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Fish Dumpukht | Royal Fish Recipe from the House of King of Jhabua (MP-India) | Ravi Sisodiya

Fish Dumpukht | Royal Fish Recipe from the House of King of Jhabua (MP-India) | Ravi Sisodiya

Good Evening friends I, Ravi Sisodiya welcome you all to my channel Holiday Cooking My Today’s recipe is Royal Fish Dumpukht This is a very delicious recipe I will make it now and this is a very simple recipe The ingredients used are Look at this fish White Fish – 1 Kg I have made small thin strips of this fish Next I have 100 gm Oil Salt – 2 tbsp Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp Turmeric Powder – 1 tbsp Coriander Powder – 2 tbsp Ground Cumin – 1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 tbsp Next I have prepared one powder which is the main ingredient of this recipe In it we have 4 Green Cardamom 4 Cloves Cinnamon Powder of 2 sticks and 40 Black Pepper which are all grinded and made a powder Also we have 3-4 onions cut in round shape Also we have 3-4 tomatoes Now I will mix all these ingredients and marinate and leave for 15 mins let us first mix the ingredients it is a very simple recipe please try it Also I am adding the paste ginger garlic paste added in all the non veg recipes Now see this add powder that was prepared Now mix it well Now let us start making the recipe Fish Dumpukht Since this fish is kept on “dum” for 40-45 mins and hence the name First of all take the oil and apply it on the pan so that the onions and gravy doesn’t stick to the bottom Apply a little more Now in this dish add onions and set them up in the manner shown We have arranged the onions Apply oil on onions only a little oil Next we add tomatoes on the layer above onions We have added a tomato layer First onions and then tomatoes Now also add a layer of oil on the tomatoes This is a new recipe Looks beautiful Now I am keeping the flame on medium now I will add the marinated fish I will add a layer of it As you can see I have added a layer of fish and now I will apply oil again on the fish over all sides We are using the oil we had 100 gms. We are not taking any new oil It is a very easy recipe You must try Now the oil you can see remaining oil must be added over the fish I have put a layer of oil over the fish keep the flame low and cover it for 40 mins In between we will see how it is made 40-45 mins have elapsed now open the lid and see wow. All water has evaporated It is well dry now Now this Fish Dumpukht is ready Now let me garnish it with chillis green ones This fish dumpukht is garnished add coriander also Now this is ready just serve hot now I want to tell you that this Fish Dumpukht is a royal recipe and is a very simple recipe You must try and you will enjoy it. Thank You!

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