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FISH ROOM OF A LEGEND: My Favorite 77 Year old FISHTANK MASTER Larry Brown (2018)

FISH ROOM OF A LEGEND: My Favorite 77 Year old FISHTANK MASTER Larry Brown (2018)

(upbeat music) – [Dustin] What do you wanna do? – I would like to you know
maybe as a summer program when we are not having our meetings, is just have a get-together, and you know maybe a Saturday and we go and pick three or four fish rooms to go visit. Just go visit each other’s fish rooms. – [Dustin] And you’ve
never been to Larry’s. – I’ve never been to Larry’s. I’m excited about it. – I’ve been to Larry’s. Larry’s was my favorite out
of all the fish rooms I saw and I saw some great ones that day. Tori Brown’s, Bob Grauer’s,
clicked links around, checked out all of those. We are gonna go to
Larry’s for a second time and he’s got some really cool stuff. He was showing me pictures
last night actually. Check that out. Larry’s got a unique style. Let me put it to you
simple, fish tank people. When I grow up, I want
to be like Larry Brown. Enjoy his fish room. What’s up fish tank people? Last but certainly not the least the best fish room coming up. My troop right here in Denver. This is Larry Brown’s house. I’ve been here before,
but look at his style. Larry couldn’t meet til later cause he was at the St. Patrick’s Day
Parade in this sweet beast. His fish tanks are just as fun. Larry Brown’s house. This guy’s got the best style. – [Denver] Larry Brown’s the bomb. – He’s the bomb, Mr. Brown how are you? – I’m fat and sassy. – Fat and sassy. – If it’s fish, I’m lovin’ it. – If it’s fish I’m lovin’ it, he said. what did you say a minute ago? I’ve been fishing for awhile. – I’ve been fishing since way back. – [Dustin] How many years
you been keeping fish, sir? – My mother was a charter member of the Colorado Aquarium Society in 1947. – [Dustin] Oh man. – I was six. And I had black platties at that time. – Folks, when I saw Larry in the audience at the Colorado Aquarium
Society, my heart skipped a beat. I love this guy, okay, do the math. This guy has been keeping fish for quite a long time. That puts him around 77 years old. You come find me, when I’m 77 years old and I’d better be doin’
what he’s doin’ at this age. I love this guy. – And, I’ve had fish ever since. When I was in the Navy, I was in Gulfport, Mississippi so
I had some empty tanks. I went and caught fish out of the gulf. I kept fish, crabs, critters,
whatever I could find. – [Dustin] You’ve got some fish my friend and I want to come up here
and show the entrance-way cause I feel like it’s important. The dogs are gonna say hello. Hi buddy. (dogs barking) It’ll be alright. And then we walk in
here like this, though. That’s great, man. Mr. Brown, what size are these cubes here? – [Larry] Supposed to be two
foot by two foot by two foot. – [Dustin] Those are cool. Got some nice, big crypts in
there in that pot back there. – [Larry] Yes. Lot of stuff growing on that stump I can’t get that stump out of that tank since I’ve set it up a little different. So that stump has been there forever. – [Dustin] That stump right there? It looks darn good though. – [Larry] With the crypts on it. – [Dustin] Crypts, Anubias,
Bolbitus all of it. – [Larry] Bolbitus is a great plant. – [Dustin] You’re tellin’ me. Jungle Vall… – [Larry] I got something to
add to Justin’s pot last night. – [Dustin] Uh oh, bring it. – I’ve been having a lot of
trouble not getting enough light through the glass. I’ve got to keep the
glass on the top clean so that the light gets through the glass. I’ve had trouble with
the coral because of that and I figured out that one
of the reasons is that the lights are working great,
but not all the light doesn’t get to where it needs to go. – [Dustin] No, it’s gotta
get through the glass. I completely forgot that
you had saltwater as well. – [Larry] I specialize in everything. So I don’t specialize in anything. (laughs) – [Dustin] So I see that
you have water around. Is this what you use for
top-offs and water changes? – [Larry] I’ve been using
our own water for salt-water mix only. – [Dustin] Okay, is all
this water over here oral as well? – [Larry] That is not oral. It is for adding, topping off, changing, whatever I’m preparing. I do not have automatic change my friend But I have work-out club. Get my exercise. – [Dustin] Workout
club, get your exercise. (laughs) – [Larry] Probably two hours a
day in here during the week– – [Dustin] Two hours a day. – Not necessarily on the
weekend, but I do what I can. – [Dustin] So did you
intentionally heat the rooms that your wife would
leave you alone in here? – [Larry] I do, without
having 20 or 30 or 40 heaters I just heat the room. – [Dustin] Makes a lot of sense. I love our (mumbles). – [Larry] Coral banded shrimp. And engineered golbies. These are not of any kind but these golbies will come out and feed. They’re engineered golbies because they dig up the sand, they
