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FISH KABAB || how to make fish kabab || fish cutlets

FISH KABAB || how to make fish kabab || fish cutlets

Assalam o alaikm viewers today i m gonna share with you fish kabab,s recipe fish recipes has been requested by me for many days so it is here give me some time and i will complete your requested recipes one by one so i m making fish kababs in two different ways one with coating and second without coating so lets note down the ingredients first i take fish fillets and boil them in 1 cup water. means 1 kg bone less fish fillets were boiled and 1 tsp garlic powder is added as well cooked about 10 minutes them shred it nicely 1/2 kg potatoes are boiled and mashed with a potato masher. don,t make paste but avoid big chunks in it in spices we need dill chopped 1/2 cup ,it give a nice flavor to it coriander seeds 1 tsp full and 1 tsp cumin seeds dry roasted and ground thick tarmarind pulp 2 tbsp 3 hot green chilies chopped 1/2 tsp black pepper pwd 1 tsp full salt or to taste 1 tbsp crushed red chili i will adjust the salt to taste at the end 1 beaten egg with few tsp water will be used as well according to the requirment if you make them with coating use 1 to 2 cups bread crumbs and 1 egg beaten with few tsp water coat kabab in both and fry but these kababs will be fried without coating as well and taste equally delicious simply mix all ingredients in mashed potatoes crushed red chili black pepper pwd salt green chilies chopped dill cumin and coriander pwd and tarmarind pulp mix all things well and then add egg as much as you need i check the salt in it ,i add 1/2 tsp more and 1/2 tsp crushed red chili as well adjust them to your taste i add 1/2 egg while mixing but i think a whole egg is used in it use as much as you need mix it nicely and then make kabab apply oil on your palm take some mixture make a ball then press it slightly with your finger as shown in the video neat it to make smooth or it will break make all by same method i prepare all and 22 to 25 medium size kababs should be make by that much mixture so i fry some with coating and some without coating take one and dip in the egg then coat bread crumbs nicely kababs without coating should be fried on high heat so i heat up the oil nicely and coated kabas should be fried on med high heat so wait for the temperature to drop down a bit no need to fry for long time because every thing is pre cooked kabab should be dipped half way through, use that much oil do not turn them un till you see the nice golden color at the bottom side now i turn them you can see the nice golden color on both as i drop the flame to med high after preheat the oil on high flame you can adjust the temperature in that way while frying these are fried nicely so place them on paper in a plate so my fish kababs are ready and these are super delicious and very easy to make these ones fried without coating and that ones are fried with coating so these are obviously big in size so you can see both are crispy and nicely golden in color i serve them with green chatni you can find many recipes in my (chatni ,raita, dips )playlist make one that is your favorite i also serve ketchup I will add chatni and ketchup recipes link in the cards so try you will definitely like it give your feed back and share your suggestions and views in your comments if you like my videos do subscribe my channel for more and give a thumbs up to this video like my face book page where you can find many written recipes remember me in your prayers ALLAH hafiz

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  1. salam plz tell me k hum agar imli or lemon juice na dalay to kia fish kabab nai banay gy?aur dalnay ki waja?

  2. फिश कौन सी होनी चाहिए

  3. Congratulations for your food channel….i run a portal where you can post all your recipe videos (youtube), pics and description along with fb page for larger audience….and for google search.

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  6. AOA. Masha Allah apki recipe bohat achhi hy. Please batayn k konsi fish istemal karni hy? Kya koi b karsakty hyn. Or best result kis see ata Hy. Waiting for the answer. jazakallah.

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