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Fish Oil During Pregnancy Can Benefit Baby For Years | BodyManual

Fish Oil During Pregnancy Can Benefit Baby For Years | BodyManual

Hey, Dr. Huntington here. Today I
wanted to share with you a very recent study that demonstrates the importance
of animal-based omega-3 fatty acid supplementation during pregnancy.
It’s no secret that inflammation is a common element among nearly every
chronic disease, from diabetes to cancer. Research has already shown that EPA
and DHA, which are the omega-3 fatty acids found in cold-water fish, can
inhibit an enzyme that would otherwise cause inflammation in your body. EPA
and DHA can also be used by other enzymes to make anti-inflammatory
compounds called resolvents. Studies already show a strong link
between reduced inflammatory diseases like asthma, arthritis and allergies in
omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, but a recent study published in 2018 shows how
significant omega-3 fats are to your health – starting in utero. Meaning omega-3 supplementation by the mother made a
measurable improvement in the health of the baby. What happened is researchers
studied over 700 pregnant women in Denmark. The women were observed from
week 24 through the first week after each baby was born. The mothers took EPA
and DHA in the form of a fish oil supplement or the placebo which was
olive oil and capsules. The study found that children of the mothers who took
fish oil had a lower risk of asthma at ages 3 to 5 years when compared to the
children of mothers who took the placebo. And the fish oil supplement had the
greatest benefit to the children of the moms who had the lowest levels of EPA
and DHA before they began the study. What this suggests is that
supplementation is even more important the worse that diet of the mother – and of
course that makes sense. The other thing that the study showed is that the
children of the mothers who took fish oil sustained a higher body mass index
from the ages 1 to 6 years. But the higher body mass index had nothing to do
with a higher percentage of body fat, it was actually
due to a higher percentage of lean muscle and bone mass. So this tells us
that omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, help to build strong healthy
bones and muscles. Not to mention, brains. I see this
with my kids… My wife, she takes fish oil supplements and she took them
while she was pregnant and nursing – and the kids eat really good diets and take
supplements as well – and if you pick up one of my kids, it’s noticeable.
They’re surprisingly heavy. In fact, people have commented on that
because it’s really noticeable. But they’re not fat at all.
In fact, they’re very lean and muscular but they’re heavier than you expect for
their size – and it has to do with the proper muscle and bone development. It’s worth noting that both fish oil and olive oil are great sources
of healthy fats, but they’re different. EPA and DHA are found in fatty fish, but
not in olive oil. They are key to reducing inflammation. It’s standard
practice for doctors to make sure their prenatal patients take folic acid
supplements, but imagine the healthy start that children would get if doctors
screened pregnant women for an omega-3 deficient diet. The study concluded
that fish oil supplementation during pregnancy reduces the risk for asthma in
childhood and is associated with an increase in the lean bone and muscle
mass – and as a general growth stimulating effect on the kids. So, if you know anyone
who’s expecting, share this video with them. The name of the
study is ‘Does Fish Oil During Pregnancy Help Prevent Asthma
In Kids’. It was published in the Journal of Family Practice in February 2018.
Alright, so whether you’re an expectant mom or not, make sure to supplement with
fish oil as it’s one of the key supplements that everyone should take.
I’ll cover more on that in an upcoming video. Thanks for watching and,
if you’d like to learn more about dietary supplements, visit my site at

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