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Fish Room Tour 🐟 MONSTER American Cichlid Fish Tank Aquarium Tour

Fish Room Tour 🐟 MONSTER American Cichlid Fish Tank Aquarium Tour

Hey everyone, How are you doing? You’ve got Mike and Sierra and our friend, Dave, here and today we are going to give you a full tour of all of Dave’s tank. He’s going to give us a guided tour here today so hope you guys enjoy. You’re going to be in for quite the show. So Dave who do we have here? This is my male Jaguar, call him Thor. He’s about four years old and I got him as a rescue in April of 2013. I’m surprised he’s turned out to be the fine specimen he is because he was in pretty bad shape when I got him. But I’ve kept him in a decent tank, I’m giving a good diet, serious water change schedule and the there’s what he is today. ‘Yeah you said he was about 15 inches? He’s better than that. That rock on top of his cave is 18 inches long and when he lays alongside of that he takes up almost all of it, easy. He’s an easy 16 inches It is quite possible he may be 17 inches. I will not net him to prove that. That is not what I do, but you can see he’s a very big specimen. Oh yeah, beautiful. It’s doing very well at four years old, he’s fine, he’s alone in a 180 gallon tank. I would like to actually get him a bigger one, but i don’t know. Got to speak with the manager of the household with that one. We’ll sec how that goes, someday perhaps. What do you have for filtration on this tank. I run an FX-5 and a pair of Aqua Clear 110s . You’ll see most of my tanks are filtered similarly. I prefer an efficient canister for bio and I love AC 110s for mechanical assistance. that is heated by a single 300-watt Jager. It maintains just fine, I keep it along side my FX intake, it just pulls in warm water. It disperses it easier. That’s a good idea. And what’s this tank over to the to the right of you Dave. Here I’ve got my Midevil, again about four years old. and in that tank now. It’s only a couple of weeks . I had her in a 120 for the longest time, but then I moved some fish around. So I upped this fish to this 125. Very aggressive fish, that’s one you don’t stick your hand in, it will bite you guaranteed and no tank mates because it would either kill whatever in with it or will get killed trying. Have you ever been bitten by your girl? No, because I know what they’re capable of and even when i do my water changes with my Python water changer, i will show you I keep this on a stick and you can see all the teeth marks and bitemarks from some of my not so friendly customers. So it’s better the hardwood doweling than my fingers. Exactly, that’s a cool little trick. And that tank is filtered by a Fillstar XP3 Actually that’s really a Rena XP3. That’s a really old one that’s one of my originals and again a pair of Aqua Clear 110s up top Look at her, she’s really active today, a beautiful fish. That’s a very active fish that’s a favorite of mine actually. It’s a plain Jane Midevil, nothing special i got that at Petsmart in Sudbury. So much personality. But yeah she’s grown into a nice specimen and yeah all business that one. Yeah, I think she’s gotta be my favorite too. Alright so right here we have your Oscars. That’s my Oscar pair. That’s a four year old female. She is the one with the marks on her face. She was a rescue that i had just a little over three years now Basically, had no forehead when I got her very bad shape, bad hole in the head, lateral line erosion. I got her to decent health but those permanent scars will never go away and male is three years old I got him about 4 inches i wouldn’t call it a rescue He was in a tank ok by himself. The owner just didn’t want fish anymore so I brought him home, very healthy no marks on him whatsoever. I’ve got one set of eggs from the female She was with the different male that I lost to tumors but i also had a big pleco at the time and pretty sure that pleco ate all the eggs during the night. But really only seen one set of eggs from her, but nothing since the other male has been in there. There by themselves in 180 gallons. Pile of filtration on that tank. I’ve got an FX-5. I’ve got a Filstar XP XL, the 4 tray, and again a pair of Aqua Clear 110s. Great and you guys here will remember this tank, if you guys remember these fish here from our video that we had a while ago on growing giant Oscars, or monster Oscars. So these are the fish that were in it. This tank gets a little bit of extra attention due to the fact that she had such bad hole in the head, it can recur easier on a fish that’s been afflicted with it so this tank actually gets serious water change every three or four days better than 50-percent I wouldn’t really call it 75, i take it down to both the FX intake but it’s it’s probably in the neighborhood of sixty, sixty-five percent. Yeah it’s quite a bit. And I occasionally will hit back-to-back days too if I’m home and I got nothing much to do I’ll just change out water and throw some fresh water in. Sure why not? Yeah nothing wrong with that. The clean the water the more benefit for the fish Yeah. Right here we have my seven-foot 265 gallon community tank. I’ve had this