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Fish Taco Recipe – How to Make Fish Tacos | Hilah Cooking Ep 2

Fish Taco Recipe – How to Make Fish Tacos | Hilah Cooking Ep 2

Hey dudes! What’s up? It’s Hilah Cooking again.
Today I am gonna make some delish fish tacos. These are a really good thing to know how
to make because all you need to have on hand is some frozen fish and some stale-assed corn
tortillas, and then people will be super-duper impressed with your minimalist approach to
coastal Mexican cuisine. However today I will be making some stuff to go in them also. In
Mexico they are called “toppings.” [MUSIC]
All right, let’s start with the fish. I have here some tilapia loins which come from the
butt end of the fish I believe, so they are a little thicker than a filet, but you can
use a filet, and the cheapest way to do it, cost effective is go to where they keep the
fish sticks, and instead of buying fish sticks, look directly to the right or the left or
below or above and you should see like, just like fish filets, unadulterated frozen. Do
that. All right, next we need some spices. I have some anise which is kind of a licoricey
a little bit. It’s kind of a sweet spice. If you want to substitute coriander, that
would be awesome too. Some chile powder, some cumin seed, some salt and pepper, and some
cornmeal. That’s it for the fish. It’s so easy.
All right, we’re going to make the spice mixture that’s going to go on delicious fish. I got
here a mortar and pestle because I like to do it the old fashioned way, but you can use
a spice grinder or you could just get pre-ground stuff, whatever, probably a teaspoon of cumin,
and I am doing, shoot, I guess, I have got about 4 x 3, about 12 ounces of fish here,
like maybe three or four ounces per person, so this is for that. We’ll have to adjust
later. Less on the anise because it’s, it can be overpowering. So maybe just like a
quarter teaspoon of that guy, and some pepper. I don’t know, a quarter teaspoon of whole
pepper grinds, or probably less than that if it’s already ground, and then I am gonna
take my time and I am gonna grind it good. I like to grind my own spices because I guess
it’s supposed to taste better, but also it’s really fun. That’s mostly why I am doing it,
but if you want to buy pre-ground, that’s cool. It’s not going to hurt my feelings.
But you are going to miss out on this awesome party! Rrrrrrgggh! All right, that’s pretty
ground, so you’ve got that ground up. I am going to add some chili powder to the mix.
I have no idea how much that was, and salt. Whoa! That’s probably too much. Okay, that’s
probably only like a quarter teaspoon, and then just give it a little stir around, weeeee!
Okay, now we’re going to mix this with the cornmeal and then we’re going to roll the
fish in it, and we’re going to cook it. A small handful. Maybe a quarter cup or so.
We’re just going to do a really light breading on the fish, and then dump that in, mix it
up, and then get your little fishies. I am going to cut these lengthwise, and then just
roll them around in the cornmeal. Whoops! Zooop! And you’re just going to toss it in there.
Roll them around, and we don’t want like a big ole thick business with the stuff, that’s
not what we want. We just want a little light coating. Just toss it around, nice and easy.
You don’t got to get crazy. All right, last little dude, and that looks pretty good. Now
I am just going to set this aside while I make my topping, and I will let it get to
room temperature so that when we cook it, it will cook more evenly. I want to make a
little bit of slaw to go on top of these tacos. I got some cabbage. I am going to cut it up
super-fine, a sweet onion. I got some jalapeno. I got some cilantro, some lime, and some salt
and mayonnaise. So I am going to get started on the cutting.
Here we gooooo! We’ll toss that around, and I am going to just set this aside also while
I cook the fish, and then I’ll add the mayonnaise like right before we’re ready to serve it,
just because it’ll stay a little crispier that way. So cool, we’re ready to cook some
fish. What’s up?! Turn on my big skillet. All hell, skillet, c’mon, okay. Got it. Let
it heat up a little bit, and then I am going to put in a couple of tablespoons of oil,
okay, pan is nice and hot. I am going to put in some oil, probably two tablespoons. I am
going to use that much of safflower oil, and some olive oil to make up the difference.
Let that get hot. Okay, so I am gonna to get just a little bit of cornmeal, throw it in.
It’s starting to sizzle. I am gonna give it another couple of seconds to get hotter. You
want to make sure it’s pretty hot into the cornmeal. Ooooh! You can hear it go psssssss!
That means that’s good! We’re hot enough. So okay. It’s gonna splatter. Look out! I
am gonna put my fish in. There we go. That’s what I am talking about. So we’re gonna let
this cook for a few minutes. When you think it’s about done, try to lift up a little edge,
check it if it releases easily, and then go ahead and flip it another couple of minutes
if it doesn’t. Don’t try to force it because then you’ll just pull all the cornmeal and
stuff off. Just let it go until it’s ready to go, you know? Don’t rush it. Take a chill
pill. I know you don’t do drugs. I am sorry. Just redistributing oil. Okay, I think they
are ready. I am going to try to flip ’em! Wish me luck! Awww, that was bad luck guys.
They are all flipped, other side, everybody is looking happy. I am going to let that go
while I add mayonnaise to the cabbage. And I like to play it kind of fast and loose with
the mayonnaise, and by that I just mean I don’t know how much I am putting in here.
I don’t like it super-mayonnaisy, so I am going to say about that. That’s probably a
couple of tablespoons. Okay, all right, that’s ready to go. Yeah,
of course you want to take it off the heat. Take this thing ,and heat up my tortillas.
Turn this down a little bit. All right, now the tortilla is on there like so. Sometimes
you might want to double up corn tortillas. I don’t care. Just get them a little soft
and pliable. Oh, my goodness, and then we fill it with fish and cabbage. It’s going
to be amazing! Throw a little bit of this business up on top. Damn! That is a good looking
taco. I am going to eat it right now, right in front of your very eyes. Really good. [laughs]
Mmmm. I have a big mouth, so I take really big bites. Anyway, that’s a really awesome
recipe for fish tacos, so if you like that then you can be my fan on Facebook. Eat some
fish tacos and go to and be my friend, and you can tell me how
much you like my fish taco. Word!

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