rearrange everything. Here comes one. – [Dustin] Oh wow, those are cool. – [Larry] There’s three of them in there. That is breeding size. When they’re young, they
swim free swimming like coral catfish, ut those are gobies. – [Dustin] Those are awesome. – [Larry] The shrimp will
live together if it’s a pair. – [Dustin] Really? – [Larry] If no pair, only one shrimp. – [Dustin] But that’s a pair. – [Larry] That is a pair. – [Dustin] I’ve always
loved coral banded shrimp. – [Larry] So our club has gone to… oh show every month they have bowl show couple of different species. They’re doing a clam Bowl
Show now, once a year. – [Dustin] Yeah? – [Larry] Here’s my secret. I’m going to bring saltwater
clams to the Bowl Show. They said to pick up
your bowl and take it. – [Dustin] The Bowl Show. – [Larry] And planted tank and
it will be a popular choice and pretty hard to put a criteria on it. – [Dustin] Oh man, Caulerpa,
that’s going to be really cool. – [Larry] Red algae. – [Dustin] I love that
red algae, that’s great. – [Larry] Green grass
on the left side there. – [Dustin] That’s great
looking red algae there. – [Larry] We’ll see how
they judge that for. That will be interesting. – [Dustin] Comin’ at
them with a curve ball. – [Larry] We’re gonna surprise everybody. – [Dustin] Why not, that’s great. Just spent these guys down here. – [Larry] These are supposed to be feeders for the big frontosa, guess what? It’s not happening. – [Dustin] Frontosa doesn’t care. – [Larry] There’s a big
female, a big male in there a very big male in there. – [Dustin] That is a big male, wow. – [Larry] Most of those
fish were born in there. These are linea nigra
frontiata humpback linea. – [Dustin] Everybody in
this club has big frontosas. I’ve seen a lot of ’em. – [Larry] My favorite
are the Mimpimbwe Blue. I don’t have a lot of
breeders anymore but I have five (mumbles) that can
be blue in here, okay. (mumbles) – [Dustin] Pump’s older
than me, close to it. What now? – [Larry] Ameca splendens with
the black and yellow tail. But they go good with the cichlids. (mumbles) Actually they’re
meaner than the cichlid. – [Dustin] Really? – [Larry] They’re, they are what they are, the one in the cave it’s because he was way, way meaner, these will
go after German red peacocks. German red males over here
with some more younger babies in there. – [Dustin] Oh wow, look at them. – [Larry] They’re kind of in custody. – [Dustin] With all the
babies underneath him. – [Larry] Yeah, they’re loose in the tank. Usually you put the female in the trap, but I took him for a bone skull so left the female in there
and she did her thing. – [Dustin] What are these? – [Larry] These are a metric
climbers and (mumbles) We had a theme plant theme presentation. Your fish has to match a theme. So my theme is blues
is my business is good. It’s a blues song with Blue Johanni So I don’t know if I can
pull that off or not. You’re supposed to take
like damsel fish in a tower. Or you have convicts– – [Dustin] I got a theme
tag, I like that, blue tang– – [Larry] That’s a theme
tank for the wine glass with a giant wine glass
with a giant grommies in a giant, theme tank. – [Dustin] Theme tank, I like that a lot. – [Larry] Yep, that’s a great idea too. – [Dustin] I’ve had a ghetto tank. I’ve had a pissed off
tank, but not a theme. I like the theme. – [Larry] At Sara’s one time You’ll need to talk to her about it we had a theme tank. So, she made a baby cradle and she’s a good worker. So for a ten gallon tank she made a baby cradle. and then we put whatever baby fish we had. We had (mumbles) And maybe this and that I don’t know what. The judges really liked that. (laughs) Had a theme glass catfish I liked my baby fish, the judges didn’t. (laughs) Jerry Shrimp. – [Dustin] Jerry shrimp. – [Larry] There’s some
really shrimp around and some yellow sakura shrimp. I’m not really so good with them (mumbles) A renewable resource. Put the net in there, put
an algae wafer in there and pretty soon there are 30-40 shrimp and (mumbles) (laughs) – That works, it really works. – [Dustin] Don’t let me forget to leave you with some plants. – [Larry] This come from ADA,
most of this stuff in there. – [Dustin] Those are cool ferns. – [Larry] and we always
go back to bolbitis. – [Dustin] We got to, what’s
this really triangular looking fish down there. It’s heading to the back? – [Larry] It’s an Abromite. – [Dustin] Those are cool. – [Larry] I was… Its a rescue and I was given that Abromite because someone bought it at auction and it was fightin’ their fish. – [Dustin] Geez – [Larry] It was eatin’ their live ones Even when it was little. – [Dustin] Oh really? Like I said, I want to be like Larry Brown when I grown up. Do me a favor folks, hit the notification to subscribe button cause you want to see
part two of this video where I show both a wine-glass aquarium and I talk to Larry about how much time he spends in his fish tank jacuzzi. Talk to you manana. Hit subscribe in
notifications Tank on, Later.

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