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If I was retired I also
would start drinking cava at 11am New vlog, new week… new week, new vlog – New week, new vlog
– Yes – It’s not going smooth today
– Nope We worked in segments this week Well we… It isn’t correct Last week we also worked with segments
Last week it was the soup challenge We did… we did a lot of stuff this week So we decided to only show a few things Ladies and Gentlemen Chip and his jump Babies evolve in jumps And a jump means they suddenly can do new things
and that is scary for them Because they don’t know where it comes from
and they panic They become a little bit more baby Until they get accustomed to those things
and then they can do a lot more So they evolve in jumps He has been crying for a while now
and the only thing that helps is to carry him Sitting still with him doesn’t work I think the combo pacifier
and walking around – Was that his jump?
– Yeah It’s like Bane is sitting next to me
from Batman I was not born in darkness…
I was simply born in it… Okay, we’ll be walking around…
it’s good It’s mandatory starting from 2020 Saturday Night We also could be going to the Bocaccio It sounds like it’s Hip and Happening We are hip and happening We have Fishstick and Chip – Fish and Chips
– Fish and Chips Now I’m hungry That was not even close I’m sorry Chip! – There are some on the floor
– Some? It’s like the 6th of december It’s a very eventful episode Tell me! – What is that “picnic’s”?
– “Nic-Nac’s” Then why don’t you say Nic-Nac? Because picnic’s is a West-Flemish word – If you can say other words, I can say..
– Nic-Nac’s Nic-Nac’s Picnic’s You just dropped a lot of vowels from that word (mumbles) Today we form a word with 4 letters The word is (mumbles) After his jump we tested if he could
do some new things Chip can’t do anything new Put your hands around it It’s like a faulty grappling hook at the carnaval I think he is consciously feeling it Yes doctor? The kid is going mental Fish ‘n Chip Now I’m hungry again Eum… smile at your mother Tricks Up my sleeve A few hours later is not a good
time to see if he can do new things And for those who are worried
Chip is sleeping cause he got a vaccin Against polio..or something like that Today at “Child & Family” And he’s a little tired – He needs to…
– Child and Family That’s funny Chip can’t do anything new but… We have some new challenges for ourselves And Julie did that this week 2020 is very glamorous, because next to… Quality time with our child I also have to model What do you think about it? Thank you Virginie to fill 50% of this vlog To fill and make it better Otherwise it would be us – Eating more soup
– Because we have some left So…Start to Camp Waes… Yeah, tell them We got a mail from… – Tom Waes
– Tom Waes I got a mail from Start to Kamp Waes
I will read it now for the first time The title is… Start to rub your calves, Breyten Nice and Personal
5×2 minutes of jogging I don’t get it
2×5 times of Superman 2×5 times leg lift It looks like my post-natal kine exercise 2 x 5 times.. Whole drop? – Heeldrop?
– Heeldrop Okay… 2 minutes of jogging switched
with two minutes of walking The last 5th jogging part
you go comfortably hard What does that mean
Comfortably hard – I think it’s two..
– It’s like a sex exercise Okay… I’m going for a run later in the dark No, I’m not going for a run now – It’s too late…I’ll do it tomorrow
– I get that – I’m going to do my postnatal exercises
– Today?! No, no! Three times a week Three times a week… We’re monday I do my exercises everyday I’m stil going to do that
Maybe you should do the Superman You want to do it fully? Procrastination Perfect time for a zoom-in – Okay, so I have to do the Superman?
– Start with going forward Yes the Superman Two… – Start!…Yes
– Around the block? In the meantime We are walking trough picturesque Harelbeke Three… Two… One…Go – How long?
– You’re like the Flash That was your first session! – Daddy is messing with the montage
– Yeah That was day one Voila And that was… It’s editing, Julie And eum.. That was the end of the fourth vlog He’s looking so intense On this picture

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