for quite a while, it’s had some different fish in and out of it but the staples have been the big Oscar the jack dempsey the tinfoil barb and the pleco. They’ve all been in there since the word go. Yeah lutino oscar has only been in there for a few months, couple months maybe. The Severum, Acara and where is he? We’ll call him the Bleekeri, pardon my pronunciation. There he is. Him and the Acara, they face off here and there. He’s been in there a few months. You guys may not have known but the Bleekeri, we called him Boris. but Dave got him from us. Yeah, he still Boris that’s his name. He is still Boris? And according to Mike and Sierra he is growing quite well. I don’t notice it of course, seeing him every day but apparently he’s growing well. Actually quite well. He is definitely a member of the big eaters club. He eats whatever goes in the water, he’s on it. I do get a fair bit of veg content into this tank for the tin foil the Acara, the Severum, good for the Oscars, old JD there will eat pretty much everything. Oh yeah that’s a beautiful tank. I like that one too. So do you have a favorite fish in here, in this tank? Oh, favorite? I wouldn’t say that, I wouldn’t say so. I love the big girl Oscar there, she’s about five years old. I got her just a little one-incher and just kept stepping up from bigger tank to bigger tank. So I guess she’s probably my, she’s my oldest cichlid in the house. I wouldn’t actually say she’s my favorite but she’s been here longer than anybody. I like the old JD, he was a rescue. Reason is I got him out of a 75 gallon tank that had two large Oscars it was filthy. He was getting beat up. I got him about 4-5 inches so I pulled him out of there brought him home and he is a outstanding community fish. Some Dempsey’s that are, as you know, very aggressive and very violent. He won’t bother anybody. he’s just happy to have a good home I think. That’s it. Yeah as long as he’s been in that community tank and doesn’t matter what vegetables you throw in, he’s okay with it Well that’s nice. Yupp.So for filtration for this tank here you got? I have 2 FX-5s , which is my normal filtration. Yhat’s been the filtration since I set up the tank and i added a filstar XP4 about probably maybe six months ago I added that. The theory was I was going to cycle it for use on another tank and I just ended up leaving it on there. So three large canisters on that one. I would like to have a couple ac’s on it but I did not leave enough space in the back. I could hang a couple off either end but i think that would look a little bit silly. So that one goes with the three canisters. It’s a little more maintenance, i get about three months between having to clean canisters and they’re plenty dirty when I take them out, but even though it’s a big tank there’s a a heavy bio load. Yeah, and this is another tank that gets extra attention because of the water quality sensitive fish that are in there. It gets a serious water change every 3-5 days depending on my work schedule. Not one of my tanks go more than 6 days before I do change. There she is. Now she’s going to take a shot at him.There she goes that a nice side shot of her. Alright so what do we have here Dave? That’s my 220 gallon that I’ve had set up for about three weeks now. It was a used tank i found on kijiji, it’s in very good condition. And in there I have my biggest Oscar, my female Festae and my Sailfin pleco. Filters on that tank, I have 2 fillstar XP4s. I have three aquaclear 110s. There’s a lot of filtration on this. A lot of filter but if anybody’s ever owned a Gibby pleco, sailfin pleco they are filthy. She likes that particular cave I set up for her, hangs out in there quite a bit. I see you Festae coming out here I hope we get some good footage of her I finally got her to color up. She was by herself for a long time and just would not show good color until I got her in with another fish, that was the whole objective of getting a bigger tank. Tried her with different fish, generally kicked the crap out of all of them. Until you found someone who can put up with her. Yeah she’s no match for the big fella there. She tried, he bull dozed her across the tank. Whoa you scared her. Alright, so this here is a? That’s a 125 gallons six foot tank. Normally that’s my jack dempsey’s home but for the past 10 or 12 days I got a divider in it because I brought home, I shouldn’t have, but I brought home a little Jaguar. Hoping to maybe match it up with something or other. These two aren’t going to go together because they just fight at the glass. The little Jag is out there now. jags being jags he just wants to fight. So it’s divided about 60/40 now, that is of course, a temporary setup. What I’m probably going to have to do, is either find a home for the Jag or put him in another tank. I’m probably going to bring my Tiger Mota up to put in the 125. He’s considerably bigger than the Dempsey. i’ll probably drop the Dempsey down to the 5-foot 120 which is still plenty, plenty of room for him. He will still be a lucky fellow There you go look, at that. That is a nasty Jack Dempsey that one. That’s four years old, got him about the same time…. there they