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FISH SPA PEDICURES | Fish Eat Our Dead Skin!

FISH SPA PEDICURES | Fish Eat Our Dead Skin!

– [Jared] Are you ready my dear? – Yes.
(bright music) – [Jared] We are going
to get fish pedicures! – Yeah!
(Jared laughs) He’s taking me fishing. – [Jared] Are you ready for this? – Yeah. Ah! Good morning guys, we
have barricaded ourselves in my room. I’m like, the house is
clean, kids stay in here, we’re all gonna get ready together. But I have two favorite things I want to show you guys before
I finish getting ready. I’m gonna take the kids into town today. And for the life of me,
I’m gonna figure it out, I’m gonna figure this out. These socks are the best socks for kids. And I have gone through a lot of socks. The Grow With Me socks from Walmart are probably one of my favorites. I haven’t seen them in a while though. But that’s the brand,
we got it in a package when Jared did Studio C. Whatever brand that is, whatever sock this is, it’s the best sock I’ve ever felt for kids and they’re so cute. But the other thing I have to go into town is I need to go
get some more face wash. You guys already know, I have to say this every single time, I know I repeat myself, but I am so so picky with what I use on my skin. That’s why I used Shiseido for six years. And on my channel I had
talked several months ago that I’d been using Rodan and Fields. And I still use them
and I really like them, but I’ve been using Dermalogica Fash Wash, because I can just pick it up at Ulta, it’s quick, it’s here in town and you run out of that faster. I hardly ever use exfoliants, because it’s so harsh on your skin, and especially my skin. It’s just really harsh on your skin. So I usually don’t use exfoliants, but I had run out of my
fash wash like a week ago, so I’ve just been using make-up remover and it’s so bad and I’ve gotten some acne because of it. But I just haven’t gone into Ulta. But today I’m gonna grab some stuff. But this was a sample that I’ve had, it’s Dermalogica, but
it’s a super exfoliant. It’s like a black powder. It’s scary, that’s why I haven’t used it. And I’m like I don’t
want it to be too harsh. But the other day I was like I need to flippin’ wash my face, so I used it, and it was
the most non-abrasive face wash exfoliant that I’ve ever used. And my skin felt so good. So I’m actually going to pick this up and use it three times a week, instead of the other face wash as well. I’m gonna mix it. But I’m really excited about that. I wanted to share with you guys my two favorite things this morning. This kid when he hears the music, (mellow pop music) he break dances. Are you done? K, let’s go. Kids you’ve been very helpful. Ooh that’s a good dance. Okay, stop filming when we
start dancing like that. Let’s go. They’re helping me get my stuff at Ulta that I need. And then we’re gonna go pick
out some wrapping paper. Alright my hooligans, we are ready to go grab some lunch. So some stores have point systems and half the time I
never know how it works. And half the time, I’m like
oh save the points whatever. I went to Sephora awhile ago and they use their points and you get a $40 dollar little gift thing or a little purchase type of thing. But at Ulta she was like
you have a lot of points, she’s like, do you want to redeem those? And I was like I don’t
even know what points, what do you get with the points? She’s like you can get $80 dollars off, and I was like oh sweet, so bought my face wash,
I bought the exfoliant, and I paid a dollar, because I had enough points to get it off. And I was like, I like Ulta’s point system much better than Sephora’s. So if you guys have an Ulta by ya, shop there. Except they don’t have the
Beauty Blenders at Ulta, they have the off brands. I haven’t tried those yet. Oh, is this the aisle? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Okay, what
kind of wrapping paper are you thinking of? – [Jackson] Spiderman! – [Ellie] Spiderman? Just like last year?
– Yeah. – [Jackson] Uh-huh. – [Ellie] Oh I see it. – Yay. – [Ellie] Is that the
wrapping paper you want? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Okay, put it in the cart. You want Spiderman or do you
want all the superheroes? – I want Spiderman. – [Ellie] Spiderman? Okay. – You know how you get that feeling when you’ve never done something before, but you’re about to do that thing. You get a little nervous, you don’t know what to expect. Well I’m going to be doing
that today with Ellie. Ellie, we are doing something that we have never done before. – Well that sounds, is it skydiving? – Uh no, it’s really cold outside, but that’s another one that I really want to do sometime. – Okay. – [Jared] But we’re
gonna do something today just you and me. – Okay. – We’re gonna have some fun. And I think we should have
a little bit of fun today. – Sounds awesome. – Okay, does that sound good? – Sounds perfect, I’ve already had fun. – So if you could clear
your schedule today from like, I don’t know, three, four PM on, and then maybe at 10 or 11, you can resume
any normal activities that you were going to do. You can do that, that would be great. – Who’s watching the kids? Are we bringing ’em? – We’re gonna bring ’em for a little bit, then we’re gonna hand ’em off to someone, strangers, I don’t know,
maybe you know them. – Perfect, strangers is the
easiest, cheapest usually. – Perfect strangers at that, and we’re gonna go have some fun. We’re gonna go do something
that we’ve never done before and I think it’s exciting, but Ellie I just have one thing to say. – Prepare to get my socks knocked off? – [Jared] Yes actually, you’ll
need to get your feet ready. – I’m trying to make this fun. I’m excited. – [Jared] Yeah, seriously,
you’ll have to get your feet ready. Let me see these toes real quick. When was the last time you painted— oh perfect, perfect.
