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Fish Recipes : Removing the Skin from a Fillet of Salmon

Fish Recipes : Removing the Skin from a Fillet of Salmon

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village
and today I’m going to show you how to take the skin off of a salmon fillet and this would
work for just about any fish species the technique that I’m going to show you. A lot of people
tend to have problems with this and the main problem being is that there knife is not sharp
enough. So first and foremost you need to have a very sharp knife, a razor sharp in
that since so you get officiant cleaned cut to remove the skin from the flesh. This knife
that I’m using is a scimitar and you notice that it has a sweep blade and because of that
sweep it is a little bit easier to maneuver around bones and things and I use these knife
a lot to clean fish or smaller models of course. But this larger model would do larger fish
it is really nice to take the skin off of a fillet simply because it runs the whole
width all most twice the width of the fillet it self and I will tell you why that is advantages
here in a minute. So we got a piece of farmer salmon here with the skin still on it. Some
folks want to remove the skin when they cook fish like this because it alter the flavor
however the majority of the omega 3s that you want in fish are found in between the
skin and the flesh so it is up to your weather you want to remove it or not. So I’m going
to lay this fillet skin side down first and the first cut that I’m going to make I’m going
to keep my knife completely parallel to the cutting surface here and I’m going to just
start small spot a small corner of this fish as you could see there. This is going to be
my guide as you could see there is not a whole lot of waist there and that is a good starting
point for use. Now the trick for this is that we are going to leave the skin under these
two fingers and we are just going to shave just gently across with the knife. Again my
knife is completely parallel to the cutting surface as you could see so we got a really
nice start here. So we are kind of using the skin as a guide theres is just a slight angle
on my knife and I’m just kind of pushing back and forth. I will finish this way okay, I
pulled a little bit back on the skin as I did that. I could show you since I have already
cut through again. You pull just a little bit against the skin and there is just a slight
angle on the knife, cut back and forth that direction and there is the skin in the fish,
he is gone. You got a nice clean smooth surface there and that is a easy way to take the skin
off of a fish.

15 comments on “Fish Recipes : Removing the Skin from a Fillet of Salmon

  1. I like to BQ my salmon skin and scale side down on the BQ. low heat to prevent flames. The salmon comes off the skin easily when done. and the skin comes off the grates and into the waste can. Little clean up after 🙂

  2. Maybe you're right… If you are, it doesn't make the guy an "idiot" just because he made a mistake. Besides, you didn't give a reason for a sharp knife being a bad idea. I'm looking for a way to learn to cook salmon and since neither you nor this guy gave a good reason, I don't know who to listen to.

  3. yes it does…since he claims to be an "expert" with a sharp knife you cut right though the skin. If you want to skin with speed and do a good job you use a duller knife

  4. Okay thanks-I will try it with a duller knife to avoid cutting the skin. About the "moron" comment, I still don't think he is a moron for having a different method of skinning a salmon than someone else (including you or me). In fact, even if he fell down and accidently stabbed himself in the hand during the video he wouldn't automatically be justifiably termed a "moron" simply because a superior method for cooking salmon existed that he failed to use. Otherwise, all mistake makers are morons

  5. he is only a moron because hes here on youtube preaching an incorrect method while claiming to be an expert.

  6. who had thought skinning fish was so easy. I followed the advise and was done in no time with a clean beautiful fillet. no fish left on the skin at all. the big knife and sharp blade did the trick. thanks so much for sharing

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