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Fish Oil Commercial

Fish Oil Commercial

Tired of using a billion of products and creams that just don’t work? looking for that one thing that just
makes your skin glow? Are you tired of using all of these skin care products That promise they’ll work but they just dont? Throw em’ out! Replace them with this. Golden 369 Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil It’s good for you heart, its good for your eyes and best of all, good for your skin & hair. Have faith, it works! (Sexy wink sound effect) How’s guys?! Audio. 3..2….1 ACTION! What are we doing again? Oh my Goddd (laughter) Don’t forget! You gotta pull out the sexy.. really well! You come up..– You know how..when girls dance they’re always moving their hair Because its f**king sexy as f**k! So when you come up You gotta flip your hair… And then when you say when its good for you hair, you gotta do the hair flip! With your fingers! And like, you just like, float that s**t through the wind. You know…like its colors F***king Pocahontas k? (laughter) Okay I’m going to be right here, where you coming out from? Hold on. I got you right now Parris. Oh no, leave it, thats fine! The lighting..hmm.. (bulb drops and breaks) You motherf**ker! You could been killed, “could” is the key word here. “Could of” . Parris : God damn. Okay…so.. You grab it like that, and then you just push it back (lower voice) push it back! Okay try. Arie : Yas? (VACUUM CLEANER FULL POWER) Ever seen a janitor in a suit? This could be the start of a porn video. It could! (Trips over vacuum cleaner) Whoops! (laughing) So Arie had one job! Look what she did! Look at all this fish oil Look at all these golden fish oil. Look at how it sparkles in the light of the flash (continues laughing) And..Action! Are you tired of using your sh**y skin care products? Stop! Are you tired of using all of those, skin and creams that..uh– You already f**ked up. Arie : (sighs) Skin and creams…. Golden Three, Six….Nine. Use Golden, Three Six Nine, Alaskan…Fish Oil.. (Laughter) Golden Three Six Nine, Alaskan…Deep Sea Fish Oil Golden Three Six Nine, Alaskan, Deep Sea Fish Oil. Its good for…. Golden Three Six Nine, Alaskan Deep Sea Fish Oil Its Good For Your Heart Its Good For Your Hair Its…(laughs) Use Golden Three Six Nine, Alaskan, Deep Sea Fish Oil It works..! (laughter) Golden Three Six Nine, Alaskan Deep Sea Fish Oil It works! (sighs heavily) Golden Three Six, Alaskan Deep Sea Fish Oil It Works..! And..This Is..Just Arie. Is it just my t**s? Its mainly…its your t**s… Maybe I’ll zoom in a little closer now (gasps) Why is just on my t**?! Its not just on your t**s It’s a sign! Arie : Oh– Its nothing to do with your t**s (minor spaz) Not everything is about your t**s Arie! Okay but like literally my hands is cuffing my t**s I’m just sayin’ Thats you! Cause you always cuff your t**s I do… ( harsh laugh)

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