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Fish Store Tour – The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland Oregon. HUGE STORE! Hundreds of tanks.

Fish Store Tour – The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland Oregon. HUGE STORE! Hundreds of tanks.

– Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co Op, and today we’re outside The Wet Spot. This is an internationally known store and I’m gonna take you through a walk through. So, stay tuned. So we’ve just walked inside. You can see there’s a vast amount of tanks here I’m going to go through all of ’em today, it’s a couple of rooms it’s almost like a
warehouse in here really. But I’m gonna go ahead and get started ’cause this is gonna take a while. You know they’ve even got their own mugs and glasses, and things like that, but this is like a 500 gallon Mabuna tank. And, you can see I think it’s about 30 inches front to back and about 30 inches tall. I would spend more time looking at this, but there’s literally hundreds and hundreds
of tanks to get through, and without making this video too long we wanna make sure
you get to see it all so. So yeah just gonna kind of spam the dry goods and
there’s lots of cool wood carvings and stuff like air wanna that’s always super cool. And there’s some angels
and things like that. And lots of people shoppin’. Seeing lots of plants baby tears. (shoppers chattering) So I’m not gonna name all the plants, but once we get to fish I’ll start naming. – [Voiceover] I love their chiclet. – [Cory] Lots of java fern here. All right starting to get some fish, so we got some pearlscales and some butterfly goldfish. We got lots of rock and stuff underneath all the bins here but you can see this is just the first row of like eight rows to go through but we’ve got odessabarbs
and the mascara barbs which are cool. I’m not sure which type that barb is up there but keep moving here. Some rainbows looks like, and we got some, what is this the golden loach, let’s see if I can find it on here. The queen loach. So you got the queen loach. And then we’ve got what is it nanochromis in here, yeah we’ve got some nanochromis. And we got Congo tetris, lots of those. Some bush fish in there apparently. Down below we’ve got some black moors, we got
some arandas with calico and some ryukans that type of thing. We got some of the celestial eye goldfish, oh there’s a bunch of snakeskin barbs or clown barbs, yeah. All running the Matten
Filters here on the side, provides awesome filtration. Keep moving here. Tiger barbs and you know what gold grommies,
that type of thing. Ranchus and pom pom goldfish. More tiger barbs and some other razboras. Hmm, these are clouded archers I think, is that right, yeah, clouded archers. And these are cool fish it’s a true freshwater, true freshwater archer which is neat. There’s a nice planting
goldfish tank up here. See this Mr. Aqua 12 long. Yeah let’s dive into some more of the cichlid side here and. So, one of the display tanks, the wet spot is known for Snuffers here, let’s
see if I can find it which is, it’s a fire
eel the size of your arm. So unless you’re like a baby, realize this is a really big fire eel. See if I can get it
without the glare here, but I’m just look at his tail. Oh here’s his face right here. This thing is literally like three feet long and as round as your arm. The thing is massive. So make sure if you ever stop by here you gotta come see Snuffers ’cause he is amazing. He or she I guess, I don’t
know specifically but. All right, so I’m gonna
hit some more Africans here we got frontozas, and we
got some cylindrichas, we’ve got calvis and well looks like there’s
still a tropheus duboisi but some judocomus ornatus albino, I
haven’t seen those before but maybe you guys have. Some ink spot calvus, some nelean pologus fasciatus. There’s some more petricolas and some multis in there as well. Down low looks like we got barchardi, oh and in theory somehwere in here they’ve got a compressed sumbo dwarf for 29.99, that’s a very very rare fish. I would wager it’s, oh there we go, there in the back side there that is a very rare fish to find. At least in my experience that has not been easy to track down. Then here we’ve got
some of the featherfins which those fish look
amazing when they grow up, they take years to color up but then they’ve also got