– Oh gross, don’t show them. – [Jared] Ellie perfect,
perfect, this is gonna be great. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great. Oh my gosh, did that just happen again? Did you hear that Jackson? – Yeah. – The water turned on and off by itself. That was so crazy. I don’t know if you remember, but that’s happened before. I don’t know if it’s like static or what, or a ghost, ooh! Jackson, do we have a ghost in our house? – Yeah. – [Jared] We do? Is it a nice ghost? – It’s a naughty Halloween one. – [Jared] It’s a naughty Halloween ghost? I think he’s nice like Casper. – [Ellie] Creepy, huh? – [Jared] It is, did you
hear the water turn on? – There’s something that does that. I think it’s because I
need to wipe this down, the fingerprints, when it
has lots of fingerprints. It’s weird. – Well that’s a much
more logical explanation than a ghost. So I took Penny on a great walk. We got Paw Patrol rolling. The question is, are you
ready for the day Ellie? The day is halfway done, but I’m talking about tonight. Are you ready for tonight? You don’t even know what’s gonna happen. – Does it involve dinner? – It can, do you want it to? – Well even if it’s not fancy, yes. – Let me say that again, you’re pregnant, of course
it involves dinner Ellie. Of course it does, why would
you even ask that question? – I have felt much better. Like I definitely feel good. I don’t have morning sickness anymore. I don’t feel the urge to have to always have my stomach full, but I do like to eat
every few hours still, just so I have something in me, but it’s not like so often, you know? Woo, yahoo, yeah dinner sounds awesome. – I’m glad you feel good, ’cause your feet are gonna feel a heck of a lot better soon. Woo hoo. – I think I might know what we’re doing. – [Jared] Are you ready my dear? – Yes. – [Jared] Please come with me. You’re so pretty, you know that? – I have no idea where we’re going. I think I know what we’re doing, but then you said something– – You just said I have no
idea where we’re going, I think I know where we’re going. – I thought I knew where we were going, now I don’t. – Okay, here’s the deal Ellie. This is what we’re doing. Today, we are going to get fish pedicures! – Yeah! The fish, this day’s gonna be fishy. – Oh it’s getting punny. – That’s what I thought we were gonna do. – [Jared] Really? – But then you said something ’cause you were gonna go
in a different direction, I was like, what are we doing? – [Jared] I tried to
throw a curveball there. – You did. – Yes. So we are getting fish pedicures today. We’ve never done this before, but well we’ll explain it
when we get inside there. – I’m gonna be very
grateful for any date I get, bit to sounds a little gross. – It sounds a little fishy, right? (laughing) – I think this sounds like a better date. – [Jared] No, those beds
do look comfortable. – I think this is where
you made the reservation. – [Jared] No no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no. – Okay, help me out. – [Jared] Here we are, are you ready? – Yeah. – [Jared] Are your feed
ready is the question. – [Ellie] Jackson’s birthday present? – Oh my goodness.
– No. – I used to have one of these guys when I was younger. – [Woman] These are leopard geckos. – [Ellie] Awesome. It looks awesome.
– They eat grasshoppers. – [Ellie] And the thicker their tail, the healthier they are? – [Woman] Mmm-hmm. – [Ellie] Wow. – [Jared] You want to hold it? – [Ellie] I think it likes me. – Hello. Okay are you ready for this? You got your pants ready?
– Yeah. – [Jared] You got your shoes off? I gotta take mine off. Hold on. Oh my goodness, oh. – So you’ve never done this before. – [Jared] I’ve never done this before. So what these guys do is these fish will just eat off the
dead skin on your feet. And they eat it as food and it’s good for them, I guess. – [Woman] Stick your feet in. – Just stick our feet in.
– Okay. – Are you ready for this?
– Yeah. – Oh it’s cold!
– Oh it’s cold water! – [Woman] Oh yeah. (yelling) – I’m sorry. – Oh my goodness.
– Oh my gosh. – I’m sorry, I tried not to be loud. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. (laughing) I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be dramatic. Of course it’s cold, what am I thinking? – It’s cold, once you get
your feet in, it’s fine. Oh but it feels so tickly. (Ellie yells) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Ellie they are going ham on your feet. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh. – [Jared] Look at that. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I’m not gonna last the three minutes. – Oh I totally understand.
