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Fish Feeders & Habitats Explained

Fish Feeders & Habitats Explained

Hey it’s Richard here with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management. I wanted to show you the Texas Hunter Pro Series fish feeder. It actually holds 100 lbs of fish food. We are at a trophy bass pond here and wanted to show you exactly how this fish feeder works. It shoots out at forty feet out into the pond in “V” type pattern. Then inside of this Pro Series we’ve got a ton of fish food that can be held inside of it. Viewer window that’s on the outside and
then of course it is wedge-shaped in the bottom which
conveniently allows all of the fish food to fall to the bottom and be used. Where some of the knock off models your not able to use all
of the fish food in here. So we have a viewer panel that opens up and basically we’ve got a digital timer that allows you to do some awesome
settings. It allows you to check the battery this actually has a
small battery that is charged via solar panel and allows you to keep it
out without having access. You can set up to
10 feet times and durations of the feed times. Everything from 1 second to 60 seconds just depending
on how much food you wanna throw out and how long you want to throw it out. Completely pest safe stakes down got legs you can now set it up on a bank, it can be titled, can be mounted to a dock. Then we basically on this side are
able to put the solar panel out so that you
can actually have it charging all year round. Real low
low maintenance fish feeder the best on the market. So this would be equivalent to the Cadillac on the market certainly we
can ship you one out today directly to your home and you can
installing on your pond. A typical pond like this
we’re doing trophy bass two acres. You’re gonna want about 2-3 fish feeders in strategic
locations sitting over your bluegill
populations. This fish feeder is sitting out over the
top of some habitats. We have actually installed habitats and shrubs all out on this area. Then beyond it outside on this section we put in the honey hole trees. So we basically have two different
buffers one for the large mouth bass and one for the bluegill population that is reproducing
about four times a year. We are just pumping great protein to them
using the Texas Hunter Fish Feeders. This is a two
acre pond so ideally you want about 3 to 4 fish feeders
on this particular pond. We are feeding you know
early mornings and late evenings and this really ramping up their
population of the bluegills so that we have huge amount of fish for them to feed on and not to do it so that
they’re going to be fatigued and have to chase it to burn off metabolisms. Give us a call we would love to help you with your fish feeder. I can certainly can ship you one out today if you need it. Always find us on the web at or Serving the Asheville, Greenville, and
Charlotte markets.

3 comments on “Fish Feeders & Habitats Explained

  1. I made the mistake of buying the Aqua Pro for half the price. I cant get it to shoot out less pellets. Wish it worked properly. You get what you pay for

  2. Now should it work in all lakes because I remember going to one full of blue gill. I threw some bread out and it worked perfectly but when I threw the fish chow out they just looked at it and one popped at it and spitted it out so idk what's wrong??

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