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Fish Smoke & Fry by the BBQ Pit Boys

♫ I’m gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I’m gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I got my natural casing, ♫ Got the hogs on the run ♫ (jazz music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to
Barbecue Pit Boys dot com. Today we’re smoking and butter-poaching some fish at the Pit, and it’s real easy to do. Alright, the opening of
fish in season is strong, and Jitterbug got himself a stringer, and we’ve go some fresh Trout here, including Rainbows, Brookees, and Browns. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be some good eatin. Alright, we’re gonna smoke these up, and you can prep the
fish the way you want, some will just throw the
fish as is, on the smoker, but you can also season it up a bit, and we’ve got some maple syrup, we’ve got some bourbon seasoning,
off-the-shelf seasoning. Use what flavorings you like. Oh man, this is gonna be good, and this’ll be on the smoker now, for maybe three or four hours. And it’s all up to you. (guitar music) Alright. So we’re hittin it here
with some seasoning, and here’s some maple syrup, mmmm man. If you haven’t had Smoked Trout before, you definitely gotta check
this out, or even Salmon. Whatever you got. Alright. The Trout have been seasoned and flavored. I’m just gonna bring it to the smoker. Now, you could do this
on a smaller kettle, but since we’ve got about 13
pounds of Trout to smoke up, we’re usin a bigger smoker, and we’re runnin a temperature of about maybe 200 degrees, 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and we’re gonna go low ‘n slow like I said for three or four hours. Alright, good enough
to eat already I’d say, (chuckles) (guitar music) Nothing left to do now, but kick back and watch the time go by. Now for snackin, we’re gonna
take a couple of these Trout, and we’re gonna be
butter-poachin ’em on the grill, so we’ll just do a quick clean-out here. You know all about that right? (chuckles) Or you can go to your fish monger, he’ll clean ’em out for you, but these here are fresh-caught,
just down the river, mmmm. Nothing like smokin Trout,
and fryin Trout at The Pit. (rock music) Guttin ’em out. Get the blood vein outa there. Look good. Now, after about a hour and a half or so, they’re lookin real good. Look at that. Can you smell that, it smells good! Oh yeah. Now, we’re about two hours into this, and we’re just gonna flip these Trout. Get that even cookin on, goin on. Now, for snackin, we’re gonna be butter-poachin some of these, so we got some bacon goin on there. Puttin some butter. We got some diced onion. We got some garlic. And do it the way you
like it, fryin your fish. And we’ll just cut these heads off, make ’em look real pretty. (rock music) Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. (rock music) Now, we’re gonna season these
before poachin ’em in butter. Again, that’s all up to you. A little butter, a little
garlic, a little season is good. Put a couple pads of butter in each fish. I can hear the Food Police now. Ohhhh yeah. Well, eat your heart out
Food Police, Vegematics. Just move on. This is the way it’s done. (rock music) Here we’ve got some slices
of bacon kinda pre-cooked. And throw ’em in there. Cuz this is not gonna take long at all. (rock music) Now, we’ll just turn this pan around. Again, get that even cookin goin on, cuz we got the charcoal on
one side kind of indirect. You set your grill up any way you want, but this is real easy to do. Man. Give ’em a flip. Ohhhhh. Now the great thing about Trout, as some of you might know is, you don’t have to remove the scales. The skin’ll fall away,
and you don’t have to remove the bones cuz the
bones will pull away. Just throw it on the grill
like this and poach it, yeah. (rock music) And in the miracle of time, these Trout have been butter-poached. Ahhh! Looks good! (rock music) I say it’s time ta eat! Look at the way that meat pulls away. Now, fish still been smokin. Look at that. We’re gonna pull ’em off the grill. Like I said, these have taken about four
hours at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. They’ll come out real juicy. (rock music) If you been gettin tired of
the same ‘ol same ‘ol fish, you definitely gotta check this out. (rock music) You always wanna make plenty right? Keep some in the refridge, you can pick at it all week long. And how about that cheek meat? Yeah. That’s Pitmaster Privilege right there. And of course we do apologize for eatin in front of ya like this, but this is what we call
Pitmaster Privilege. See how that skin pulls away? See how the meat pulls away from the bone? (rock music) So the next time you’re lookin
for a recipe for your pit, check out Barbecue Pits Boys dot com. (rock music) Ohhhhh, baby! (bird crowing)

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