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Fish Store Tour-BensonsFishRoom

Fish Store Tour-BensonsFishRoom

I know I know I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done an update on the new store well I’m gonna do it today and I think I’m gonna have Jesse take you on a walk around so stay tuned we’ll be right back let’s go in the new store and check it out see what we’ve done so far hey Jesse Oh wanna show us around hey what have we done so far well as you can see eat quite a bit you know wait let’s get to the main important thing behind your left shoulder a lot of empty space in these racks what’s going on there [Music] unfortunately oh yeah aqueon is not come through for us yet it’s been about eight weeks and I don’t know hopefully we’ll get news sometime this week I know we’re midweek right now it’s Wednesday still no tanks anyway we’ve been doing a lot of other stuff though happily oh they haven’t seen the palms yet that sound makes everybody have to use the restroom a lot or think it’s raining or think it’s raining outside we got lots of driftwood in the house or I should say everybody loves my wood what else is we what what do we build over here I wrote VFR for people are ya really sure where they can you know come in and play with rocks or driftwood or are like you know toys or something young people entertains lots of lots of rock to all different kinds Margaret would more one good selection of UNS contra soil and ATA soils Amazonia to Amazonia even the Colorado sand more rocks [Music] couches up what are these going what’s up litter in these tanks our main display tanks eventually we’re gonna have more down the road but one this is gonna be discus and then this is gonna be the rainbow Australian / rainbow yeah it’s pretty go this way got a lot of the new uh not new but it’s new to us all the Sam scales art pretty pretty pretty good you got a pretty good selection now of co2 regulators a couple different kinds I’ve got the twin star one of those things well I forget what they’re called the m5 m3s uh there are oxygenators they helped destroy different back to your bacterial pathogens and algae also got some 88 Lily glass and of course we’re big supporters of the sarah products lots of Sarah food a lot of the shrimp king stuff a lot of the dinar dinner al dinner like really cool this is for filter-feeding shrimp oh the bamboos nice so that that’s gonna be really cool or there’s one yummy gum this you make it like a paste and stick it to rocks so the shrimp can graze off the rocks and things yeah all the doctor best lers bug bites and of course we’ve got some hi Kari gotta have the hi Kari some fiber bytes Omega one will probably be our main flake food although I am thinking of picking up clues at tropical no not a truck yeah anyway a lot of the JBJ stuff Carter just took a couple out of the boxes yeah nice little desktop and on number two in the house believe it or not we added five large peacocks they’re in there somewhere just added them a couple hours ago so they’re they’re hiding right now come out soon come along I’ve got the Omega one freezer got a lot of Phenix lighting we even have some twin star lighting Oh lots of video cameras gotta have those that videos TVs go YouTube let’s see if we do up YouTube over YouTube well that’s the setup of the Queensbury start now in this room is our just about finished community room we’ll do birthday parties will do event meetings if you’re if you don’t even have to be in the fish rent this to use this room I don’t anything want to rent it I’m just gonna give it to somebody to use so if you’re in this area and you want to have a meeting of any kind of sort you want to have it somewhere unusual have it here also we’re gonna probably do a bunch of seminars in here classes all that good stuff there’s a future frag tank what you anus tank is this again you know 120 something like that yeah that’ll be the frag tank and on this wall over the course of the summer we’re putting in a pro clear marine section in just a small little 4 foot 4 foot 8 foot I don’t know something like that four foot section that’ll go on this wall it’s kind of go along the lines of aquascaping but in the marine world so it’ll be just like nano nano reef stuff we’re gonna be selling a lot of tropic Marion products what else there’s some more of those Sam scales that we framed up pretty stuff yes [Music] well it got the new series of fools the seven-line those are all in lots of ad a lily pipes do wazza filters Oh even got all the additives No our tried-and-true logical clear filters one of the ones we love along with I don’t see them where are they that the only titles we have right now yeah we’ll have the whole line of titles too because that is our the one we are really hot on right now is the titles lots of aquascaping tools lots of books what else well let’s go in the back and we’ll see the quarantine tanks there uh-oh I got I forgot about this we were talking to a local customer of ours friend of ours and he had a great idea I bought this rack about maybe a year and a half ago off Craigslist it holds for 33 Long’s that are all divided and drilled I think we’re going to do a co-op style tank setup so if you’re a local breeder and look for a place to sell your fish you can rent one of the tanks for the month and then we you know it’s like we what is it called consignment where we’ll split 50-50 or 70/30 or something like that 70/30 year favor the breeders favor but I get like $10 a month as a rental we’ll take care of all the maintenance I think that was a great idea we just have to figure out a place to put this rack so we have roughly 33 gallon or 33 20s and 15 gallon tanks and 640 gallon breeders these are all for quarantine Molly is cleaning up a lot of the old canopies we’re going to use on the out on the floor whenever those tanks show up we’re doing so this tank right here is a 275 gallon holding tank water will be aged about three or four times a day all the tanks out on the floor will get a 15 minute water change and then that’ll automatically top back off water will be aged on this right there is a 500 gallon and our RO system that we have we will be selling our water for both fresh and salt whatever you want to do with it and once we’re up and running with the salt that will be full odor saltwater where we will be selling saltwater also those are the tanks right there for that co-op system they’re all drilled and plumbed and divided so if you like these videos make sure you hit that notification bell that’s gonna let you know when I put up a new video sometimes YouTube isn’t the greatest at letting you know that’s the best way to ensure that I you know that I put out a new video also if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe I really appreciate it to subscribe and of course like always like that vignette like this video and comment below something I should be doing something I’m doing wrong I don’t care what it is post something hey and winding down little water change of state fishing my friends stay tuned until next time whatever see ya [Music]

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  1. As a 3000 year old fish guy who had a couple of fish stores this is a lot of fun to watch. Looks like it will come together quite well I look forward to whatever comes next.😎🌴

  2. The pond made me have to go to the bathroom….. good thing I do most of my YouTube watching on the toilet 😁😎

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