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Fish Store Tour Aquarium Co-Op Planted Aquarium Store – Fish Store Tours  Pleco fish

Fish Store Tour Aquarium Co-Op Planted Aquarium Store – Fish Store Tours Pleco fish

– Hey guys. Cory from Aquarium Co-Op here. And today I just want to show you what we’ve got in the store. We’ve had a lot of people requesting for a new stock list
update, that type of thing. So I’m just going to go through some tanks and show you some stuff. We’ll start here. We’ve got pea puffers. In this tank here, we’ve
got a hairy puffer. Everything we carry is true freshwater. Let’s see if I can get him
to come up to the glass here. Once he sees us, usually he’ll come. Oh, it’s, uh. Maybe not just yet, lights just came on. Down here, we’ve got Brigittae rasboras. We’ve also got apistogramma pandoro fry. That’s what these guys are, these are F1 from wild caught parents that you saw at the fish room. Also got some wild caught
betta rubra in here. They’re gonna be hiding, oh
I can see one right there. See if I can focus in on that. The camera doesn’t wanna focus in, but, oh, there we go. Yep. This tank over here we’ve got blue wood shrimp or vampire shrimp and jellybean tetras. Down below we’ve got African dwarf frogs, mystery snails, nerite
snails, that type of thing. Java moss and white clouds. Then we’ve got lots of
celestial pearl danios. In this tank we’ve got orange shrimp, which is just an orange
brand of cherry shrimp. Exclamation point rasboras, and then we’ve also got the claro pleco, LDA08, this is the true dwarf bristlenose, so what you’re seeing here, these are all full grown adults. And these are all wild caught, imported. Up above, we’ve got some
assorted discus for sale with a 24/7 Finnex light demoing so the light will change as, you know, I’m feeling if I come back to this tank. Over here we have Amazon puffers. These are also a true,
freshwater puffer species. Down below, we’ve got pygmy corydoras. Some spotted pygmy rasboras, we’ve got blue wood shrimp, and I take that back, blue velvet shrimp, not blue wood shrimp. We’ve also got the Tylomesian
yellow rabbit snails. And then also in this tank, we look down here, let’s find it, we’ve got a zebra pleco. Well, let me get my hand in there and… there we go. It’s a little deeper pleco, so we can get him to come out here so you guys can see it. Yeah, we normally, well, I wouldn’t say normally have him in stock, we have him in stock quite often. This is the last one we have left, we sell these ones that
we were able to gain, we were able to sell
them for $150 a piece. Just like that he’s
gone, so we’ll move on. Over here we’ve got cherry red shrimp and super red bristlenose. Down below, here, we’ve got
some more pygmy spotted rasboras and then we’ve also got snowball shrimp. They’re kind of, you know,
foraging at the moment. And there might be some
Corydoras statici left down there but looks like we’re sold out. Up above here, we’ve got black angels, and some red coy angels. Over in this tank which is
kind of a plant sales tank that you know, needs more plants, but we’ve got Vesuvius, we’ve got some temple plant, we’ve got what’s hogging
the camera right now, these are all wild caught
Peruvian seclar angelfish. Down below, we’ve got black moor goldfish, these are, you know, basically just coming through quarantine. We’ve got lots of those. Over here, we’ve got
our plant sales tanks. We got hit hard yesterday. A few people are setting up aquariums, we’ve got a lot of holes, we’ll be filling that in soon. But, we keep some flag fish in there. This is the one sided live
bearer kind of breeding here. But going through some plants real quick, dwarf prayer lilies, Aponogeton
crispus, water sprite, Anubias nana, coffeefolia,
Anubias coffeefolia, Anubias congensis, Anubias nana petit, over here we’ve got some Crypt Lutea, Dwarf Sagittaria, Marble Queen Swords, Aponogeton undulatus, Cryptocorn redwind deadtie, pennywort, Crypt parva, we’ve got Myacca here. Italian veil, and some red flame swords. We’ve also got bold
packs of the dwarf lilies and tiger lotuses. Up here it’s kind of some back stock. We must have sold at the end of the day because we haven’t moved stuff down yet because we have Amazon swords here if they’re sold up down below. Then down below in kind
of the medium light tank, stuff like that, we’ve
got some Bucephalandras. We’ve got species rosseta
and black gaia left. We’ve got some HC Cuba. We’ve got mermaid weed, or sawtooth hydro. Some tiger lotuses. Some really nice blixa that someone needs to come in and buy. Then we’ve got a rare Bacopa species. You can see it there, it looks much different
than normal Bacopa. Then we’ve got baby tears which is normal baby tears. Then we have normal Bacopa caroliniana. We’ve got Staurogyne repens, and micro sword. Over in this tank we’ve got some pogo stem ensalda octopus. We’ve got some Ammannia gracilis, more Pacopa, more tiger lotus, some chain swords and
some Limnophila aromatica. So that’s just a sample of what we’ve got, you know, on any given day. More bowl plants like Aponogeton ulvaceus, some Madagascar laces and