– Oh my gosh. – It’s very sucky. – Yeah.
– Very very sucky. – I am really trying
not to be dramatic here. I know I just went over the top. This is weird. I don’t love it, I’m sorry. – [Jared] They’re like on my legs. – Why did I think it would even be warm? Of course it’s not warm. (Jared laughing) Honestly it’s the weirdest thing, but of course you’re dramatic at first, how come you weren’t screaming? – Because it’s funny. It just feels so funny to me. It just feels like
little, I don’t even know, like little suction cups on your feet. – [Ellie] So it feels like sucking? – [Jared] Yeah. – [Ellie] Little nibbling. – [Jared] Yeah little nibbles, just like little tiny nibbles. – [Ellie] When I lifted my foot up, they were still on. I feel better now guys. That was a little crazy. I’m sorry I made a scene. – No that’s okay, it’s funny, like it’s just weird. (Ellie laughs) – [Ellie] It’s not what I expected. – Well it’s a different
sensation, like your feet– – [Ellie] I’ve never felt,
I’ve never felt that. – Well ’cause your feet
are always in shoes or socks, so any little thing like that, it feels so funny. – [Ellie] It almost feels like
when your foot falls asleep and you’re walking on needles. – Yeah. – But not as extreme, yeah.
– But not as many, yeah. – Oh this is so, this is so woo (laughs). It got to a ticklish spot. There’s like one fish that’s at a very ticklish spot right now. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. I must have a lot of dry skin on one spot. This is weird. – [Jared] That is so cool looking. How fun is this? – [Ellie] Isn’t that crazy? – You know, I just want to take care of my pregnant wife. She’s on her feet. – This is something we’ve never done. Thank you.
– Yeah. – I wonder if Jackson would do this? – [Jared] I think he would. He’d probably be a little scared at first, but then he’d probably like it. – That’s funny.
– Yeah. – [Jared] Oh it gets in weird spots and gets in between your toes. Okay, time to let go little fishies. Let go, let go, let go, let go, let go. I don’t want them to come out. They just love it. As soon as you get in there, they’re like yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. Yum yum yum yum yum.
– It’s crazy. – Now that we’re done, how did that feel? – My feet feel oddly smooth. And I actually kinda like it. That’s an experience you guys are gonna have to try if would like. – Yeah. I don’t know if it’s the cold water that made me feel like that. – Well I was just a
little shocked at first. We had a lot of people ask that were there if they should try it, and
I was like yeah totally. – Yeah, I think you
should definitely try it. It’s funny, but Ellie’s right, my legs do feel smooth and good. I don’t know if they liked
my leg hair that much though. If it lands on the left,
we’re having a boy, if it lands on the right,
we’re having a girl. We’re having a girl! – Psych boy! – Do you remember how
many times we did that? – [Ellie] Yes. – When we were first pregnant the very first time with Jackson. – Yes, all the time.
– All the time. – So quick update, so far I’m the only one having a boy. – [Jared] Yes. – Emily’s having a girl, my sister in law, both sister in law
Emily’s are having girls. – [Jared] My sister– – Julie’s having a girl. – My sister Jennifer finds out the end of this week or next week? – [Ellie] Wednesday, tomorrow, No Wednesday yeah. – Wednesday, what she’s having. So, what if you’re the
only one having a boy? – That’s gonna be funny. And it’s gonna be a fun get together. I’ll have the only boy in the pictures, which will be kinda cute. We’ll see. I think she’s having a girl. And I think she thinks a little bit that she’s having a girl. – [Jared] I hope she’s having a girl. – That would be fun. – That would be fun. I would really love her to have a girl. – Even my friend down the street, she just found out she’s
having a girl, Whitney. – Aww fun.
– Ahhh! – You know what they say, mo’ happy, mo’ baby. As we walk out of our fish experience, Ellie and I are talking about names still and we just go back and forth with so many different names. – This is what I think. We have a few. I think that we’re probably just gonna– I assume, that we’ll just have him and then decide, which is weird, because
we’ve never done that. – Yeah, I can’t remember how– we were pretty into Calvin’s pregnancy when we picked out his name. Because remember the
whole eight ball thing? That’s kind of funny.
– Yeah we were about halfway. – It was very creepy, but I loved it. – It was funny. And then Jackson, we knew
before we were pregnant, that we were gonna have
a boy named Jackson – [Ellie] And it fits. – And it fits, yeah. But we’re still just thinking of names. And we want it to be a good strong name. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. It’s pretty chilly out. – Mommy, Daddy! – Hi, how are ya? – [Calvin] Mom! – [Jared] Hi. – You acted like we left you all night. – [Jared] We were gone for an hour. Oh that’s cool. – Oh I feel like I
shouldn’t take my socks off. – Because they’re so clean and fresh? – Did Jared tell you what we did? – [Jared] Do you know what we did Dad? – I think I heard a little bit, but I’m not real sure. – We got fish pedicures, – [Grandpa] Ooh. – so we stuck our feet in water and then the fish ate the
dead skin off our feet. – Did they really do it though? – [Jared] Yeah oh yeah. – [Grandpa] Did you do it too? – Oh yeah we both did,
we both just sat down. – [Grandma] Did it make you laugh? – Yeah it tickled, it felt weird, they’d swim between your toes, they’d suck between your toes. – Oh gross.
