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Fish Shami Kabab Recipe By Wah Foods

Fish Shami Kabab Recipe By Wah Foods

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful Aslam O Alykum In today’s video i will tell you about how to cook Delicious fish Shami Kabab If you like it press like button, subscribe my channel and never forget to press bell icon so you never miss any upcoming videos from Wah Foods. Let’s start to cook…… Take one kg boneless fish in a pan. Add half kg soaked split bengal gram in it. Add one sliced onion. Add 5 to 6 slices of garlic. Add 5 to 6 medium slices of ginger. Add three medium size green chili. Add one small sliced tomato. Add one tbsp of coriander powder. Add aprox half ltr of water and turn on the flame. Make sure the flame should be low to medium. On boiling cover the pan. It takes aprox half an hour to tender split bengal gram and fish with all spices, as it can easily seen water is completely dried, now we chop the mixture. Add two eggs and one cup of mint while chopping the mixture. Chop until well combined. Fine Mixture for kabab is ready. Take a mixture and make Kababs of equal size in such a manner. Add 4 tbsp of oil in fry pan Take two eggs, beat them and coat each kabab with egg before frying in such a way. Now shallow fry all the kababs. Change the sides when it turns to golden brown aprox after 3 to 4 minutes. again change the sides . . . Kabab is ready. Fry all the rest in such a manner. Delicious Fish kaba is ready. If you like the recipe, must try it at home and give a feedback. Allah Hafiz Good Bye….

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