traditional, Trinidadian soup made with
fish, various vegetables- including root vegetables, lots of garlic, herbs,
dumplings and or pasta. Today I’m sharing my healthy, all-natural version
with a BONUS pepper and lime condiment that takes it to a whole other level! Today I’ll be using green fig, a potato,
eddoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and onion, okra, carrots, lime, lemon, garlic, hot
peppers and the fabulous green seasoning base– scallions, bandhania,
thyme and pimento peppers. Now let’s go shopping together. There are many, many varieties of sweet potatoes, so have fun trying and deciding which one is your
favorite. My absolute favorite is the Japanese or Korean sweet potato which is purple on the outside and white on the inside. When buying green fig it’s
recommended that you use very young green fig if you can find it. Eddoes is also one of my absolute favourite ingredients in a fish broth because of
its creaminess. Next up, we will pick up our green seasoning–scallions or green onions, bandhania, thyme and pimento peppers. They add such a wonderful flavor to this dish. And don’t forget the celery stalks or the celery
leaves! Next up is the fish market and we’re in the middle of winter here, so we’re
pretty lucky to get fresh fish. Any firm fish will do. You have croaker or ‘cochro’, red snapper or yellow snapper, carite, kingfish, shark– filets or whole fish– whatever
works for you! Red snapper today is a whopping $9.99 a
pound! Because the fish market is a distance away, we usually pick up the
frozen, all-natural barramundi from BJ’s. It’s always one less thing to do when I
decide to make a fish broth! To make the green seasoning, use scallions, culantro(bandhania) and garlic, put it in the blender of food processor or you may use
any pre-ground green seasoning(homemade). Wash the fish with the juice of a lime or lemon and season with half of the green seasoning– reserving the other half. Now, I’m going to peel and chop the vegetables and I’m going to provide details here for those of you who have never done this before. Once the vegetables are peeled, submerge them in a bowl full of cold water to prevent them from oxidizing or turning
brown. I have done this a day in advance but the vegetables must be kept in water
until ready to use. I love fish broth so much I eat it two to three times per week during the harsh winters we have here in New York City. We’ll take about 15 to 30 minutes to
complete all the prep work, all depending on your level of expertise. It’s recommended that you oil your
fingers before peeling green bananas because it tends to stain. This recipe actually makes a small pot
of broth compared to the huge cauldrons we usually make while we’re liming or
gathering with friends. I am utilizing a little different technique because this is a little difficult–but I don’t recommend that you use this technique
unless you have full control over your knife! Today, I happen to have yucca so I’m going to use a piece. Peeling a yucca is so satisfying because it is so easy to peel. And that’s all I’m going to use in today’s broth because the rest looks questionable. When in doubt I always throw it out! Now let’s rinse and chop the vegetables. Because the eddoes are small, I’m just
going to halve them or you could also leave them whole. Cutting the vegetables
around the same size not only helps it to cook evenly but also makes it look
appetizing as well. Also chop two stalks of celery and a tomato. For the okra, rinse
them and dry them and cut off the tops and the ends. That’s the end of the prep
work! It gets much easier from here on! Now let’s start cooking! Add about 12 cups of water to a large iron pot or stock pot and bring to a boil over high heat. Add the potato, the sweet potatoes, the green fig and the eddoes. Next we
will add the bunch of thyme, the chopped tomatoes, the carrots, the celery, the
reserved green seasoning, chopped pimentos, the onion and the pepper and we will keep the pepper whole because we want to infuse the broth with the (flavor of the) pepper without adding any heat. We’ll give it a gentle stir, bring it to a boil, cover and reduce the heat to low and cook until the vegetables are fork tender,
but firm –about 20 to 30 minutes– depending on the size and the amount of
vegetables you used. While that’s boiling, we will knead the flour to make the dumplings. In a bowl, add 2 cups of all purpose, unbleached flour, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon sugar. Once all the ingredients are mixed, we
will gradually add the water and knead to make a firm dough. It only takes about
a minute or two. Once we’re done, we will cover it and let
it rest until we’re ready to shape the dumplings. After 20 minutes and the
vegetables are cooked but still firm it’s time to add the fish and the okra. Because it’s a broth and not a soup, you want to keep the vegetables as firm as
possible. Now we’re going to add the fish to the pot. Where there’s a will there is a way! DO NOT USE the heads or fish bones if you have teens or kids or you’re just
not a pro at eating fish! Next, we will add another touch of salt and the seasoning from the bowl the fish was in. ..and now we’re adding the okra at the end because we want to keep it whole. And now for the fun part – making the dumplings and here you can make it into any shape you want. You can roll it like this or
you can roll it out like a roti and cut it into squares. Instead of making dumplings, you could
use macaroni– the bucatini shape –or you can leave it all out altogether, because
there’s plenty of root vegetables to keep you full. If you like lots of broth
or liquid, in this case, use a much larger pot and more liquid. The challenge here
now is to keep all the dumplings submerged so that they will cook. I’m
going to bring the potatoes and sweet potatoes at the top and put the
dumplings at the bottom to help them cook faster. Going to keep the heat at
medium and let it simmer for about seven to ten minutes until the dumplings are
fully cooked. Now is a good time to test it out for salt. Add some freshly
ground pepper. You could add here chopped scallions or bandhania(and celery leaves). I’m going to put the cover on to help the okras cook. Now to make this exhilarating lime and pepper condiment that’s going to excite your tastebuds, one onion
finely chopped, hot pepper or 2 finely chopped as well, 1 garlic grated. You will
also need 1 tablespoon of bandania finely chopped and the juice of 2 limes and a
little bit of salt, give it a stir and it’s ready. It really AMPLIFIES the flavor
of the dish without having to add any flavor enhancers or salted butters that
are traditionally used. Now that the dumplings and the okra and all the
vegetables are cooked we’re done! This my friends is comfort in a bowl. It’s going to be a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

32 comments on “Fish Broth With Dumplings | Fish Brof | Fish Soup | Trinidad | Gluten Free Option

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  2. Ria! Ria! Ria! You are the best, I love your attention to details, your calm tone and your delicious recipe, this is definitely making it to the table this weekend, thanks for sharing…โค๏ธ๐Ÿด

  3. Nice job wish I was close by to have a bowl my husband was great at making fish broth and souse. Have a great weekend.

  4. That is what yuh call a boss fish broth! Thank you so much Ria, you are truly a God sent! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–

  5. I love your fish broth it looks simply delicious what kind of fish besides the red snapper you used what is the name of the fish

  6. Hi Ria, youโ€™ve done a wonderful job with the fish broth.I hope one day Iโ€™ll be successful with making this dish for myself and God willing โ€œhusbandโ€ and future children. Keep up the good work . And thanks for sharing this recipe with the world, peace!

  7. Love eating fish broth but so much work…I literally get anxiety making this…Lol Great job!
    My ex is from Colombia and they infuse coconut milk in theirs…Itโ€™s awesome…puts the fish broth on another level.

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