some gold oselatus yup, and some Julies. And some of the Tandrinikian kili. As well as I saw back here there is a Multipunctanas catfish sinodonis, but he’s hiding now so I’m just gonna move on. Some more fronts. Got lots of fronts. And symbolis, let’s see, oh no more multis. And, I’m gonna keep moving. More calvis? What are these compressed seps? More barchardi, these are the daffodil variety. Up here we’ve got some tropheus, we have mori orangeflame and this mornatas. We got a sip down here, how’s it going? – [Voiceover] Good how are you? – [Cory] We’ve got looks like some more oselatus gold, and is that morei, cherry spots. Have a tropheus. Down here, what is it the mustax, is that what we have? I don’t know that fish. There’s a nice sinodonis. Let’s see, a multipunctanas
I was trying to show you earlier and very nice calvis. Anyone would be happy to have that guy. Some more Julidochromus up here, some more rupire. So we got back here I’ve been missing red zebras and some OB Zebras. What do we got down here is it yeah Pseudotropheus saulosi. Pardon me. Got some more Acenei, no, Magianos. There’s some more cats here, we got the large squeaker cat. Some more shellies. Got rope fish. All right we got clown loaches and rainbows in this tank. Bala sharks and another type of I’m trying to even see here, oh clown rasbora. We got some more barbs down here, rosy barbs. I’m gonna flip around here and go down the next row here. Lots of rose lying sharks, and so when you’re
looking down this row here the other thing to realize like, we see Greg Sage and Dean talking there but all the way down at the other end these are all 40 longs tanks, so it’s like 55 gallon tanks and these are 55s down here I believe, so lots of water, good water quality, they change lots of water here that type of thing. But you know some goldfish down here. Lots of warnings too, you know, goldfish shouldn’t go in bowls and things like that. So they’re doing the responsible thing. More goldfish. Got rainbows up here. More rainbows, and angels. (shoppers chattering) Pictus cats as well. Lots of glow fish. Scoot right by you guys. Some more of the filament barbs, things like that. More Congos. And then angels as well and some of the bigger of the rarer barbs just kinda cool to see. But, gonna go ahead and flip around, the store’s getting real
busy it’s Saturday so yeah. So then we’ve got a sit down area next to the bagging station that they use here at the store. And so when you sit down in here, you can see some of the fun display tanks, looks like a planet tank with angels and rummies and things like that. And then if I pan around here, we’ve got I believe its name is Francis, does it say, yeah, Francis. Francis the Nile puffer which is Africa puffer. And that’s this guy here. Looks like he’s in a 120 or so, and then we’ve got looks like a 180 here and it’s got big clown loaches and some different, they got a flying fox back there and we’ve got maybe cigar sharks and some more of those rasboras, that’s kind of a cool tank
you don’t see every day lots of driftwood. But I’m gonna keep moving because there’s literally hundreds of
more tanks to go, so. Gonna mix it up and go through some of the cichlids here. We’ve got a rainbow display tank. – [Voiceover] The other
thing you could do is a… – [Cory] So this is the other room, I’m gonna see if I can get a shot kinda of this from the end here. So all the floors are raised ’cause they’re set up for auto water changing and things. Um… But yeah, let’s… Go through here. – [Voiceover] Whoa, that’s a big fish. – [Cory] So some more display tanks, and then let’s see we got a Midas cichlid, and some Firemouths. We’re gonna see some of the rares from some discus here. And Buffalo head cichlids. Pinstripe danbios, some of the Madagascar cichlids which are you know rare. More discus. What do we have over here we’ve got some jarapares, Wildcard jarapares. Some jewel cichlids. Oh, pardon me. Lots more discus. Big Oscar here. The two-spot Daemon cichlid. Over here we got silver dollars and we got some Pink-Tailed Chelsius. Looks like down here we got convicts or black belt cichlids, what’s this, yeah mostly convicts and
black belt cichlid there. Some rarer loaches and things. That’s a Flametail loach there. See if we can find some more oddballs, what do we got like an Ornate bichir here? Let’s see, uh, oh a Paulini bichir. Also looks to be a dalheze