stuff like that up there. Java fern, those types of things. But if we head out here, we’ll show you a little display tank here, it’s just a little nine gallon Eheim. We’ve got some Anubias nana petite, and then we’ve got, this is
Bucephalandra green wavy. And we flowered it and stuff like that, there’s a little bit of
algae in the front there. And then up top here, we also
run the red root floater. And so you can see, we’ve made flowers. And so that’s kind of a
fun plant to grow under, you know, intense light. All right, let’s take a trip
out to the main room, here. Down low we’ve got some
black skirt tetras, and some delhezi bichirs. Up top we’ve got albino corydoras, rasbora hets, we’ve also
got some panda guppies that you’ve seen in my fish room. We’ve got a brown spot pleco which is right there. We’ve got bamboo shrimp and then we’ve got, let
me get my hand in there, we’ve got a nice queen
or a BES pleco in here that hides all the time
and doesn’t get sold so she, he or she has just gotten awesome. Yeah, nice queen or a BES sitting there. Up top… we’ve got some giant
danios and some flag fish. Tank full of zebra danios, pretty beginner fish for people. Sold out of fancy guppies at the moment. Down low we’ve got gold white clouds, we’ve got Corydoras virginiae, and then we’ve got a few of
the hummingbird tetras left. Over here we’ve got bronze
corys in one of the tanks full of rummy nose, we sell
a lot of rummy nose, so. Up here we’ve got Corydoras julii. We’ve also got some wild caught tetras, Laura Twins’ tetra. We’ve also got Bolivian rams in here, and then there’s also
pinstripe (inaudible). Let me see if I can find that, we also have extra large
Anubias plants that we sell. Yeah, there we go, there’s
the pinstripe (inaudible). You know, in my opinion, a
bargain for an exotic pleco at $30, you know, that’s
one of the cheapest and one of the coolest
looking in my opinion. Up top here, we’ve got
some blue Columbian tetras and a (inaudible) danio left. Another tank full of rummy nose. Down here we’ve got some platinum angels. We’ve got the green fire tetras. We’ve got Corydoras caudimaculatus. And then we’ve got some
gold form and normal form Apistograma cacatuoides super reds. So yeah, a lot of times
most people haven’t seen this gold form before. And it’s not orange flash, it’s just a gold body form. I had never seen it before. Then we’ve also got reticulated
hill stream loaches. Down low here, we’ve got
some snow white Socolofi, African chiclids and some OB peacocks. In this tank here, we’ve got neon tetras, we’ve got an Angelica’s loach
hiding in there, somewhere. Some Corydoras melini and
we also have a galaxy pleco. Down there’s the loach. I’ll get my hand in there to show off, oh I think we sold the galaxy
pleco last night, actually. We did, so that tag
will have to come down. Up top we’ve got some calico orandas. And these guys are small so they haven’t brought in their caps yet, but they’re nice and healthy. Over here we’ve got glow light tetras and a gold ram. Down low here we have rose line sharks, or dention barbs, longfin white clouds, electric blue rams, we’ve
got dwarf petracola catfish. They’re underneath the sponge there. And then we’ve got some
honey gouramies as well. Down at the bottom here, we’ve got green neon tetras and a pair of wild caught Pelvicachromis. Announcement change to crabenzas, maleway and it’s a wild caught pair. We go over here we’ve
got German blue rams, and lots of panda corys. Up top we’ve got a tank full
of black phantom tetras. You can see their cool fins and, those are the males and
the ones with small fins are females. Down low, we’ve got lots of Amana shrimp. And you know, they hide a lot, and people always say,
“Oh, do you have any?” And the reality is there’s
probably 50 to 100 in this tank at the moment even
though we’re only seeing 10 or 20. Down here we’ve got some yellow labs, which is an African
chiclid and some moorii, which is a hat, which is
also an African chiclid. Up top here, we’ve got rosy loaches, we’ve got the gold neon tetras, we’ve got Apistogramo pandoro wild caught. Up in this tank we’ve
got some blue tetras, or the code blue blue tetra,
some white spiny corys. And some cherry barbs,
both albino and normal. Down here we’ve got red ember tetras. We’ve also got some whip tail plecos and we’ve got purple rasbora hets, as well as some Apistograma boreli. And then some Laura Twins’ Corydoras. Up top we’ve got porkchop rasbora, and we’ve also got some
silver hatchet fish. Down low, lots of assorted rainbows, We’ve got yellow axoroto,
we’ve got turquoise, we’ve got (inaudible). Probably a few others in there. Over here we’ve got red
zebra, African chiclids, up top here we’ve got cardinal tetras. We also have some Siamese algae eaters and some dichrosus or
the checkerboard chiclid. We’ve also got sterbite Corydoras. Up top we’ve got normal brown pencil fish. We’ve got black neon tetras. And we also have the dubois catfish. It’s a schooling catfish, it’s pretty fun. Over here we’ve got swordtails, some reds and some normal, like, green wilds and then we’ve
got the Madagascar rainbows. And some, we still have