go to challenge each other at the glass… brought that Dempsey home same day as the Midevil and the big Oscar, all from petsmart sudbury, so they’re all the same age give or take. I’ve tried him with a number of different fish, I’ve tried him with the Festae, I’ve tried them with big Oscars and he just wants to fight and whether he loses the fight or wins the fight he don’t care he just wants to fight. That jag seriously wants to give him a go and i believe the Dempsey would probably kick his butt just from the size difference . Pretty nice colors considering he is just a Petsmart fish. He is turning out very nice, never had an issue with him. He did get stuck in a piece of deco when he was a little fella. He messed his whole dorsal up, obviously he’s missing a little piece of it. I actually had to break the decoration open to get him out of it. Oh really? Yeah I just grabbed the pliers it was a little shelf area, he just went in frontwards and he couldn’t get back out. Look at the green on you eh, beautiful. Oh yeah fairly healthy lad . He’s always had the good life he’s never been in a small tank, he’s always had lots of space and say I’ve tried him with tank mates and it’s not-so-good. trying it one more time before I’m out of options. So what do you have for filtration on this tank? That’s got my usual, I got the Filstar xp4, that’s actually a Rena, that’s a really really old one. It still works. it’s a 2001 that filter. I always promote these filters heavily because they work well for me. They’re very durable, very reliable and quiet. Until I get a reason to not promote them, I continue to promote them and up top the usual pair of aqua clear 110s. Yeah once again, another beautiful tank, well filtered and it will definitely help with the big fish in there, Yeah it’s divided for the moment just because I’m at a crossroads about what to do with these fish but rest assured they’ll be well taken care of in the long run This here is a 180? No, that’s just a 5-foot 120. Oh okay. I always had this tank sitting on the floor and it’s been her tank but I needed to get my tanks off the floor it’s just becoming very difficult for me to maintain them so i built a stand put it on. So I put her up on the stand there. That’s my female, still very small for her age, she’s got to be about two-and-a-half I would guess and is sitting at about, a rough guess maybe seven inches maybe eight at most, but probably more like seven. but she’s she’s doing fine through-and-through. Not gonna say I’m disappointed in this fish but it’s not… she’s far from my favorite, let’s put it like that. not a lot of good color on her and she’s healthy i know and i know the parents that she came from and the parents were spectacular. Her father’s named big blue and he is he’s an MFK regular (monster fish keepers) and big blue is a awesome looking. But what’s happened to her, I don’t know. Colors up a little bit more she gets a little blue here and there but super slow growing Obviously it’s not from lack of caring she’s always had big tanks, lots of freshwater, good food, the whole smear Just is what she is I guess. Yeah it’s a beautiful girl. I wanted a male and when I went there, there was 13 fish, offspring of big blue and the mom and this one had to be separated because it was kicking the crap out of the rest of them and outgrowing them so we figured it to be malr from that behavior and I got home and I kept it for a while and I posted some pictures and videos and my buddy jack from crazy cichlid keepers forum, he’s an ID and sexing expert and I take his word for about everything and he proclaimed it was female back then and true to events, he was right. Now if that was a male at two-and-a-half years old, he should be up in the size range of Thor over there, so maybe just as well because I would end up having to buy another huge tank. But other than trying her with the Dempsey and if the Mota doesn’t work, she’s destined to be a loner. We have a few of those, it’s okay. Like a lot of Central American cichlids they have to be kept alone, they don’t except tank makes. yeah its competition for space and food. Yeah they’ll try to kill it or they’ll die trying. Yeah. Alright so what do we have here Dave? this is a six 135 gallon tank. This is miracles actually. This is miracles tank. has 2 top braces which I like very. high-quality tank. I bought it used, real cheap, one hundred and fifty bucks. I built a stand like i usually do and in it I’ve had a number of fish over the years, but right now it’s housing my female, i call it a red Texas, it could be anything really… does have some texas in it from the spots. I’ve had people claim that it’s got some Kamfa flowerhorn in it when she was younger, I had people say that was possibly crossed with a Festae, again my buddy Jack said he sees a bit of Pink Fenestrautus in it. It’s a hybrid fish, she is crazier than a bag of rocks. it’s just a is one of my favorites, very personable will play running back and forth up and down the tank with you. She is 4 years old, probably maxed out on size, super aggressive, eat absolutely anything she would eat tree bark if you threw it in there. And didn’t you