back there as well. More discus. Some pike cichlids. The Belly Crawler pike. Looks like a Lima shovelnose as well. Looks like we have the rarer type of Bufallo head cichlid, what is it the tinantine? Let me see if I’m right, yep, yeah, tinante. And then we’ve got a Itilorama bichardi in there as well. Which I believe are this guy here. Little baby arowanas the black one there’s some silver up there with the discus. Engardini in this one with the discus, you can see. Down low, what do we got in here more mitures. So we got some Jack Dempseys and some Oscars in here with some Firemouths. Some more angels up here. Starting to get some… (clears throat) Pardon me, starting to get some Africans now. You know like the Tanzania, you know, not the Starry Night cichlid,
I’m trying to remember what they would call that guy but. Star-Spangled cichlid? I don’t know. Losing my mind, but lots more Africans down here. Some tropheus and stuff. Got some peacocks up here, and was I’m just guessing without reading all the tags but you know some Red Shoulders and yeah the Nagar that’s what I was thinking, and yeah. So I’m gonna keep moving along here. Some Jewel cichlids,
some more discus up top. Lots of discus. Got a Red terror, or a Feste, that’s a nice looking fish there. Then right here some
more assorted Africans, amazing prices, look at that. Three dollars each or four for 10 that’s hard to say no to. Let’s see, what else do we have here? I’m not sure what type of barb that is, it’s cool looking. Let’s see here. It’s gonna be… Hmm… Oh he and lemon fin barb. That’s what it is. Sorry for the camera angles I’m just dodging customers as people are buying and looking. More clown loaches, those some nice sized clowns too. Lots of dry goods out here, all the tanks you could want. – [Voiceover] Okay, where you at? – [Cory] There’s t-shirts and foods and glass tops, every inch of space is used in this place. You can see they just have infinite stock, that’s why people love this place is they’ve got everything. Go through some betas here and some more display tanks so. Lots of betas to look at. Lots of displays, you can see. Oh, some Exodons, you don’t see those all the time. Lots of ADA substrate, look at that. Got some demasoni in here. More johannis. Red zebras. Pink puffer tank. You don’t get to see that every day that’s a lot of elephant noses. (bell dings) Reticulated bichra there. Some Electros. Couple more displays, Tropheus duboisis. Another bagging station, they literally have
multiple bagging stations and nets, so you can see
they’re sterilizing nets between use, dirty nets and clean nets. We always like to see that, that’s thumbs up keeping the tanks clean
between the system. It’s not a central filtration system here, it’s individual which, I always recommend, at least I always like to see. But you know we’ve got dovi and Wolf cichlids and rainbow
cichlids in this tank. Got some orthios up here, got umbolios the Columbian simesis. And we’ve got some Rio Capan and the Cuban cichlid. Key holes. Some blood parrots up there. Pardon me. Wild cot. Ujiyos. We got some festes, festivums, not festes, festivums, got some more geos. All those. Got some severums. And we got some Oscars down here. More Cuban cichlids. (drowned out rock music) Got some Bio Todomo Orvinis, Oranoco Earth eater. We’ve got what, 100 red points to the black nasties. Got some green severums, gold severum, and then this is a Brazil ansis. Some peacock bass. Lots of silver dollars. Another Carotharei. Red hump Earth eater, pink convict. (drowned out rock music) The Obalito geos, show that dwarf, got a dwarf trap there. (drowned out rock music) Some more jarapare. Some more displays. – [Voiceover] Uh, yeah let’s take a look. (drowned out rock music) – Some Amazon puffers. Lots of lighting. (drowned out rock music) Got some Blue-Eye rainbows here which is patruea. We got the Gray-Finned barb. See if we can find any other rare fish that are in here, a lot of the rare fish
are gonna hide on us. Well we got some other Green rasboras. With a bow tie. Red Ember tetras and the calicho bristle nose. The Elegant corys, sadales corys, and scurubi looks like they sold out of the scurubi it’s down there. Some Hasbrosus and some Triliniadis. Looks like we got some
Black Dragon guppies. And we got some apistos, this is gonna be the Double-Red apisto, and your ZZI. Cardinal tetras. (drowned out rock music) And Blue cory huh? Oh yeah okay I was
