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FISH OF THE DAY #6 • À bord du Merry Fisher 695 (part.4)

Author Rudyard Kipling once described this place as the 8th Wonder of the World, a world heritage park that has featured in box-office success stories like Lord of the Rings. Everything is extreme here, from extreme weather including 7 metres of rain every year, to raging waterfalls, glacial carved fiords, vertical mountains and deep tanin stained waters crawling with life. I towed the Merry Fisher 695 from Auckland to here and back for fish – a journey of almost 4000 kilometres and boy was it worth it. One, two, three. Three big Albatross. Sitting in the water right here, even more flying around, there’s Albatross all up and down this coast, this is a Buller’s Mollymawk, there is even bigger Albatross than this out here, but just look at the patterns on their beaks and the way that that ah, grey blends through on their feathers, its just, you just have to remind your myself that this is nature that’s designed this. And look at this flying in here, this is a Cape Pigeon, this colourful little black and white bird, in the background here, there is just so much life and colour here off the coast, just amazing. Look at the size of that! That one is a Black Browed Mollymawk – half as big again and that one flying around is the biggest of them all – a Wandering albatross with a 3.5 metre wingspan! Back to the bottom fishing and while Sean is using baits, I’m going to try my hand with a jig. Oh yep I’m in. This is what I love about fishing places you’ve not been too and fished before. Its just that, just that unknown, what’s coming up? Do you recognise it? yes I recognise this. Ohhh, and here we have one of the famous South Island Blue Cod. What a veracious feeder, look at that, look at the size of the lure and that Blue Cods gone, Yeah alright, I’ll take you on, I’ll give you a go mate! Have a crack. Delicious Beautiful eating. And the fish just keep coming, just not our target species yet. A big mystery weight Oh, after cranking what felt like the end of a bucket. Up from the deep it turns out, it is a Octopus. Its unbelievable its just sucking the sinker, not hooked at all, just right, this is mine, and I’m hanging on! Dragged up from a 100m. Oh I love me a good Cephalopod. Wow what a place to go for a fish. – Milford Sound, Fiorldland, New Zealand.

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