say she hits the lid if you don’t acknowledge her? If she’s looking for attention she’ll smash the lid if, she’s don’t feel like talking should like like gorillas do in the zoo, she just puts her back to you and sits in her spot. Super super bitch personality in this fish like most cichlids. But she’s a little bit above the rest. She is almost Oscar like. Filter on this tank is a pair of XP-3s No Aqua Clears on my bedroom tanks, just due to the sound factor. I mean I do sleep down here Yeah Aqua Clears thought their quiet they’re not sleeping quiet . they do have waterfalls. So canisters on my bedroom tanks, but they’re only holding one fish, so not an issue. Yeah so this here is the last tank that we’re going to show you here today. This one here is 120 I believe? Yeah that’s another 5’ 120 and then that is my male Tiger Motaguensis, got him the same day that I brought the Festae home. I bought them at Finatics in Toronto. So he’s two years and a few months old. Very cool fish, very aggressive. He eats, he smashes food at the surface before it even gets wet. Really eh? Yeah he’s pure Parachromis this guy. I would wager that size for size, though they always claim the Dovii is is the king, just due to it’s size, but i would put that guy up against any fish of similar size. He is lightning fast, he’s full of jaws and teeth. I’m going to, like I said, possibly try him with my female Dovii They are cousins. They have been known to interbreed. I’m not really interested in breeding. Fry would probably be fed to other fish as I am not a believer in flooding the market with hybrids. So that’s a maybe. He’s never been with another fish so he may accept, he may not. I don’t know it’s hard to say. It’s one of those try it and see. He is not being very social right now. No once again we have the camera off, beautiful, coming out, swimming around. Turn the camera on and this is what happens. So for this tank what do you have for filtration? I have a single FX6 on that. Now I’m generally a person that likes to have two or more filters on a tank but I set this tank up and I had the FX6. I put it on there, it handles the tank just fine with one fish in it. Yeah so that’s the way we run it. Yeah we’re definitely not overstocking here. And if I if I ever do get a filter breakdown i mean I’ve got others I can shuffle sound so I’m not stuck. Yeah five or six filters on almost every tank so. Yeah, I got some spares. Alright, now that we seen Dave’s awesome tanks we just have a few questions for him. So how long have you been keeping fish? oh boy, I’m getting close to 50 years actually. I’m 55 years old and I had my first guppy tank, I was seven or eight years old and i got my first Oscar shortly after that. I’ve probably been keeping Oscars 47 years now and I never been without one, maybe a few months stretch here and there. I worked out of town a couple of times when i was a young fella but other than that I’ve had Oscars forever So are those your absolute favorite fish? Oh, I wouldn’t say that. They’re some of my favorite fish, I like all my fish. i’ve only recently in the past, you know say six or seven years, become a big fan of South and Central Americans. I like the color patterns i like the aggressive nature of them. I love the jags, Doviis, I’ve had Dempsey’s and texas in the past. I guess you can just say I’m a Cichlid fan. I’ve even had tanks full of Africans here and there. Sure, they are a lot of fun, not my thing per se, but they’re definitely beautiful fish. yeah they really are. another question for you what type of food and how do you get them to grow like these monster fish you have here? My belief is food is not such an important factor as is clean water and tank space. I’ve never raised fish too small of an environment, even going back to my very first Oscar. My brother had significant fish knowledge and i believe the tank that he built me was something in the 70 gallons range. Filtration was another story, it was kind of poor and water changes were not up to snuff. But back then that was a pretty sizeable tank? it was. it was massive, I couldn’t believe it. Compared to these tanks here, I never seen anything like I have now back then when I was 7-10 years old Back then 70 gallons, was like having the lake to me. Yeah I do believe in feeding the highest quality food you can manage.The so-called super foods, NorthFin, New Life Spectrum, not really necessary, in my opinion.If you can get your hands on it they’re good foods but there are others Dainichi, omega one, southern delight, there’s a lot of good food on the market, it’s tank space and clean water that will get your fish to their maximum potential. ok you can feed them a medium quality food they’ll be fine. Varied diet is best. Your omnivorous cichlids needs some veg content carnivores cichlids need some veg content as well. So my big three is tank space clean water quality diet. i would put the quality diet number three clean water is number one in my opinion I’ve always gone by that and I’ve got some pretty great fish to prove that. Yes. Yeah. I know with your feetdng, you’re not like, you’re not a believer in overfeeding? No, I’m under the