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Fish names in English & Tamil | 50 varieties | By Supreme Seafood

Fish names in English & Tamil | 50 varieties | By Supreme Seafood

Hello . Welcome. Welcome to Supreme Seafood
live webcast. Live from Supreme Seafood warehouse in Chennai . We are doing Home Delivery for the past five years in Chennai and we are in fact the pioneers in Home Delivery throughout India
and we have done more than 1,50,000 Home deliveries exclusively in the seafood
varieties and in fact we are going to introduce you to more than 50
varieties of live fresh and exotic seafood which we are
catering to the households in Chennai and we also cater to restaurants,
parties, functions, colleges and everywhere and what we are whenever you
need to celebrate an occasion you can contact us and we can fulfill your
requirement and now we are going to start with the nine different categories
in fact and first category is of course the live and exotic live categories and
we have here lobsters. live lobsters you can see live in Kicking. Right? This weigh
around 300 grams each piece is 300 grams and it’s live and kicking you can see it. and next in line is live Murrel fish. This is called Viral fish in Tamil. and very popular delicacy in south Tamil nadu
and it has some medicinal properties as well and next in line is the , from
Madurai. This is Live Ayirai fish .They call it Ayirai fish .Very tiny in fact as little
as your little finger in fact smaller than that and now we have live crabs and
these are very dangerous fellows . you cannot put your hands inside. See .
Live Crabs, these are about 150 to 200 grams in size and now we are going to
introduce you to their next varieties long seafood . Long fishes like Seer fish
, cobia, shark , and Mahi Mahi , catfish and Barracuda . So now we are going to just
remove this from this table and bring it. Please come and take it . Seer Fish this is Seer Fish ( Vanjaram ) . very fresh as you can
see very fresh this is about more than 5 kg size This is Baracudda fish , Sheela This is Cobia ( Nei meen ) also called Black Seer fish . Kadal Viral in Tamil . They also call it Nei meen . This is another piece of Nei Meen , sorry Cat fish ( Keluthi meen ) . and we have Mahi Mahi fish . Mahi Mahi fish is called Parla in Tamil . and these are very good for making cubes , fish fingers , fillets in fact this is a very favorite fish in
Europe and they love it like anything else the first preference and we also
have red snapper this is another delicacy very good very good
for fillets and cubes and fish finger as well . we have this Travelly , a giant Travelly , Paarai fish
popularly called in Tamil Nadu . Very very tasty and this is called Thenga Paarai in Tamil . this is original Sea bass . Koduva , Asal Koduva . This is called Asal koduva. very very tasty fish very soft and tender and in fact
the next preference after very popular Seer fish . thumb hat as well for people who are
nursing nursing mothers they prefer this fish water fishes tilapia conference similar
in shape to pomfrit and but it is a freshwater contract all of the red foam
squares or any robotic come in and we have this car I mean skydiving varieties
that evening varieties we have for the first spot is called pop top of the fish
of the fish is very popular coming on especially the Pomfret and we have thank we are going to show
you some that’s smaller the small switches small fishes like Shankara this
is called chakra Japanese reading and we have and we have this silver belly fish
car puddi Oh jump of it and we have this culling and lady fish a very shiny very
tasty way and we have this silence these are the small fish varieties we have and
this is English Salman vegan salmon which is very rich in omega-3 omega-3
Indians have been fishes and we have this croak or default program go fish lately and we have second fish this is an
exotic rocky please and October’s days octopus squid
we have squared white square this is worldwide squid and these are four baby
octopuses very small in fact and we have this sand lobsters these are false and
lobsters they’re not a variety of lobsters we have these red crabs fancy crabs
oysters ala Makai popularly called in Malayalam they call it Kalama time very
tasty these are jumbo tiger prawns jumbo tiger prawns very huge and see very big
size and we have of course the white prawns white pawns here right medium
tones small sauce these are there and of course we have
this filled prawns which is appealed and ready to cook you have you don’t have to
do anything else just feel divine clean very clean just give me a minute we have this white one Fred nightfall
Fred very huge in size very fresh it’s a white foam Fred you have this huge black
foam frame you can see just see the comparison of the size these are all 300
Ram this is more than a kilo in waves and this is parrotfish
these are expert variety fishes not easily available in the local market and
we have the spring rain huge spring way right let’s see and that is imported varieties by
Atlantic salmon fillets hi rich in omega-3 so thanks for watching
so thanks for watching everyone so don’t hesitate to order right live an exotic
seafood seafood and also cater to weddings parties aspirins colleges
whoever the bulk orders or something protect us our nice day have a great
weekend and don’t forget to fall of a landline number double six double pole
double to double to and we also have a mobile number nine one seven one zero
seven two eight nine six and you can all you can see view all our information on
a website watching

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  1. Been Supreme customer for over 5 years now. Quality is impeccable, price is right for the delivery commitments and the packaging. Phenomenal job sir and best wishes.

  2. Varaal fish is known as snakehead fish. Life crabs are know as mud crabs. The environment is very clean.

  3. In Mumbai Pune salmon is known has 4 Rawas and vvvvexpensive,nice clean shop .thank you son for taking me back to Mangalore the fishland remembering my childhood

  4. Good effort you made. My small request which is pronounce English as English and Tamil as Tamil….
    Very tough to analyse your Tamil, even though your are our people…
    Otherwise, Very nice ….

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  7. Hey. Boss. The programme is good. But your. English is kind of off track you need English language translation in words below to really understand what you are saying., it goes for your Tamil too, very rapid pace.. Totally fucked up… Please use a professional to do the job..

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