Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

Fish Tacos Dirty’s Bar and Grill

IT’S TIME FOR 3 MINUTE GRILL. ((AARON))AND KAREN AND DREW FROM DIRTYS BAR AND GRILL IN CHARLESTON JOINS US NOW. KAREN, WHAT ARE WE MAKING TODAY?CG For the fish tacos, it’s fruit.-HOW DO WE START?– WHAT’S IN YOUR SANGRIA?Live music every Saturday night 8- 10pm, And then Sunday st Patrick’s day, live jazz 10- noon (reservations highly encouraged 217-512-2050), with drink specials. Look forward to the patio opening soon! ((ALEX))THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING US FOR 3 MINUTE GRILL. WE WILL CHECK BACK IN A LITTLE LATER FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT.>I’M ALEX TREBEK, HERE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE COLONIAL PENN PROGRAM. IF YOU’RE AGE 50 TO 85, AND LOOKING TO BUY LIFE

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