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Fish oil in troubled waters

Fish oil in troubled waters

“Fish Oil in Troubled Waters” In one of my videos last year, I noted that the fish oil distillation
process was found ineffective at removing all the industrial
contaminants from fish oil, so even “PCB-free” fish oil
may be anything but. Isn’t there a law in California, though, that makes it illegal
to sell toxic substances that cause cancer or birth defects
without at least a warning label? I’ve never seen such
a label on fish oil, and neither did the
Environmental Justice Foundation, and so they sued
CVS, GNC, Rite-Aid, along with the major
fish oil manufacturers. To do so, of course, they had to prove the fish oil
you find in stores actually contains PCBs, so they went out and grabbed ten,
and tested them. Some had 70 times the PCBs of others,
and 240 times the toxicity. This is why we should get our long chain
omega-3s without any risk of toxins by choosing microalgae or
yeast-based EPA/DHA supplements— nutritionally equivalent; a safe and convenient source,
without the toxic waste.

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