looking at the other cory the Decora cory that’s
why I was unbelievable. And Celestial Pearl Danios. Got the Dwarf rasbora there. We’ve got some of the Strawberry rasboras. What else do we have? Some Milini corys or the Bandit cory metae. We got neons up here. We’ve got some of the Purple Harlequin rasboras. These the Diamondhead neons, yeah they are. These are the Diamondhead neons. We got Corydoras astodas down here. And we got some of the Orange Laser corys. And we got Apisto erendae that’s a rare apisto
you don’t see too often. And then we got some of the rosy loaches and things like that up there. Over here we’ve got the Fire Red azezei. That’s a nice fish, kind
of newer to the hobby. Down here we’ve got Pigmaeus corys. That’s the pigment cory. In here we’ve got a lot of Checkerboard cichlids. (drowned out rock music) And we got some of the melotenean, the Gold Green cory down here. And then we’ve got some of the, hmm, I haven’t seen them before, Corydoras Oapiquinenzis. Focus in on that but… We got some Green neons up here, huh that’s a fish I don’t know. Oh I do know that fish it’s just a Black Darter tetra. Can be a little tricky to keep in home aquarium. Roman Lamp ichilles. We got Glow Light tetras and the Barilli pascuala. Some Pork Chop SBI. Or Hanging, I’m sorry, narrow edge. Piston gram cockatuedes, triple legs or, you see there he’s going around the cave. And we’ve got some I don’t see any Whitesmen in there but Skunk corys for sure. Oh yeah the Whitesman right here in the corner. Blue neon guppies. One Vertrudae, right, no Fricadoes, my bad. And then it’s Pork Chop rasbor SBI. And then we’ve got Lipstick barbs. Some more Strawberry corys. Albino corys. Yeah this is, I like this tetra. Call it the Kitty tetra a lot of times. Some Kumba killies, some Electric Blue rams. Gold White clowns, some Pearl danios, got some Serpent loaches up here there’s lots of those. It’s like a little half beak up there. You got some of the Quaint Sword Tails, assorted platys it looks like. Um… More Sword Tails. And some Bolivian rams. See plenty of people shopping here, it’s busy. And hard to shoot the video actually. Let’s see we got Cardinal tetras, and over here it looks like what Alabama arginata? Let’s see, Frebetta, oh no, my bad. Ninja is a common name. Oh pardon me. Hmm, yeah Scarlet goby. That’s a cool fish. Entille tetra. Some frogs and guppies down there. Some German Blue rams. Fun Rio tetras, little Zipper loach and some Cherry barbs long friend. We got the White clowns down low. Then we got more guppies, and Pristella tetras. What do we got over here, looks like oh we found some plecos here. So spend some time here Colombian Snowball. Looks like Green Phantom. Let’s see what else we can see in here, there’s some Para plecos, should be King Tigers, let’s see what we got back there. Let’s see, should be a Vampire, oh he’s probably the Vampire plecos not Snowballs. Um, yeah, see what else we can find here. Some Red Sword Tails. Found tetras, Gold Head cichlid, Nanite cora. That’s a Pencil Fish. Colombians. Leopard danios. And a Trop rey which is nice, it’s a nice fish. And some Pork Chain loaches. (shoppers chattering) That’s the High Fin version of it. Oh, and Leopard Frog plecos. That’s a good looking fish. Ah, wouldn’t be complete
without Rummy-Noses. Been all this way and I haven’t seen Rummys or anything, so. All right well, my crew is pretty much ready to go to the next fish store, and so, I’m not doing this
place, just look at that, I mean look at how many
filters are up there. Look at these there’s so much stuff here. If you live in Portland,
you’re very lucky, if you have to visit
here, you’re still lucky. So you definitely wanna check it out when you get the chance. Oh more plecos in here. But… So yeah thanks for watching guys, this is The Wet Spot, it’s in Portland, Oregon. One of my favorite fish
stores as a hobbyist, even as a store owner I still come and check this place out. I’m gonna try and shoot some more stores, but yeah, hope you guys are enjoying this series, I thought I’d get one of the biggest stores that I know of as one of the first, and so, make sure you check out The Wet Spot, you can order online. You know they’re great about that and yeah, good job Steve Lumblad, and all the crew. So we’ll see you in the next one.

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