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FISH TACOS at The Village Anchor | $10-Buck-Tuesday 3/6/2018

FISH TACOS at The Village Anchor | $10-Buck-Tuesday 3/6/2018

Oh hey! Today I’m going to show you how we make these famous
fish tacos from The Village Anchor. Start out with some of my fresh tilapia. Go ahead with a lil’ bit of blackening seasoning. Make sure our pan is nice & hot here.. Just wanna make sure all those fish pieces
get nice and coated there.. yeahhh that’s good stuff. Just a little bit of oil..
Now as we let that warm up..we like to talk to our fish..just let it know how delicious
it can be.. I say, ‘fishy fishy you’re so good and you’re
gonna’ make somebody so happy later! Thank you so much!’ OK? That’s what we do, OK? That’s how we put that extra love into it. We want to make sure it knows; it knows it’s
loved. OK? Get a lil’ bit of tortilla action going on. BAM! [whoooo wheeee!!] One for you!
and one for me!

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