impression and theory that a hungry fish is a healthy fish, not a starving fish, not a malnourished fish, but a fish that’s always looking for something to eat is a healthy fish. It’s radars up and feed them enough to thrive do not overfeed. It’s very bad. My adults cichlids like this big Bozo here, he could easily get by on two big meals a week, easily. He’s four years old 14 inch Oscar pushing three pounds he would have no problem having 2 high quality meals a week. I do feed him probably every second day. Once a month coinciding with my three string of night shifts my fish go without. I feed them friday afternoon they will go without till monday morning and that’s just allows them to purge, reset the system so to speak. Yeah you were saying before they can store their food for 4 days or something? Yes and an Oscar in particular, like that fish there, I guarantee can go three months and not eat anything and not even show it. I’ve seen it I’ve seen it in my Oscars before with hunger strikes and whatnot. Yeah they go and obnoxious amount of time without eating I do not let them go that long of course but I’ve seen it. That big female with the hole in the head over there, she went five weeks once, touched absolutely nothing and she had no sunken abdomen or nothing she just wouldn’t eat. One day all of a sudden she started. Thor, the big Jaguar, went 16 days once, just because I don’t know why I guess he just felt like it. I was concerned about it but at the same time not concerned I was offering food regularly and just have no interest in it. Suddenly, decided he was hungry. Yeah our Midevil did the same thing to us not that long ago we would feed her but nothing would not eat a pellet and then all the sudden just happy again. My adult cichlids I generally feed them every second day that’s not a set in stone regiment sometimes 2-3 days in a row and sometimes maybe they go a couple without. Yeah, so another thing I want to point out, i see that you have everything written down in books. That you take very well detailed notes and everything like that Yes. Would you recommend that to other fish keepers? If you’re going to keep multiple tanks like i do i just shear memory won’t keep track of your water changes, filter maintenance, any possible issues you have in the tank. so I literally keep it in a journal yeah and if you ever have a fish that’s maybe off its health, take note of this behavior. take note of any possible treatment that you have done, success or failure and if you see that issue again a couple years down the road you can look back yes I personally can’t remember i’m running nine tank here. I remember when I did water changes and being a shift worker i sometimes work 10 days a week . I’ll wake up some mornings and wonder if I have to work today so trying to keep track of nine tanks… I just for example there’s the brand new book that I just started for my 200 okay and just just a little bit of notes so I’ve got here setup September 17, what fish put in, when filters are cleaned and I’ve had since then 2,3,4,5 complete water changes since then on top of the fresh fill. so you know that said that’s definitely a great idea. Yeah, tank journal it’s a great thing yeah you’re great you’re breeding fish, which I don’t, but you know what you want to know when your eggs are laid , write when your fry came out, how old your fry yeah things like that. Sure it’s a great idea. Okay and the last question. The one fish you need but haven’t been able to find? Oh, Trimac… Norm I know you’re listening. I cannot find a trimac in Canada. i could get one I’m sure from tangled up in cichlids Jeff Rapps New Jersey, the shipping, border feeds, whatnot… I just cannot justify 400 + dollars for a fish and that’s what it would cost me yes so I go without a trimac I’ve never seen one that Spencer Jack site Winnipeg I know he imports fish. all the time I’ve heard that he has had them here and there I do look in on his stock list occasionally and no can do so i would also like to try a Beani or a black nasty but the summer humidity here would be very tough to keep those fish healthy they need cooler water they need heavy current flow they’re awesome fish. I know Jack’s kept one, it passed unexpectedly. oh, that’s too bad. but an awesome fish that i would like to try but you know yourself these tanks go up into the high eighties when we get summertime humidity Yeah. And that would kill those fish for sure, so those ones i go without. Yeah so did you have anything you wanted to say to the people watching Dave? Not really i hope everybody enjoys looking looking at my fish, my tanks. so I believe I’m doing everything correctly, after this amount time I should be anyways I just hope everybody enjoys taking a look and you know, this is how it’s done. Yeah there’s no question about it. Yeah that’s why we love coming to visit. We get excited. Good glad to have you. Well thank you very much. We have wanted to make this video for quite a while Yeah we really appreciate you having us here. And to my buddies at cck that are looking in, this is me, you’ve been asking. Thanks for looking

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