tetras in the back, there. Down here we’ve got blue neon rainbows, we’ve got long fin bristlenose, we’ve also got assorted angelfish, and then we also have
the pseudo monkey loach or the dwarf chain loach as
well as Corydoras delfax. Down here we’ve got a tank
full of red hump earth eaters and there’s a couple fire eels in there and a couple mollies. Down here we’ve got yellow labs, we’ve got blue regal peacocks
and some strawberry peacocks. All African chiclids. Up here we’ve got Corydoras loxozonus. We’ve got some gold tetras, we’ve got some spiny eels hidden in there. We also have apistograma fire red XZZI and then we’ve got some
really nice captive raised L333 hypen sister species, Porto domos. Let me find some of those for you so I can get them out on the glass so we can see them. I know there’s some in here as well. Oh, they’re inside though. See if I can get them to come out. We also have black coon loaches that are coming out. Lots of sand here, there we go. Some of them came out. These guys are really, really nice. They, it’s taking everything for me not just to take them home
and attempt to grow them out and breed them. ‘Cause they’re so nice, These also, these often get confused with leopard frog plecos,
which they’re not. So, yeah, full plecos for sure. We’ll move on though. Up top we’ve got Normalampichilles. We also have some Siamese
algae eaters in there. And a crown tail betta. Over here we’ve got wild
caught emperor tetras. We also have orange hatchet danios and some (inaudible). In this tank we’ve got some platys, there are some panda log suckers. There’s also some elegance corys, that’s a Shubunken goldfish up in there to clean up the duckweed. Down below, we’ve got sunburst peacocks and purple ACI. Over here we’ve got some clown loaches, some gold barbs, trout (inaudible). Siamese algae eaters. In this tank we’ve got a betta, some coy loaches, some
thread fin rainbows. We also have the starlight bristlenose which some people were requesting to see. So let me find those guys for you. Oh, there we go. So there’s one of them. And, there’s the other one. All right, so there’s those. Up top here, we’ve got lemon tetras. And we’ve also got some
orange lemon tetras in there. And then right down there hiding in the the wings are the king tiger pleco. Here we’ve got a planted
African chiclid tank. You can see things are thriving in there, fish as well as plants, making lots of sword, Amazon sword babies. Down here, we’ve got some oranda goldfish. Still going through quarantine. Up top here, we’ve got, it’s a super red bristlenose grown up, but we’ve got the 360 gallon. The bamboo that we put in and lots of guppies. And there’s also a couple of (inaudible) puffers in here, as most of you know, our large one passed away last year. Oh, there we go. This one’s sitting right there, I don’t know if we can, there we go, camera’s starting to adjust right now, it just ate a bunch of snails so I’m sure there’s another
one in here somewhere that is probably staring us in the face, but they’ve also got, you know, lots of dry goods. You know, most of the things you need. So now let’s kind of, you know, do that slow pan as we walk by. More dry goods here. Show you the other displays we have up front. Lots of foods, got a freezer as well on the other side. More foods. Clearance table. Lots of different types of wood, we hang them up on the window we also put them on the shelves. Got a serious stone and crushed coral, Asian brickwood here we’ve got horrible glare apparently. Let’s see if I can get a better angle, maybe if I come in from the side. But, this is all cardinal tetras. The dwarfs SAG. We’ve got a rummy nose tetra tank that’s got some algae going on that we’ll address here in a little bit. We’ve got tank filled with Vesuvias it’s got lots of ember tetras in it. We’ve got peacock tank, basically, up top here, African chiclids. Then we’ve got a bunch of
baby black (inaudible). And then we’ve got some more orandas. calicos. But yeah, that’s, that’s
update on the store. For everyone that’s new to the channel, you can see what the store’s like. For everyone that, this trip
has to drive far to get here. You can see what we’re doing. So here we’ve got the quarantine room. We quarantine lots of fish here, these are all individually filtered so we’re not sharing any water. You know, down there we’ve got an axolotl. Got a fan on to keep the water cold. You know, superchromas and some gold fish and just different things here. Snails for puffers that
we cultivate in here. Some plecos down there, that type of thing. Yeah, we quarantine. That’s kind of the reason
our fish are so healthy. We also feed them very well. But yeah. Closing the door there. What if you enjoy these videos? Let me know in the comments down below, leave a like and that type of thing and I’ll see if I can’t
find time to shoot more it’s kind of hard to
shoot because customers are coming in and out. So, they’ll probably notice
the video jumps a bit and that’s because we were
dealing with customers between shooting these
little videos that we’re streaming together here
to make one big video.

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