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Fish Bytes

Fish Bytes

[MUSIC PLAYING] Remember the last
time you got sick? You probably went to the doctor,
who prescribed medication. Likewise with sick pets, you
would go to the veterinarian. Nobody wants to see a loved
one or pet feeling ill, but when it happens,
we take comfort knowing that doctors
and veterinarians have the right medicines. But what if fish get sick? In the wild, fish may die
from many different illnesses. However in a modern
fish hatchery, the finny residents are more
likely to survive diseases. Staff constantly
monitor fish health, ready to diagnose any problems
and get their patients back on the road to recovery. To help them, there’s
a small medicine chest of good medications that have
been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The US Fish and Wildlife
Services Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership
program staff is working to gain FDA
approval of even more medicines to put in the fish
medicine chest. The result– healthier fish
and more reasons to go fishing. I’m Jim [INAUDIBLE] and this
is Science in 60 Seconds.

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