– Oh man. – [Jared] We made a reservation
for you guys tomorrow. – No. (laughing) – Da da da! – [Jared] Did you help
Grandpa finish his puzzle? – Uh-huh. – [Jared] That’s so fun. Aww, that’s so great. I’m sure he needed all the
help he could get, huh? Did you make that? – Yeah. – [Jared] That’s cool Calvin. It’s so good to see you boys. – We bargained for it, what did we decide? – I will give you one of my shiny ones and you will give me these. – And how come we gave you two? – Because I want two. – You wanted one for Calvin. And I thought that was really special. He made the bargain with me, but then he wanted one more for Calvin. – One more for Calvin. So does that mean you’re gonna
give another rock to Grandma? So Grandpa can have one? Yeah. So Jackson’s birthday is tomorrow. So tomorrow we’re gonna be
celebrating Jackson’s birthday, but the weather might
be kinda bad tomorrow, so I think Grandma and
Grandpa have decided that they want to have a little
birthday party right now. Jackson, how cool is that? Oh you’re putting those back, that’s so sweet. Did you know that Grandma and Grandpa want to celebrate your birthday right now because you’re here with them? – Uh-huh. – [Jared] Is that pretty cool? – I think when we get there,
he’ll be more excited. – Would you rather open your presents tonight or tomorrow? – Tonight. – Uh-huh. – [Jared] So we got a little cookie, Grandpa’s got a candle. And we’re gonna sing Happy Birthday. And Calvin’s gonna blow it out. – To me? – [Jared] Yeah, to you,
we’re gonna sing it. – Don’t blow it out yet, hold on. – [Grandpa] Calvin, can you sing? – Let’s sing. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Jackson ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Jared] Make a wish and
then blow the candle out. – [All] Yay! – [Jared] Calvin, do you
want to blow one out? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Oh. – Get right in there.
– Okay, blow it out. (blowing) – [Grandpa] Harder, blow harder. – [Jared] Yay! Oh he wants to do it. He’s like no I want to do it. – [Grandma] Since they share everything. (blowing)
(laughing) – [Jared] Yay Calvin. – I feel like I can eat some cake now. – [Jared] Oh my goodness,
well let’s all have one little nibble of those tiny cookies. (Jared laughing) – That was cute. – [Jared] That was cute. – Did you see him get mad? – [Jared] Yeah he’s like arrrr. And Jackson guess what,
Grandma and Grandpa are so nice that they got you a
little present right here, and I think you can open that tonight. Do you want to do that? – Right now? – [Jared] Yeah, if you eat your cookie. Look at this wrapping paper. I love this wrapping paper. It reminds me of handkerchiefs. Are you gonna open it fast or slow? – Slow. – [Jared] You like to take
your time with it, huh? – It’s just a box. – What did you say? – I wish you had your pocketknife. – Oh that’s too sweet. – [Jared] That’s music
to your ears, isn’t it? – Make Grandma proud. – [Jared] You want me to help ya? Okay, right here. Okay, just pull this right here. Oh are you covering your eyes? Ooh.
– It is just a box. – Dinosaurs! – [Jared] Dinosaurs! Yay. – [Ellie] Cal! (laughing) – [Jared] Stuff your mouth full. Stuff it full. – He can’t get it in there fast enough. – [Jared] So you can play with these. Oh these are Schleich’s. – Uh-huh. – [Jared] These are nice. – [Ellie] I like this one. – [Jared] Oh this is so cool. You have T-Rex, huh? – I like those. – [Jared] That’s cool. – Thank you. – [Grandma] Oh Give me loves. Give me loves. – [Jared] That was nice
of you to say thank you. (growling) (growling) – Love you. Happy birthday. – It’s not too often that you get to have a private birthday with
Grandma and Grandpa and that’s pretty special, I feel. Oh you’re eating my hand, oh no. (howling) (blowing) – I think you spit that one out. (blowing)
(laughing) – [Jared] He almost inhaled that one. – Again? – [Ellie] Jackson, he told him, I can blow that out. (laughing) – [Jared] Yeah. (growling) – No. (growling) (blowing) (laughing) (blowing) (laughing) (blowing) – [Jared] So that’s how
dinosaurs got extinct. – [Ellie] That’s all I have to do. (laughing)

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