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“Fish Smarter” by Enaleia – Fishing Tourism (Milos 2019)

“Fish Smarter” by Enaleia – Fishing Tourism (Milos 2019)

Our names are Lefteris and Grigoris, and we are from the team of Enaleia. Enaleia is a social enterprise that advocates for sustainable fishing. Among the techniques of sustainable fishing
methods we advocate for is fishing tourism, through which professional fishermen may achieve a higher income and profitability,
while at the same time they significantly decrease their fishing effort. This is the reason we came here on Milos island , in order to discuss with some pioneers of fishing tourism. who share with us their thoughts, also encouraging fellow fishermen to engage in this activity. My name is Lizardos Nikolaos, I am a fisherman for over 30 years, the first years were good, the last years very good. And I could not take it anymore, we would either sell everything and withdraw the vessels like most of my colleagues had done so, or we would do something else… They really like the idea of fishing tourism, they like it a lot, along with the sceneries they enjoy, with crystal clear waters, and to watch a little bit in the morning as we fish and after that when we cook kakavia
(fish soup) to offer them our hospitality, They are thrilled. They leave happy. I love it, it is a nice job. I meet with different people every day, and deal with different cultures, I learn things I didn’t know, while I teach them what I know, we are like a small group of friends, since
we can only take 10 people on board, and after all, this what this is all about, to become friends, to have fun, to share experiences… Also we have become more environmentally conscious, we do not use anything plastic on board. Europeans are really engaged in these issues
and they have urged us to improve ourselves. I cannot go back to fishing, I can’t do this again. and this is why, as you may have seen, we use extremely few nets, the fish we catch are barely enough, to cook them to offer our guests a meal and nothing more. And I need to tell my fellow fishermen that they should
not be afraid and dare to make the move. My name is Yannis Athinaios, I am a fisherman since I was 24. The last 3 years I am involved into the fishing tourism, and I believe that this is great opportunity for
both the Greek fisherman and Greek tourism, to take a huge leap, not just a step. We are given an opportunity as fishermen to work
with much less effort and so much easier, We reduce the time we stay awake at night, since we know all fishermen almost spend the entire night at sea, we help sustain fish stock, and it is no doubt a very good and attractive tourism product. Some fellow fishermen are somewhat reluctant, this I believe stems from their fear for the unknown, because they know how to do one job very well, how to be fishermen and most of them are fishermen for decades,
or even after many generations, but I am sure that with a small effort and with the will to overcome what’s unknown to them, they will all succeed, because sea tourism and especially
fishing tourism has a lot to offer.

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