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Fish Oil Benefits | مچھلی کا تیل اور اسکے فائدے

Fish Oil Benefits | مچھلی کا تیل اور اسکے فائدے

To improve vision, doctors have long been prescribing fish oil or oil-fired pills, in which various studies have been conducted at different periods, and sometimes results have been given in favor and sometimes in opposition. Now scientists at Loughborough University have come to the conclusion that regular use of fish oil and its pills enables the eye to adapt to the darkness of the night, meaning that the dimming light can make itself look better in the eye environment. Tries to stay organized. DHA contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and is not produced by the human body. This reduction is accomplished with cardamom seeds and fish oils. In this regard, scientists from Loboro University did a small study. Experts recruited 19 volunteers and asked them to read certain numbers affixed to the wall in dim light but earlier volunteers were given 260 mg DHA pills and 780 mg EPA pills four times a day. Four weeks later, experts were asked to try to read numbers in such a dim light. Volunteers eating DHA capsules here for four weeks saw and recognized the number on the wall in 25% fading compared to the first. During this time blood samples of all participants were taken and direct amounts of fatty acids in the blood were noted. Thus, increasing the amount of fatty acids in the body increases the ability to see better in the dark. Experts have said that if you drive at night, night duty for the police, military or any security agency fish oil supplements are for you. Subscribe to the channel for more great information and leave your opinion at the end of the video. Thanks

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